Monday Morning Standings

By , February 8, 2011 12:45 pm

The lovely Shay Maria

Trying out some changes. This thing takes an hour or two to put together usually, and work gets pretty hectic so it ends up getting missed every now and then. So I will try something else. mainly, instead of having the NHL standings, there will just be a link to the NHL site and some comments about them. We will continue to have an update on the Barons, Oil Kings and the POTF pools. Plus any NHL news that I find interesting.

The Oilers won a fucking game! Holy shit! And Khabibulin wasn’t in net…go figure. We are still 30th though, although Ottawa is looking to make it interesting at the end. Rangers were apparently scouting the Hershey Bears (re: Souray) and according to Sportsnet dude, he’s too slow for the A. That’s not good for us. Also, apparently the Thrashers have been scouting our team for the past 3 games…although when you think about the fact that we are a terrible team in dead last and its only three weeks to the trade deadline that probably shouldn’t be too surprising. Oh, and Dubnyk got his first shutout. Congrats to him.

In other league news Stamkos hit 40; Savard broke his grape again (or got it broke); Kessel doesn’t really like his coach (I’d laugh if Burke tried to shop him around for 2 firsts and got a whole bunch of “Not a chance” responses); Crosby is out till March and now Malkin out for the season; Brent Johnson knocked the fuck out of DiPietro; Conroy was fired/forced retired in Calgary; and the Dallas/Boston game ruled (well at least the first few minutes).

Anyways, on to the standings:
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