GDT Oilers 2, Ducks 3 – Game 44 – 2011-01-16 @ 6:00 PM – SNET W

By , January 16, 2011 4:05 pm
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Edmonton Oilers at Anaheim Ducks
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14-22-7 Record 24-19-4
Location: Honda Center
Date: January 16, 2011 @ 6:00 PM MST


And we are livvvvvee and back in business!!! Thank god. Today was a horrible day for me, as my work had a major upgrade done last night. It was expected to go nice and smoothly, but I woke up to find out that someone forgot to do one small thing… 8+ hours of overtime later, here I am, to write the GDT. Then add to that, I still had to go out and shovel, but that went rather quick and was a welcome change from what I was doing all day today for work.

Anyways, the Oil head into Anaheim tonight. I suspect the line-up will be much of the same, although I presume we’ll see Khabibulin tonight.

Prediction: 4-3 SO win for Edmonton


Penner – Hall – Hemsky
Paajarvi – Gagner – Omark
Reddox – Cogliano – Jones
Jacques – Fraser – Stortini

Peckham – Gilbert
Smid – Petry
Chorney – Strudwick



(Please post in the comments until the game starts, just for posterity’s sake)..

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14 Responses to “GDT Oilers 2, Ducks 3 – Game 44 – 2011-01-16 @ 6:00 PM – SNET W”

  1. Trogdor says:

    Good to be back! Let’s celebrate with a win!

  2. Bostonoiler says:

    I dont even wanna watch this game. I’m still sick from that ats game today….fuckin rex ryan

  3. Bostonoiler says:

    Man, tough loss tonight, but the effort wasn’t that bad. What the hell is wrong with our PP tho. It has been a long time since we have scored a PP goal. 30+ attempts I read somewhere. That sucks. This has been a long tough season with some really nice glimpses of the future that make me see the potential in this team. I just hope Tambi makes the right moves this coming off-season.

    Its sad, but I’m looking forward to the draft, and am also looking forward to seeing the young future core of this team develop the rest of the way, and of course the moves we make at the deadline. I think we are getting closer, and a few more moves to sure up holes and we very well could make a playoff showing next season. Gotta stay patient tho!

  4. Scarriere says:

    Way to be positive b.o. Especially after two tough losses for your teams.
    I also am getting blah about the Oiler losses and the p.p. is fricken killing me. After the LA game I was like “Well,we’re getting closer to another high draft pick.” which for me, is insane. I never,ever want the Oilers to lose.
    We will have Eberle and Horcoff back soon and they’ll help turn things around.

  5. Scarriere says:

    I just saw your status on the OMB. Way to go Dude!

  6. hemmerlady says:

    agreed – great topic on OMB, B.O. Way to keep the oiler pride. :) I understand all the frustration about all the ticks in the “L” column, but people (ok, OMB posters?) refuse to look at the things that have changed for the better. Eberle/Hall/PRV/Peckham/Healthy-Hemmer/Whitney-before-he-was-hurt/Jones have given me back the will to live.

    Maybe another draft pick will cure things for us (in a couple years time). I’m placing my vote for a star D-Man right now. I held out hope we might snag Fowler when he wasn’t getting picked. [Note: I’m not saying 1 rookie would be the difference between this team and a team anywhere near .500 – some D couldn’t have hurt us though] Well let’s be honest, we need some awesome D right now and we don’t have much of it that’s healthy. And I don’t know how much patience we have to allow a potential baby-D the time he needs to develop.

  7. Racki says:

    This year is obviously a write-off.. but I wonder if anyone (fans, and management in particular) is thinking about the “sophomore jinx”. Next year could be pretty ugly too, unless the planets magically align (namely most players stay healthy). Just something to think about. We might scoop up another good pick next year too. We’ll see though. But it’s not all that uncommon for rookies to struggle in year two… and we have quite a few rookies running the show here. I think realistically, year 3 or 4 for Hall/Eberle is when the magic starts to show.

    I hope fans can survive that. Well, really I don’t care if they can, cause I know I can 😛 And I have no problem weeding out the fairweather fans.

    Anyways, despite the fact that this team has and will continue to struggle like that, I’ve enjoyed watching all games and haven’t stressed a single loss like I once used to (not to the extent of B.O. though I don’t think.. haha!). Enjoy it for what it is.. a peek into the future.

  8. mrgod2u says:

    I hate to watch us lose, but at least we are getting better. The fact that the guys are still working to improve even in defeat is heartening. I’m hoping we can avoid the slump with our young stars, simply b/c I have seen their game get better. Other teams are sure starting to target Hall though, he seems to take a nasty hit every other game. Hall and Eberle are both players who seem to want to get better all the time and invent new ways to succeed.

    As to a high draft pick (assuming we get one, which is likely, I think we will be in a position to get Larsson, I doubt that he will go as high as people think. Last years draft showed that there is little in the way of patience for the potential development time needed for a d-man, losing teams (especially in weak hockey markets) need that offense now to put bums in seats. They see Kane and Toews jersey sales and want some of that too. I bet he goes at #4 to us. If by some stretch he does go before we draft, then Couturier should still be available, and he is a good fit.

    I really hope that this is the year in which we fill in our gaps in free agency/trade deadline, we have cap space, with the proper efforts/signings, we could go from zero to hero in a hurry. Our young guys have shown they are the real deal, so there has to be more interest in playing here now.

  9. NorwegianOiler says:

    I share your sentiment Racki, and I don’t expect us to get back into the playoffs until 2012/13. Seeing that written out makes me distraught…If we don’t, however, see playoff hockey at that time I will be really disappointed – because it will inevitably mean that Tambellini has failed.

