Kings interested in Hemsky – 4th Period

By , January 9, 2011 1:04 pm
Kings interested in Hemsky trade.. are we?

Kings interested in Hemsky trade.. are we?


I generally take most rumors with a grain of salt, but I figured I’d mention it here since there is some downtime before the next game. The Fourth Period is reporting that the Kings have shown interest in the Oilers. So… should the Oilers really be interested in moving Hemsky? For me, I’d say it would have to take something quite good in return, especially if the Kings are involved.


On the bad side of things, trading a guy like Hemsky within the conference could be risky. Thankfully we only face the Kings four times per year, however. But I think everyone remembers the pain of trading Pronger within the conference. He’s also easily the best player on the team at the moment. He has a great contract ($4.1M cap hit, expires at the end of next year).

On the good side, he’s one of our more marketable assets, which means he could fetch us a good player. That contract is quite low for a player that is nearly a point-per-game player on a basement dweller. He’s also been fairly injury prone the past few years, so moving him might help in having a body in the lineup that can stay in the lineup.


So if we’re trading with the Kings, who do we trade for? Well, the obvious one would be Team Canada U-20 star forward Brayden Schenn. A rumor circulated a couple of months ago about Schenn for Iginla. This rumor was denied by a Flames source, according to the article in the link. But if there’s anything I’ve learned from years of watching hockey, it’s that GM’s aren’t often going to let you in on what they’re thinking. Basically a Schenn for Hemsky trade could make sense. Schenn is 6’0 198lbs and plays center.

The Kings have seen some fault in Brayden Schenn’s defensive game. That doesn’t necessarily mean they’re going to give up on him. But that probably helps them feel better about moving him, at the right price. Los Angeles King’s GM Dean Lombardi had this to say on Schenn’s D-game: “He really struggled in his own end when you look at it, and that’s critical if you’re going to play here. He had a real tendency to just follow the puck versus understanding the time and space. There’s three things a player’s got to do: he’s got to read it, and he’s got to understand it and then he’s got to compete.” Schenn was sent down to play with the Manchester Monarchs of the AHL for a conditioning stint before being returned to the Brandon Wheat Kings of the WHL. Word is, his defensive game is getting better, but he hasn’t had much time to work on it yet.

Schenn of course played in the 2011 World Junior Hockey Championships in Buffalo and tied the record for most points in a single WJHC tournament (18 points). He later admitted that he could barely lift his arm at the end of the WJHCs. He had separated his shoulder in the game against Switzerland and received injections to help keep him in the lineup. The kid has battle and wants to win.


Some other players we might be interested in:
Jarett Stoll: We always come back to former Oilers, but let’s face it… the worst thing about trading Stoll was that the Oilers never replaced him. Should he be brought back? His salary is fairly high, but he could play 2nd line center behind Gagner (maybe 3rd when Horcoff returns) and chip in on points while taking care of business in his own zone. He’s a good checker and shot blocker, and of course plays a very good PK shift. The Kings should have to offer more than just Stoll in return for Hemsky.

Wayne Simmonds: Again, a player like Simmonds would not be a sole piece coming our way for Hemsky (perhaps a Stoll + Simmonds for Hemsky would work though). However, he would give us a right winger that can play a physical game, with solid defensive skills. He probably wouldn’t be good enough to be a permanent fixture in the top-six, however… or perhaps I should say he SHOULDN’T be a permanent fixture there (on this team, you just don’t know).

Matt Greene: Again with the former Oiler. I actually have never been that keen on Matt Greene. But aside from Doughty or Johnson (neither of which is happening), he’s the d-man that most closely fits what we need on the blueline. Again, not the centerpiece of a deal, however.

