WJHC 2011 GDT – Canada 3, Russia 5 – Gold Medal Final – 2011-01-05 @ 5:30PM MST – TSN

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2011 WJHC - Canada vs. Russia - Gold Medal Game
Canada Canada – 3 FINAL Russia Russia – 5
WJHC 2011 Gold Medal Final
Canada were silver medal winners in 2010
Russia finished 6th in 2010
Date: Jan 05 @ 5:30 PM MST


Here we go, the gold medal game between Canada and Russia… two huge rivals. These are the teams that have been the best for decades. The Russians have stumbled as of late, but they look to be back. They had a tough win over Sweden in a shootout to get here, highlighted by some great goaltending by Dmitri Shikin. The Canadians dominated the Americans in their semi-final, and won 4-1 to get here today.

The Canadians have already beaten the Russians in this year’s tournament. In the opening game for Canada, the Canadians won by a score of 6-3. I am hoping for a similar result, or a result at least in Canada’s favor.

The USA also will play Sweden, earlier this afternoon (1:30PM MST). Gotta root for the Swedes, as hard as it is to do after they chirped at Canada (calling the USA a harder team to play against than us, and saying that the refs call in our favor often).

Let’s Go Canada!

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Monumental collapse. Absolutely incredible 3rd period for the Russians . Out-hustled, outworked, out-everythinged by the Russians in the 3rd period. I have a tough time saying that Canada played poorly, but they did at times. Pretty sloppy. Pretty lazy start to the period, which allowed the Russians back into it, and from there, the Russians just stomped on the gas and took over the game. Bobkov shut the door down after Shikin was pulled at 3-0. Credit to him as well, and he earned the player of the game for Russia. Great tournament, too bad it ended this way, but you gotta play 3 full periods, folks.

Five straight goals. In one single period, after it appeared the Canadians had this one wrapped up. Unbelievable.

That all said, I love what these kids did.. or tried to do. I think they just ran into a very hungry Russian team that must of had some sort of epic Lombardian-intermission speech to get them going like that in the 3rd.

Russia wins gold.

7 Responses to “WJHC 2011 GDT – Canada 3, Russia 5 – Gold Medal Final – 2011-01-05 @ 5:30PM MST – TSN”

  1. Racki says:


    Canada: Gold
    Russia: Silver
    Sweden: Bronze
    USA: Chocolate.

  2. Racki says:

    Yanks captured the bronze with a 4-2 over the Swedes.

  3. oilinblood says:

    As patriotic as i may be, i was happy the Russians made it this far and before the game i felt they would be the only team i would accept losing to. Those feelings had nothing to do with skill as much as the fact that russia has been killing their development and grass roots systems lately. Canada needs RUssia, I dont want to see mens junior hockey turn into the womens hockey international circuit where only a few teams are competitive.

    Apart from Russian habits of diving badly and embellishing (poor sportsmanship all around), i do hope the Russian hockey system gets stronger because then i can watch the fruits of those efforts in NHL hockey games.

    IN the third period the russians won all the battles, canada looked like they were running on fumes, and the canadians i dont think ever had one good shift in the closing out effort.

    The biggest choke in international amateur hockey, not just junior hockey.
    Leaves a bad taste in your mouth but when you collapse so completely… you dont deserve even the silver. 5 in a row. good luck next year. Sad.

  4. Racki says:

    Agree with all but the last period. I don’t want to get into the negative stuff towards the Canadian team. But anyways, this is good for Russian hockey, which as you said, is good for hockey itself. And while the Russians dove a lot, I notice the Canadians do it a lot more now too (groan).

  5. LateNightOilFan says:

    So all I saw was the 3rd period – ouch – big time ouch. Quite the life & sport lesson for the Canadians. Props to Russia for coming back 3 games in a row, they deserved the Gold.

  6. hemmerlady says:

    We played terribly for the first half of the third I thought – I was totally stunned by some of the defensive lapses we made, and the Russians’ unbelievable hunger and energy capitalized on it. I think the timbits, albeit temporarily, fell prey to some overconfidence and started thinking too far ahead. I think they heard the anthem playing before they got to the final buzzer. I’m really disappointed, but it happens…they’re young. It just goes to show how much you always have to respect your opponent.

  7. oilinblood says:

    Hey Rack… was i the only one at 3-2 that recalled KEvin Lowe from Boys on the bus talking about momentum swings in hockey regarding Philly coming back in game 6 to force the game 7 conclusion of the film? I kept hearing him say “it comes at you, and it hits you, and its gone”. That was some of the sloppiest hockey i had ever seen in those 20 minutes. Even in the 4 minutes the canadians couldnt even keep the puck on their stick when no russians were on them. Thats letting the tiger out of its cage. DEfenses backing up up up….
    I dont think Canada disrespected Russia or thought the game was done. I believe it was simply a matter of the canadians getting away from the work ethic and tenacity that got them where they were and in 11 seconds they became shell shocked and were on egg shells there after. Unable to cope with the pressure and with immortality for all the wrong reasons staring them in the face, they end up becoming a coaches favorite story/example to provide their players in importance of maintaining structure, discipline, and execution of the game plan.
    Coaches all over hockey will use and thank this example…for maybe a century. oooooooo thats rough.

    BTW WhoTF was it that shot the slap shot at the russians well after the whistle? CLASSLESS/ shoot it at yourself.

    As far as the poll question for top pick of 2011… none. Nobody for the 2011 draft class has looked even stamkos worthy. personally i dont think theres the usual elite player in this draft class–they are all risks.

    RE: HEmmer lady. This is why i feel you should always play hard regardless of score. in my mind its more disrespectful, even in a blow out, to go easy or ease off than it is to run a score up (final 5 minutes with a 5+ lead you can rest your top guns…but even then miracle on manchester). never give your opponent breath. Also, in the end the biggest lessons are learned thru lots and lots of adversity.

    BTW … i hope everyone got home safe after watching the game. my neighbor just got home…but thought our house was his. I am 99% certain he took a cab–and not his own. Damn cookie cutter neighborhoods
    “no wonder my key wasnt working”
    “youd think you would have noticed the paint difference…or…the lack of 4 different family cars (2 of which are cabs) in the driveway.”

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