Monday Morning Standings

By , February 16, 2011 8:52 am

I've been watching Californication so she's been on my radar. Plus she was in Sin City and will be in Sucker Punch

The Oilers Win! The Oilers Win! Good thing Tambellini let them know he doesn’t like losing. Although in all fairness its sounds like a “Do what I say, not what I do” type deal. If you don’t like losing bud, make the team better.
In other news scouts are at our games. Oh, and Sportsnet forgot how to broadcast hockey.

In other league news, the Isles and Pens had a couple shit shows (although I may have mentioned the first one last week). Bunch of suspensions handed down. Boston and Montreal also had a great game where people got beat up, and lots of goals were scored. Whats with the huge scoring games now? Lots of games going to double digit goals (combining the two scores).

Trades have been happening lately too, much to the chagrin of the networks who planned an entire day around it. Mike Fisher to Nashville, Chris Kelly to Boston, Aaron Varos to the laffs, Beauchemin to the Ducks, Versteeg to the Flyers. Lots of talk about Penner and Hemsky being traded too, but I hope Tambellini knows better than to do that.

Thrashers extend Byfuglien, giving him 5.2 mil per for 5 years. Forsburg returned, and then retired. Heritage Classic Sunday…it’ll be neat, but less awesome than ours. But the Barons will be playing there the Friday before against the lames AHL team, and both of them are in the battle for 8th in the conference so that should be interesting. Not sure if its televised though.


Stars fall, Flames rise, Canucks still kicking ass.
Still only 10 points separating 3rd from 13th. That’s crazy. And Edmonton is 14 points back of 14th. That’s embarrassing. Although with the Avs sitting in 14th, I think we get to see a good example of the sophomore slump hitting hard. Then again, we just need to look at the Islanders to see an example of sucking hard for a very long time.


But the Islanders are winning! So maybe they are the new team to model our rebuild off of. The Sens are sucking now, and are modeling their rebuild based on what we are doing in Edmonton. Maybe they should wait a couple years to see if that’s a good idea.

OKC Barons

The Barons are sitting 7th in the conference with 63 points, one point up on 8th and 1 point back of 5th.
Alexandre Giroux is still second in league scoring with 61 in 54 games and Brad Moran is 10th in league scoring with 47 in 54.
Gerber is the 14th ranked goalie (I believe they rank based on GAA).

Oil Kings

The Oil Kings are sitting 6th in the conference, 3 up on 7th and 11 back from 5th.
There are no Oil Kings in the top 20 of scoring although the Nuge is sitting in 3rd with 83 in 56 games. Dylan Wruck is the top Oil Kings scorer with 64 points in 57 games and Oilers prospect Hamilton is 31st. Pitlick is 39th in scoring.
Bunz is the second best goalie.


Foiled Again

Rank Team W-L-T
1 Team Haboiler 128-76-17
2 chuckers puckers 120-81-20
3 Majestyk 116-84-21
4 d0nkey.punch(gr8one) 114-84-23
5 Layin Pipe 113-83-25
6 Johnny Odangles 108-79-34
7 Racki’s Rumblers 113-88-20
8 The Burninators 109-90-22
9 mrgod2u 112-94-15
10 Rampage (zackman35) 95-99-27
11 RumRunners 87-112-22
12 DirtySexyMoney 82-124-15
13 Boston’s Boys 50-147-24
14 Oilers Jambalaya 43-149-29

Foiled Again Too

Rank Team W-L-T
1 Racki’s Champions 117-82-22
2 HabOilersx2 116-83-22
3 Layin Pipe 100-97-24
4 mrs.gr80ne 101-100-20
5 SamusBrattus 100-100-21
6 YDNAR 98-105-18
7 dawgtoy 99-107-15
8 awesomeness 92-106-23
9 d0nkey.punch(gr8one) 91-110-20
10 Metal Mulisha 82-106-33

16 Responses to “Monday Morning Standings”

  1. Racki says:

    Darren Dreger makes Steve-O cry with his new Dreger Report:

    Ales Hemsky’s goal last night in Edmonton’s 4-1 win over the Dallas Stars provided a good example of the big goals and high skill level the young Oilers star possesses.

    In Edmonton, Hemsky has to be the Oilers main offensive component. But his critics will tell you he’s too individualistic and the play often dies in his hands.

    For that reason, expect Oilers general manager Steve Tambellini to start listening more closely to the offers that will pour in leading up to the trade deadline.

    As a second liner, Hemsky is viewed as a can’t miss star and would add another scoring dimension for any team willing to pay a price – that’s sure to include a first round pick and highly touted prospect.

    The L.A. Kings are believed to be in the Hemsky hunt. And if he truly becomes available, the Kings will have company.