Jack Johnson: Highly unlikely he’ll be traded after signing a new contract… but anyone remember Lubomir Visnovsky and his contract extension with a no-trade clause? It’s not completely unlikely. Johnson has been an interest story. There have been stories of him being another Lindros-case in the past (being greedy, and his father being a pain-in-the-ass with contract negotiations). However, he signed fairly cheap on his last contract, and word is he now represents himself. So I think those stories can be put to bed. Anyways, he pretty much does it all. He’s quick, he hits hard, is solid defensively and is very good offensively. For those reasons, he really probably should be in the untouchables section below, but I think there is still a small chance he could be moved despite the new contract. He would be a centerpiece in a deal.


Brayden Schenn: (see “WHO DO WE TARGET?” section)

Derek Forobort: The defenseman is pretty huge at 6’5″ and 200 lbs. I don’t know enough about him though, so here is the scouting report from Hockey’s Future on him: “One of the most talented defensemen in the 2010 draft. Exceptional decision-making. Has the size and skating and is very agile. Doesn’t like to carry the puck, but his passes are laser sharp. He could stand to add a bit of grit to his game.”

Jordan Nolan: Not exactly the cream of the crop. However, he’s an enforcer that is said to be able to play the game. He can play a bit of defense, and has 7 points in 35 games with the Monarchs so far. Here’s a fight of Nolan’s in which he received a 20 game suspension. He might be a bit of a loose cannon… but I won’t deny that we could use a player like that.

Thomas Hickey: From Hockey’s Future: “Hickey’s strong suit is his skating ability, a skill that has enabled him to excel in the WHL at a young age. Another product of the successful Hockey Canada programs, Hickey exudes confidence on and off the ice. He plays bigger than his 5’11, 185-pound frame might suggest. A well-spoken player with great on-ice vision. Uses his skating ability to move the puck out of the zone and pressure the opposition’s forwards up-ice. Might develop into a future powerplay quarterback.”

Lastly of course, draft picks would be an option. Right now the Kings are sitting right in the middle. It wouldn’t be an extremely high pick, but who wouldn’t want another pick? We’ve learned now the importance of building a strong team from scratch is to do it through the draft. And the best way to keep it strong is to draft strong.


If we happen to catch Lombardi napping, or sweeten the pot with a good prospect, here are the players that are on the wish list… but don’t expect it to happen at all (this is wishful thinking only):

Dustin Brown: Would be nice to be able grab him. We could use a power forward like him that has the aggressiveness he does. I don’t think the Kings would part with him at all, however.

Drew Doughty: Zero chance he’s moved, so I won’t even talk about him. I just include him because that’s what this section is for.. naming the players that I’d love to have, but are untouchable.

Anze Kopitar: Again zero chance of being moved.


There is a trade there, if we want one. It could work. I’m not in any hurry whatsoever to move Ales Hemsky though. This stuff is more fun to talk about than anything. It would pain me to see Hemsky in another uniform. On a less selfish note, a line with Kopitar and Hemsky together could be pretty exciting to watch. I’m sure the Kings would have a lot of interest in Hemsky (like most teams). However, if we’re considering the Kings, the Oilers should definitely be looking elsewhere too, and I’d say best choice would be out East (where Hemsky would almost undoubtedly thrive). We don’t trade him though unless we get some significant future building blocks for him. Meaning, something silly like Greene + Stoll for Hemsky doesn’t anywhere near cut it.

So, new poll time…

Should the Oilers trade Hemsky?

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29 Responses to “Kings interested in Hemsky – 4th Period”

  1. Steve-O says:

    The Oilers have done quite a bit to make me not like them anymore the past two years…but this would seal it.

    I’d fucking quit the Oilers.

  2. Racki says:

    You wouldn’t quit the Oilers.. stop being a drama queen. 😛

  3. Raine Snow says:

    At some point the Oilers need to make a big splash. Do we pass the reigns to Hall, Eberle and company or do we set sail with Hemsky as your on ice leader?

