GDT Oilers 4, Stars 1 – Game 57 – 2011-02-15 @ 7:00 PM MST – SNETW

By , February 15, 2011 10:19 am
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GDT - Edmonton Oilers vs. Dallas Stars
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31-19-6 Record 16-32-8
Location: Rexall Place
Date: February 15, 2011 @ 7:00 PM MST


The Oilers have been playing some pretty poor hockey lately, which triggered a meeting between the team and General Manager Steve Tambellini. Look for a post on that shortly. I think it will work tonight.. I hope they dress MacIntyre, as I think he has a score to settle, if what I caught in the last Oil Change was any indication. Kreuger was holding him back like a pit bull on a leash, saying that “we play them again soon”. As luck (or lack of) would have it, MacIntyre did not get dressed for the follow up game.

Prediction: a fight for MacIntyre (please be dressed) and a spirited 4-3 win for the home team.


Hall – Cogliano- Eberle
Paajarvi – Gagner – Omark
Penner – Horcoff – Hemsky
Jacques – Reddox – Jones

Peckham – Gilbert
Smid – Chorney
Vandermeer – Foster



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5 Responses to “GDT Oilers 4, Stars 1 – Game 57 – 2011-02-15 @ 7:00 PM MST – SNETW”

  1. Racki says:

    Continuing the tradition of “WTF” moves to go along with the Tambi thread (all this is a coaching “WTF”)… MacIntyre is a scratch for this one, proving he has little value to the team, at least in the minds of Renney and the other coaches. Lest we forget, the series has been fairly physical. This is the kind of game you would want a guy like MacIntyre around for, and they bench him. I feel bad for the big lug… I know Dallas doesn’t have an answer for Big Mac, but the Oil need to take a stance on what MacIntyre’s purpose is here. Is he a sideshow, or is he a deterrent? If they think he is a deterrent, why isn’t he being used as one?

  2. chucker says:

    Yeah, I saw this and had the same reaction. What exactly is it with this club not being able to use the few tough guys we have? I don’t get it. Why sign him if you are not going to use him. I know there is no heavy weight in the lineup over there tonight, but who cares? Use him or get rid of him. So very frustrating.

  3. Racki says:

    More proof I guess that heavyweights are dinosaurs in this league and the guys you want to carry on your team are the light heavies that can actually play.

    Although I’m not 100% sold that Heavyweights are useless (or that they aren’t)… I think Renney in particular just has no use for one.

  4. dawgtoy says:

    If you’re gonna employ a nuclear deterrent, it’s imperative that he can play hockey, not just fight.

  5. Racki says:

    If you’re gonna employ a nuclear deterrent, it’s imperative that he can play hockey, not just fight.

    It would appear so.. although I think Boogaard’s level of ability to play hockey is on the very low end of the spectrum of NHL players.

    But I’m fine with Renney thinking that a guy has to be able to play, as long as he has guys in the lineup that are able to play the game for more than 0:28 a game.

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