    I admittedly though am a bit baffled at Dreger calling him a 2nd liner as well as the comment about his critics calling him individualistic (who are these critics??? Hemsky is often criticized as passing too much… now he’s shooting too much and doesn’t use his teammates??). Anyways, he’s nearly a PPG, yet again, on a last place team.. I don’t qualify that as 2nd liner.

  2. Steve-O says:

    While I think that Dreger can go jump off a bridge with his comments, I say let him belittle Hemsky all he wants. Maybe other GM’s read this and decide to not offer anything for him, or lowball Tambellini at which point Tambellini (if he has anything in that grape of his) will tell them to fuck off.

  3. Racki says:

    Dear Steve Tambellini,

    Please don’t trade Hemsky, or it will make my friend Steve-O (who has a similar name to you) cry.


  4. MetalOil says:

    Darren Dreger makes Steve-O cry with his new Dreger Report:

    I admittedly though am a bit baffled at Dreger calling him a 2nd liner as well as the comment about his critics calling him individualistic (who are these critics??? Hemsky is often criticized as passing too much… now he’s shooting too much and doesn’t use his teammates??). Anyways, he’s nearly a PPG, yet again, on a last place team.. I don’t qualify that as 2nd liner.

    I don’t think Dreger is referring to Hemsky being too individualistic when it comes to taking a shot in close quarters to the opposition net rather then making a pass. I think he means that Hemmer is guilty of trying to beat one or two defenders all by himself while entering the offensive zone/neutral zone when their may be passes open to one of his teammates and that is when the play often dies on his on his stick.

    I can agree with that but at the same time I don’t think it is a fair criticism of Hemsky. Beating a defender or even two defenders is perhaps one of Hemsky’s greatest assets. How many times over the course of Hemsky’s career have we seen him work his dangle all the way into the oppositions net? Way to many times to count!!! & I don’t think he should be deterred from doing what he does best just because some call it being selfish.

  5. Racki says:

    Yah whatever the case, I think Hemsky does it well…

    It certainly isn’t something I would consider a flaw of his at all.

  6. LateNightOilFan says:

    Those kind of comments are what you get when a player isn’t watched game in and game out. As MO says, Hemsky has the ability to carry the puck and dangle end to end, and that’s what people see on the highlight reel. Often players with those abilities are labelled that way.

  7. Racki says:

    So the question arose in the GDT thread for last night’s game.. what is the longest winless streak for a goaltender? Sportsnet had the answer:

    Don Beaupre set the record by losing 24 straight in 1994-95. This is the longest winless streak for a goaltender since that time though. The Oilers are still breaking records, like crazy!

  8. John says:

    My guess at what Dregs comment about Hemmer meant; he calls him a 2nd line star referring to the fact (which all grown ups realize lol) that he is NOT a bonafide 1st line NHL superstar, but could indeed be considered one of the best 2nd line forwards in the game.

  9. Racki says:

    I guess I’m not a grown up then….

    Currently 12th in PPG for RW
    2009/10 he was 6th in PPG for RW, but played way too short a season, granted
    2008/09 he was 10th in PPG for RW
    2007/08 he was 9th in PPG for RW

    I guess teams must be stacking their top six with left wings and centers if Hemsky is in the top 6-12 RWer range but still is a 2nd line star 😉

    And lets not forget he’s putting these numbers up with a lot less than guys like Dany Heatley and Martin St Louis

    btw “PPG” standing for points per game in this case.. not powerplay goals

    I understand that there are people that overrate our players here.. but I would also definitely say that there are plenty of people that underrate our players here too.. because far be it for the Oilers to actually have a player here that teams might covet.

    I guess what you’re saying is he isn’t a top line superstar.. what defines a top line superstar though? As a 2nd line RW, he would easily be in the cream of the crop. As a 1st line RW, I think he’s still well above average and a top shelf talent.

  10. chucker says:

    Hemsky is definitley first line material on any team. If he gets traded to Pittsburgh, who’s line is he on? Crosby’s. San Jose? Thornton’s. Rangers? Gaborik’s. etc. etc.

  11. zackman35 says:

    I just figured out that Couturier is on pace for a 100pt season in 58 games. Last season he was 96pts in 68 games.

    I have a feeling due to Landeskog’s injury he may fall down the draft sheet a few spots, reminds me of Connolly but probably not as drastic.

    Couturier is top draft priority for the Oilers in my opinion. And the Hemsky comment is a little outlandish from Dregs.

  12. Racki says:

    OK, for fun.. and because I apparently have nothing better to do on a Wednesday night.. I figured I’d check out what teams I thought Hemsky would be a good fit for (and no, I didn’t think John or anyone was suggesting he wouldn’t have trade value.. just saying).