    Interesting quote from Taylor Hall after the Canucks defeat:

    “It is tricky playing with Ales Hemsky”

    Now, we have always known Ales doesn’t play an up and down game, he plays a side to side, as well as up and down, he’s all over the frickin place. It’s always been questioned if Ales hasn’t had enough talent to play with. Which I beg to differ, but in Hall’s case is it really just Hall not having the experience or is it a case of Ales Hemsky being “tricky” to play with?

    If this is the case, and another talented player can’t read what Hemsky is going to do next as a line mate…is it time to move him so our future talent can harness the powerplay and the momentum of a line. I think it is, what’s everyone elses opinion?

  4. Spartacus says:

    Hemsky’s been the only reason to watch the Oilers during the past few seasons. I think whether or not you trade him should be left to him to decide. Does he want to stay? Will he sign an extension when the time comes?

    Management must have an idea of whether he’d like to remain in the organization or if he feels it’s time to move on. If there is any doubt about Hemsky’s willingness to stay with the team, then look for a deal. If Hemsky wants to play somewhere else and can get you Brayden Schenn, I’d jump on that deal.

    I wouldn’t trade Hemsky for 2 or 3 middling players, though. That’s a Sutterite move and doesn’t improve the team or aid in the rebuild.

  5. Racki says:

    Spartacus: definitely agree on that last sentence. If Hemsky is moved, it’s for some solid building blocks… maybe a power forward… maybe a strong all-around d-man.. maybe for a prospect (ex. Schenn). But yah, not for what Phaneuf went for. And it has to be for a player that is as young or younger than Hemsky.

    Raine: Interesting quote.. I never heard that. I don’t really buy too much into Hemsky not wanting to be here, but I do buy quite a bit into him not being the most easy guy to play with. Great set up man, great skill and just turning into a goal scorer. But while he always wants to use teammates, he isn’t a guy you can just put out there with anyone and get the most out of them.

  6. John says:

    A couple points on Hemsky. He is kinda like a ’66 Corvette Stingray; every once in a while he’ll take us for the ride of our lives but the rest of the time we are either mumbling about poor handling or grumbling because he spends a lot of time “in the shop”.

    The other point is he is getting to that crossroads in pro hockey where he might be happier or least more interested in plying his wares with a more experienced team who might give him a valid chance at a cup run before he needs a walker. If that is the case I say move him now while we can get value for him.

  7. Bostonoiler says:

    Hemsky is my favorite player on the team right now, and there is no doubt I would be pretty mad if he was traded anywhere. I would hate to make the mistake of moving him within the west so he can crush us 4 times a year like every other Ex-Oiler. With that being said tho, we have some solid pieces in place and are looking for two more future pieces.

    Hall, Eberle, Paajarvi and Gagner are future top 6 forwards. I would deal Hemsky to LA, BUT Schenn HAS to be coming back. Hes a future #1 center, and would thrive in Edmonton. Draft Larsson at the draft and we filled our two biggest holes.


    wouldn’t be a bad top 6 group at all for the future.

    I’d like to keep Hemsky, but if its clear he will not be re-signing when his contract is up, then trade him to LA right now for good return. LA would give up Schenn, something tells me they would.

    I’m on the fence all in all. Hemsky is the best forward we have right now, and he is also the most exciting playing the Oilers CURRENTLY have (That will chance once the rookie 3 are where they need to be). If Hemsky brings us a future top line center, I say you have to do it, but anything less and it would be a bad trade for the Oilers.

    DO NOT trade him if all you are gonna get back is 3 ok players (see Calgary and the Dion trade). Also, if the Oilers deal Hemsky, Dustin Penner will be re-signed and will be the guy sticking around for the rebuild. Something tells me that is how it will be, and the top 6 I posted earlier in this post will be our top 6 once our rebuild is over.

    To make this long story short, don’t trade Hemsky unless you are getting a key building block at Center (Schenn) of defense (Johnson in LA). Anything short of that is a bad deal.

    I’d sure love to have Hall, Eberle, Paajarvi and Schenn leading this team one day. I think Gagner going to line 2 makes him a better player also.

