GDT Oilers 1, Blackhawks 4 – Game 54 – 2011-02-09 @ 7:30 PM – SNETW

By , February 9, 2011 10:27 am
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GDT - Edmonton Oilers at Chicago Blackhawks
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27-22-4 Record 16-29-8
Location: Rexall Place
Date: February 9, 2011 @ 7:30 PM MST


The Oilers are on FIRE, after a commanding 4-0 victory over the Predators. Not only did they get 4 goals past one of the best goaltenders in the league (2nd in GAA, if I recall correctly), but they pitched a shutout. The playoffs are surely in sight now. Of course, I am being tongue-in-cheek here, but it was a nice win. The Hawks have lost their last 2, and currently sit below the playoff cutoff line, 3 points back of the shames.

Prediction: 5-2 Oilers. Doobie better be in net for this one…


Penner – Horcoff – Hemsky
Paajarvi – Gagner – Omark
Hall – Cogliano- Eberle
Reddox – Fraser – Jones

Peckham – Gilbert
Smid- Petry
Vandermeer – Foster



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15 Responses to “GDT Oilers 1, Blackhawks 4 – Game 54 – 2011-02-09 @ 7:30 PM – SNETW”

  1. Racki says:

    Doobie starts! Horcoff sick, but there is hope he’ll play. Leafs trade Beauchemin back to Ducks for Jake Gardiner (good D prospect), Joffrey Lupul (puke), and a conditional 2013 pick.

  2. NorwegianOiler says:

    Lupul’s being thrown around from team to team 😀 But I still think the Leafs win this trade, given that Gardiner is a solid young player (from what I have read) and the added pick as a bonus.

  3. Racki says:

    Yah Lupul isn’t a significant piece of that trade.. this is about Beauchemin (solid top pairing now) and Gardiner (potentially a good top pairing d-man). Lupul is a throw in!

    Good deal for the Leafs future, but they have a lonnnnng ways to go.

  4. Racki says:

    Thanks to Jason Gregor for a quote on Hemsky.. sounds open to the idea of a trade but does like it here (so don’t read much into it either way):

    “This is the first time I’ve felt it was possible I could be moved,” said Hemsky. “I’ve never thought about it before, but now I get the sense it might happen. If it does, there will be no hard feelings. I really like it here, and I’ve liked my time hear. I just try to focus on the game, and I have no idea what they (management) are thinking.”

    “We have a great coaching staff, and lots of good young players. I like where they are headed and if they feel that trading me would make them better then that’s okay. I understand it is a business”

  5. Guy says:

    I really,REALLY hope that doesn’t happen. But with him being open to it, It may soften the blow a bit. One of my fb friends mentioned Penner’s name in a possible trade. I’m gonna try and find something on it.
    THAT would be a terrible blow to the Oilers and truly a step backwards.

  6. Racki says:

    First off, welcome to the Foil, Guy, and thanks for the comment..

    Penner’s and Hemsky’s names have both popped up in trade rumors lately. The Journal has a recent article about it, and BobMcKenzie and other TSN guys have talked about it. Both players have been asked about it too. I guess, “where there’s smoke..”.

    There definitely is reason to believe they could be traded. But I can guarantee, if either are traded, it would be for a very good player in return. Maybe not a “great now” player, but someone for the future. There are lots of impatient teams out there that can’t wait for a guy to develop, but we’re in that mode right now. So taking Penner or Hemsky from a current position of strength to bolster our blueline… that might not be a bad idea.

    The names being floated around as return are guys that have been touted as top-pairing defensemen with a high upside (although Ellis is not without risk. If he was 6’1″+ though, I can bet he’d be considered a potential franchise d-man).

  7. Steve-O says:

    Racki: But I can guarantee, if either are traded, it would be for a very good player in return.

    You have a higher opinion of our management group than I.

  8. Racki says:

    OK maybe I can’t *guarantee*. But I don’t think they’re ruh-tarded like most of you folks do. At least when it comes to trades. I think the free agent market is not their thing, however..

  9. hemmerlady says:

    No tradesky. :( Hemmerlady’s heart would breaksky.

  10. zackman35 says:

    As much as I like Hemmer I kind of think we over-value him, his GP per season are quite inconsistent and his average of PTS per year is about maybe 60? It’d be really nice to see him play 80+ games and I really like Hemsky but it just seems like we over-value his actual worth and there could be an uproar when he is traded.

    EDIT: Wow, there was just a line brawl between Montreal and Boston, Price “went at it” with Thomas too.

  11. Racki says:

    I beg to differ on overvaluing his worth. He is close to a PPG player now on the worst team in the NHL. His recent injury woes make me want to trade him before Penner is traded, but no, I don’t agree that we are overvaluing.

  12. dawgtoy says:

    I would agree that Oiler fans often overvalue our players, but I don’t think we overvalue Hemsky.

  13. Steve-O says:

    I think most Oiler fans undervalue Hemsky

  14. hemmerlady says:

    Other than me. :)

    Tonight’s episode of “Capitulate for Couturier” featured blatant giveaways and shoddy defensive coverage behind the net. I’m starting to hate that show. (Lose for Larsson? Luge for Nuge? <–I don't know what that means)

    Oh and what in the name of fuck was happening in Boston tonight? I've never seen anything like that.

  15. Racki says:

    I dunno.. but it was f’in awesome (the Boston/Montreal stuff). Classic!

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