    Looking at depth chart of each team to determine who are natural RWers on each team, and with the following question in mind “Would Hemsky be an upgrade over the following teams’ top line RWer?”… here are my thoughts (in brackets is who I have pegged as top RWer, so correct me if I’m wrong):

    Anaheim: No (Perry)
    Atlanta: Definitely (Stewart)
    Boston: Arguable (Horton – I would say yes)
    Buffalo: Yes (Pomminville)
    Calgary: No (Iginla)
    Carolina: Yes (Ruutu)
    Chicago: No (Kane)
    Colorado: Yes (Hejduk)
    Columbus: Yes (Voracek, although Nash can play RW)
    Dallas: No (I think Neal and/or Eriksson play RW there although I don’t think either are natural RW)
    Detroit: Arguable but doubtful (Franzen)
    Florida: Definitely (Dvorak)
    Los Angeles: Arguable (Brown/Williams)
    Minnesota: Wash (Havlat)
    Montreal: Yes (Gionta)
    Nashville: Yes (Erat/Hornqvist)
    New Jersey: No if you consider Kovalchuk a RWer.. otherwise yes (Clarkson/Rolston/Elias)
    New York Islanders: Arguable (Grabner – I would say yes since he’s unproven.. but could end up being a better player, yes)
    New York Rangers: Wash (Gaborik)
    Ottawa Senators: Yes (Kovalev/Alfredsson.. yes at this stage)
    Philadelphia: Arguable (I can’t even figure out who their RWers are on this team.. Giroux?)
    Phoenix: No (Doan)
    Pittsburgh: Yes (No one, really)
    San Jose: * (They have guys that can slot on right side like Heatley and I believe even Thornton, so I’d say no)
    St. Louis: Arguable (Backes – I would say yes)
    Tampa Bay: No (St. Louis)
    Toronto: Yes (Kessel)
    Vancouver: Yes (Samuelsson/Burrows)
    Washington: Arguable (Semin – Arguable only because I believe Semin is a natural LWer although listed as RW)

    No: 7
    Yes: 12
    Arguable: 8
    Wash (equal): 2

    Really, I’d say that he could fit into 80% of the teams in the league, based on my incredibly subjective opinion… especially when you consider that I took the “arguable” ones all to be yeses. At any rate, there are definitely some guys out there who are better right wingers than he is, but I’d say without a doubt he’s top 10 in the league anyways for natural RWers.

  13. John says:

    Well I guess I am one of the underraters then. I love Hemsky & I know he would be a welcomed asset on any team in the NHL, my point was that he is not a superstar forward. My definition of a superstar forward is someone who regularly scores 30 or more goals & @ 85-100+ pts. First in my mind are guys like Stamkos, Crosby, Ovechkin, even Iginla still,etc. These are players who when the chips are down can take the game on their stick & score 3 or 4 pts to get their team back in the game. I have only seen Hemmer do that in a handle full of games over the years. Just my definition of course. Yes Hemsky would have lots of trade value imo.

  14. Racki says:

    I can agree that he isn’t a superstar forward by that standard. I personally try not to get all caught up in the titles of “elite” and “superstar” and such, because it’s very subjective. I know he’d be an upgrade for many teams’ first line (which isn’t subjective) and that’s what I personally think makes him a hot commodity right now.

    But we definitely agree that Hemsky has high trade value… the rest is kind of moot anyways, IMHO.

  15. mrgod2u says:

    @Racki-great list of potential trade partners, Really I would say that the only 4 that are feeling enough pressure to win a cup to overpay (or pay real market value) are: Boston, Washington, Philadelphia, and Vancouver. Of those Boston has the best return package of first rounders (as they can use the T.O one). Although Philly needs to ride last year’s momentum and has a reputation for buying their pieces as needed. Plus their fans really wanted their no-cup streak to end, and the team knows that they need to stay competitive against the other sports draws in town (especailly the Phillies). That sweet playoff jersey sales money must be pretty tempting again.

    If Hemsky ever puts on a ‘Nucks jersey I will weep blood. Making them stronger only makes us weaker as we try to build a winning team. When we make the playoffs again we will want every home game possible.

  16. MetalOil says:

    I pretty much have a hunch that if Hemsky is traded the two most likely teams he will be headed to are:
    LA Kings-After striking out on Kovalchuk and with them currently in 9th place(1 point out of 8th) they could really use someone to put them over the top. The Kings were heavily linked to acquiring Iginla earlier on in the season but with Iggy off the market now Hemsky is probably the best plan B for the Kings.
    Atlanta Thrashers-This team has only been to the Playoffs once and did not even win a game. Their fan base is ever shrinking and they must do everything in their power to make the post season now. The Thrashers started the season well but now find themselves on the outside looking in but are still very much in the eastern conference mix. Adding a player like Hemmer could go a long way.

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