  8. chucker says:

    Well, if I’m Tambo, I’m trying to extend him right now. If the negotiations seem doomed, then I’m shopping him and preferrably out east. I hate dealing in your own conference with players of this calibre. This isn’t Jason Chimera here, it’s a player that will remind you for years to come how good he is.

    Early in the season there seemed to be some suggestions that Hemsky was being looked at by Pittsburgh and perhaps Washington. I could also see a team like Montreal having interest as well as Philly. Really, I’d have to think almost every team would be interested in him if he were available, so why trade him to a team like the Kings?

    One year left means better return than a trade over the summer or next year’s deadline, but like I said, to me, it would have to be contingent on Hemsky not wanting to stay and wanting more than 5.5, which is likely. Tomas Plekanec is the comparable I’d use for him. More than Pleks, see ya.

    Now if it were 6, I could live with that on the condition that Penner is then traded for a valuable asset like a guy on the blueline. It seems like one or both of these guys will be mixed into a lot of rumours in the future because they are good players and also how the either potentially fit or don’t fit here in 2-4 years. I’d bet on Penner being moved first.

    Also, anything less than a Schenn-like player coming back, would be not worth persuing if we can extend him.

  9. hemmerlady says:

    I’d be (for obvious reasons, but also for rational ones) hesitant to trade Hemmer. Seems to me we usually trade away the big guns and get mediocrity in return. Or if not mediocrity, then someone that just isn’t one of the pieces of the puzzle we desperately need. If we did trade him, it would have to be a pretty big fucking return. I’d take Schenn. I’d take a star D-player that we’ve been missing since…oh, 2006 or so. Or a package deal which includes an enforcer that actually hits, wins fights, uh, enforces…and makes douchebags like Avery quiver at the thought of the retribution that would follow should he even look sideways at one of the timbits.

    Hemsky’s an exciting player and is usually responsible for most of the meager offense produced by this team. Obviously it would break my heart to see him go. But even I can admit things can’t continue the way they’re going. My heart is breaking beyond repair watching us bottom-dwell, and while I’m trying to be patient, I’d also like to start moving some chess pieces. Let’s get this show on the road.

  10. zackman35 says:

    I would rather trade Penner over Hemsky but then again like mentioned Hemsky has become injury prone. I think he’s only played one or two complete seasons at most. Like Chucker mentioned, it would really hurt to see Hemsky light it up, especially against us, in the same conference but at the same time if he’s only playing ~65 games it might not be all that bad.

    I don’t know if we got our Oilers goggles on but I almost feel that we are overvaluing Hemsky or under-valuating Schenn. Would you trade Eberle for Hemsky straight up if you were if you were in the Kings position (Eberle being a King/Hemsky an Oiler)? I can kind of see it, their franchise is in that position where they more or less need to improve now, where the Oilers are in a “build for the future state”. Don’t get me wrong if the Oilers were offered Schenn straight up for Hemsky I would seal the deal, even though he is one of my favourite players.

    I can’t really see ST making a move to improve the team “now” either, I wouldn’t mind seeing Stoll back in an Oilers jersey but not until next season at the earliest. As for Greene I’m going to have to say a no go and plus I don’t think he’d be “good for the kids/dressing room” so I can’t see any trade bate there.

    Hemsky for Schenn = Yes
    Anything else = No

  11. Racki says:

    zackman35: As for Greene I’m going to have to say a no go and plus I don’t think he’d be “good for the kids/dressing room” so I can’t see any trade bate there.

    Odd comment there… I am not much of a fan of Matt Greene, but this guy was pretty funny, and I think that would make him a guy that could easily get along with the young kids. I don’t really have interest in Greene either, but I think he’d be a good dressing room guy.

    Chucker: Unless I’m mistaken, we can’t extend Hemsky until the end of this year. I’m pretty sure a player has to be in the final year of their contract. As of July 1st though, I believe we can start negotiating though.

  12. zackman35 says:

    Racki: He was really funny but I heard he was a bit of neon Dion. 😛

  13. John says:

    It’s the most difficult predicament a GM has to deal with beyond drafting; do you trade the most talented & productive player on the team to improve the future, or do you keep him around for immediate good of the team but risk getting less for him down the road? I guess in the end we’ll just have to hope that Tambi makes the right choice whatever that may be!

  14. Racki says:

    zackman35: Racki: He was really funny but I heard he was a bit of neon Dion. :razz:

    Really? Wow, that surprises me! But anything is possible.

  15. Bostonoiler says:

    What about:




    Gives us a good gritty 3rd line wonger who can play the PK can get some points, and even fill in a top 6 role with injuries. It also gives us a big mean top pairing defender of the future in Forbort who would be like getting another first round pick, and would without doubt be a good NHL defender one day. I’d do that deal as well.

    Also, 4th said the Oilers and Stars were talking about Edmonton native and tough gritty defender Mark Fristic, who has fallen out of favor in Dallas. The Stars have lots of shut-down defenders. I’d offer them Kurtis Foster for Mark Fristic. Give them a PP QB and give us a gritty defender.

  16. NorwegianOiler says:

    I’ll crawl out of my cave for this one, good bait.

    I would favour a Hemsky-trade in only one (viable) scenario, which is a case where he has stated he will not consider re-signing with the Oilers when his current deal is up. (The unrealistic scenario is a completely lop-sided deal favouring us…but that is obvious). Moving Hemsky in any other scenario is not rebuilding, it’s sidestepping at best. The emergence of young talent does not “make Hemsky obsolete” or in any way necessitate a trade – it gives us the chance of icing two 1st lines in a few years, rather than icing a de facto first line accompanied by an outside second line with some rabble in the bottom 6. If we want to be contenders, we should KEEP the high end talent, stack up so to speak, because we can afford to do so at the moment. If we keep trimming off talent ‘we can afford to lose’, the sands of time will run out before we get anything done.

    I would not trade Hemsky for Schenn straight up. Schenn is yet unproven and is not a clear enough upgrade over what we have. Has anyone in the media dared to compare Simmonds to Grier yet – they’re the exact same type of player.

    Another observation I will make is that there is still a sense that big defensemen is the only type viable (looking at a prospect-list, people tend to point only to the bigger bodies for trade-suggestions). The Oilers actually have the biggest blueline in the NHL right now, but they still allow far too many campers in the crease. Fortunately, we’re better than last year, though. If it was as easy as size, there would be no need for scouts.

    The Fistric-rumour…well…he might be a home-grown lad, but he’s got the Gilbert-touch in turnovers from what I have seen (both this year and last). Still, he’d be an upgrade over Foster, Vandermeer, Strudwick at the very least.

  17. Racki says:

    N.O.: That’s what I do here.. I try to write posts that get the great NorweiganOiler to come out of hiding and reply! 😛

    Seriously though, I’m not a fan of Simmonds either. I saw a post on OilersNation where someone suggested Penner for Simmonds straight up. I think fans overvalue other teams’ players a bit too much and undervalue our own (although Schenn could be a case of that for sure, on my part).

    Marc Fistric… I hadn’t heard that one yet… I’d be interested, as he plays the part of a guy that is his size, unlike some of the marshmallow’s on this team. He also has a very good contract. Turnover-machine worries me, but in the bottom pairing, I can handle it a bit more, especially if he’s out throwing some big hits and clearing the net.

    Anyways, good points across the board, as always.

  18. Sean says:

    To get Schenn and Forobert would require Hemsky+?

    Id make that trade straight up however. It addresses 2 needs and improves the Oilers lottery chances.

  19. John says:

    I’d be all right with Schenn but like a few others have said it would have to be part of a bigger package due to the fact Schenn only has NHL “potential” whereas Hemsky is the real deal. Something like Hemsky + Vandermeer + Cogs + 2011 2nd pick for Schenn + Kopitar?

  20. Racki says:

    John: Guaranteed the Kings wouldn’t move Kopitar… unless we’re offering things like Hall/Eberle…

    B.O./N.O.: I looked up that Marc Fistric rumor.. it’s old. From November 28th. I’m guessing they’ve moved on with that thought… maybe looking elsewhere though.

  21. Ktown says:

    ugh… I’d be so hesitant to move Hemsky. Really have to be a guaranteed return, and in the Oilers’ case, I don’t think any other team would pony up what he’s worth to this team. Schenn for sure, but I don’t know what else.

    I think Hemsky certainly is interesting to play with (as I believe most dangling/make it up as they go players are), but he has been our #1 guy for the last few years. He still comes out to compete (and tries to take on Tanner Glass – loved it, even if not the best decision making Hemmer’s ever demonstrated), and that’s something we need to keep around.

    Now, if you could get somebody interested in Penner – there’s a deal I’d swing. Loved him last year, but that was one year in three so far. I know he’s putting up the points consistently for us (goal-scoring leader last 2 or 3?) but damnit – I can’t handle how non-competitive this guy is 70% of the time. To me, Penner is an “At-leaster”… he knows he’s lazy, but at least he’s scoring more than the other guys… We don’t need that – we need a guy that goes out to win every night, and – sad to say – I don’t think DP is that guy…

  22. mrgod2u says:

    Hemsky is a great player, and he’s been one of the only bright points in some pretty dim years. He is also going to likely want us to show him the money next season. Especially after being on one of the best (cheapest) contracts for a skill player in the NHL currently. He wants to be on a winning team, and that we will be, but not likely before his price comes due. How ever many years and dollars that is could be a limiting factor in our competitive offers on our future RFA’s over a 3-5 year period.

    But even so I would rather we keep him. Assuming he wants to be here.

    On the other side of the coin is the fact that he is one of the only tradeable assets we have that isn’t going to be worth more in the future.

    Hemsky is a game changer on the ice, on a cheap contract, who although injured in the past, is resilient. He works hard and is professional. If he were on the block, every GM on a contending team would kick the tires.

    His trade value going into this deadline is probably as high as it ever has been, and it decreases every second as his contract continues towards UFA status.

    There are many holes on this team, but forwards skilled with the puck is not one of them.

    The deal would have to be right, but if it didn’t look like we could renew him for proper money, then I might think long and hard about it (were it my decision).

  23. chucker says:

    I think I’m fairly in line with NO’s line of thinking. Proven talent is a rare commodity and prospective talent is usually plentifull but doesn’t always turn out.

    The salary is not the issue I suspect, but whether or not he’s willing to re-sign here, as mentioned. If he wants to stay, it’s a no brainer. It’s seen as a positive around the league for a guy who toiled here for years and the talent level stays equal and hopefully deepens with the rookies maturing.

    At some point you have to be seen as a destination in stead of a development stop.

  24. Racki says:

    I think it’s kind of funny that we talk about a guy who makes more money in one single year than most of us will ever make in our entire lives as a “cheap contract”. Pretty comical. But relatively speaking, it is a cheap contract. It’s just funny to think about how incredibly overpaid all of these major sports figures are.

  25. hemmerlady says:

    @Racki, very true…I don’t feel sorry for him.

    @Ktown: Have to disagree with you about Penner being lazy – I agree that at times he APPEARS listless, but I just don’t think he’s a hot-doggin-it type guy. I could be wrong but looks to me like when he’s happy and excited about something, he’s pretty understated about it. I just think that’s his style. I’d like to see him hit more especially when it counts (to send a message, to defend someone). Not to take this off the subject of Hemmer, who I love. :)

    @N.O.: nice to see you.

  26. Bostonoiler says:

    I’ve been thinking about all of this, and this trading deadline is going to be VERY interesting. We are knocking on the door right now, but still lack a top center and top pairing defender. We will get one of those at the draft, and I think the other at the Deadline. I think we will see one or both of Penner and Hemsky traded, along with one of Brule and Cogliano, and a defender will be shipped out. I think we will be very active at the trading deadline.

    I’m confident in Tambellini, look at what he has already gotten us (Gagner, Eberle, Hall, Paajarvi, Petry, Plante, Whitney, Peckham, Couturier/Hopkins/Larsson, and what ever we get for Hemsky and Penner (Very well could be a Schenn, Forbort or a prospect that will play a big role)). I think that this Trading Deadline will tell us how long this rebuild will actually last.

  27. oilinblood says:

    LA talked to Cal about Iginla and Elias in NJ said he was asked if he would waive his NMC to go to LA… his answer was No. Hemsky sounds like a natural progression for the shopping kings who are falling.

    With that being said… LA has been looking for another top 4 dman as well as a Hemsky. Lombardi likes balancing his D and i would expect he is more interested in strengthening the left side than the right. That means that Gilbert is likely not a target :(/

    I think the fall of the flames, which was predicted by MANY 3-4 years ago right down to the exact season, stands as a reminder about windows of opportunity. That being said i believe the flames, had they moved regehr instead of phaneuf and then iginla thi s season, could have sped up their second wave/rebound.
    This is what i had said in the summer.

    Talk to both Penner and Hemsky. If Penner wants out the best target for him might be pittsburgh. IF Hemsky wants out the best target is LA.

    Whether or not Hemmer wanted out i was interested in Schenn. At the time we were looking at possibly (rumors) moving HAll to centre which i was against (they supposedly are putting hall at centre for a few games now which i am fine with due to the injurys). If HEmmer wanted out i figured Schenn would be of good return plus a vet such as SMyth ( its not for smyth to get 30 goals but simply for a character player to come over and mentor the new generation). If Hemmer wanted to be here and see this rebuild thru than id expect to move our 1st pick to quicken a 5 year process to 3.
    As a side note i was happy we traded smyth when we did but i have no problems bringing him back considering where we are with the plan in place.

    Hemsky for Schenn and Smyth would be nice for both teams. The kings get cap room to make the deadline additions to go deep and room for extensions next year. The Oilers will get a vet they can easily afford in the cap, plus a top centre prospect to go with Gags Lander Horcs VV.

    If Tambi gets the KIngs 1st rounder in addition – by maybe vocally accentuating the cap hit we are taking on for the kings and perhaps shedding a player to them in cogs or gilbert… than he is king.

    Nice, would be-
    — Schenn, Smyth, LA 1st rd —>Edm for Hemsky, Gilbert and 3rd
    MOre realistic, considering Lombardis needs is –
    –Schenn, Smyth, LA 1st rd —->Edm for Hemsky, Peckham
    Schenn, Smyth, LA 1st and Teubert/Forbort—>Edm for Hemsky, Whitney

    Then you can draft Landeskog as your true leader for the next generation. In my opinion Landeskog isnt really a top pick but hes more of a sure bet and top pick than any of the other so called top prospects for this year. All the scouts say the same thing about this draft “you could get the best player at 15 or 20″…in more direct, less friendly terms…’this draft sucks/crapshoot’

    AS for Hemmer..this was the first year he has impressed me but since he got back from his injury, other than his very first shift, i see alot of the old hemsky i hated.
    That being said if Schenns not on the table..theres no use talking.

  28. oilinblood says:

    oh and btw…
    this is how the weekend went in oil country.

    2.scouts met to determine mid season rankings
    3.hall moved to centre in practice.

    I highly doubt we are looking at picking a centre. Thank God.

  29. Bostonoiler says:

    If this Hall at center thing works out, I could see them taking Ladeskog. Not sold on drafting a winger however until we fix the big issues at hand (shut-down defender, Center)

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