    It is obviously necessary to acquire at least two more capable defensemen (and release the pylons), something like a #1-2 and a #3-4 d-man. If Larsson is our man at the draft, we can still not count on him as a top pairing guy for some time.

    By 2013, Petry should be a well-established NHLer, as should Peckham and perhaps even Plante. If we still have Gilbert, Smid and Whitney we should look fairly decent on the blueline. I somehow doubt that all of those will be around though.

    So far, this season has taught me that Eberle is an exceptionally smart player with speed enough to handle the NHL. That Hall is an immense forechecker and competitor. That Hemsky has evolved into a two-way player. That Peckham is a legitimate NHLer. That Ryan Jones is a capable bottom 6 guy. That Dubnyk can hold his own in the NHL, at the very least in a very active backup role.

    On the other hand, it has also led me to conclude that Smid and Brule are not progressing as much as I had hoped. That Fraser is not the solution to our bottom line woes. That Jacques will remain a fringe NHLer at best. That Cogliano’s lack of balance and hands will stop him from becoming a legitimate top 6 player. That Foster was not a worthwhile acqusition.

    For all their problems, the Oilers are much more fun to watch this season than last. But if we pick in the top 5 this year and the top 8 in the next I shall not be the least bit surprised. If we can convince Penner and Hemsky, upon the end of their current deals, to sign as part of the future movement, we can become a truly deep team in a few seasons.

    (On a side note, why is it ever only Omark that really attacks the net on the power play? Sometimes I think we are passing for the sake of passing…)

  10. Racki says:

    Hey N.O….
    I agree, Smid’s progress hasn’t been what I’d hoped for either. But i think he’ll still be fine. As we know, the development curve for defenseman can vary and is generally quite long. So I still think he should be part of the plan. I guess a comparison could be Jan Hejda maybe? He’s become quite a reliable defender now, and I think he was almost 30 when he was picked up by the Jackets. I sure as hell hope that Smid will figure it out before then, but I just think that patience will pay off.

    I think the tough thing with him is he’s had his share of injury issues now. Including a couple of X’s on the ol’ punch card (two concussions).

    But I like the toughness he brings to the lineup. He’s not our best d-man. But I think if he can remain healthy for a couple of years, he’ll figure it out and it will all come together.

    What I see for one day down the line…

    Left D: Whitney, Peckham, Smid
    Right D: Gilbert, Petry, Plante

    This could change of course. I love Whitney, but I think we are accustomed to our top d-men being recycled out.. so I could see that happening again. Eventually we’ll have Marincin in the mix too, and maybe Belle might end up working out at this level. There’s also still time for Chorney to get things together (although I’m less optimistic about him finding his game than I am about Smid).

    On the note of the PP: I hate to say it.. Hemsky is definitely our most skilled player and very good on the powerplay, but I think our powerplay is what it is because we’re used to Hemsky running it, and he plays that kind of game. Not knocking him though, so back off Steve-O 😉

    Agreed on Fraser, and sadly Jacques. Add in Stortini as well unless he starts playing better (Renney isn’t the only one that’s seen his play drop). Ditto for MacIntyre. Cogliano experiment should also end, I agree. Foster.. again.. agreed. He’s a very HIGH risk defenseman with very little reward. The offensive game just hasn’t been there, and I think he very well could be the worst d-man on the team when he doesn’t have the puck.

  11. NorwegianOiler says:

    I must add that even though I believe Smid should have been better at this point, I am in no way giving up on him. His talents are obvious, but he is still too crude in his approach. He has work to do on his positioning, he MUST start keeping his head up for forecheckers (he exposes himself way too often) and he should really shoot more when he has the chance.

    From the group you list, I concur that we can expect all of them to be decent (or better) NHL’ers now or in the near future, BUT it is not overall a good enough group in my eyes. There will be a time when we have to assess who is the most cost effective alternatives and move others to make room for a legitimate number 1 defenseman (that we sorely need) or at least a great #2 d-man. Whitney-Gilbert is an example of a great 2nd pair, but they fall short as the go-to pair. Ideally, Peckham is a #5-6 guy, while Petry is a #4 power play specialist. Where Plante and Smid fill in, who knows. In the meanwhile, Marincin should be knocking on the door in a few years, although I am not so sure Belle or Chorney will ever make the team permanently. I’d say Plante has the better chance of those three.

    Stunningly, for a team that was based on grinders not long ago, we are desperately short on quality bottom 6 players. I am sad to see Jacques fail to come close to his potential, he has the tools but isn’t good enough of a craftsman to be valuable for us. And I agree about Stortini, he is taking steps back. MacIntyre I never considered an NHL player, altough I love his ‘story’ – mainly because he so clearly is not good enough, but still gets to play in the big league. There is a movie script in there for certain. Fraser…does not cut it. I’d rather see O’Marra around for more games, or Vande Velde for that matter.

    Hilariously, Mr Massey over at CnB commented on Foster as being a ‘watchtower at 6’5″ that should be able to scan the ice easily, but can’t find a pass to save his life”. It’s a harmless deal for us at 2 years, but a giant slow Marc Andre Bergeron is worse than a speedy little Marc Andre Bergeron. Basically, we picked up Alexei Semenov…again. Better than Cory Cross?

    Our power play desperately needs movement and initiative. It has been starved for a dynamic group for years. I don’t mind Hemmer on the half-boards, but hanging around there for 2 minutes creates nothing. Cut inside once in a while, move the puck faster, and for Darwin’s sake – bring the disk towards the crease whenever possible. That’s where Omark does quite well, and at times also Penner when he gets his frame moving in the right direction.

  12. Racki says:

    I hope I’m not wrong in saying so, but I think you will be surprised at Petry. I don’t think he’ll be a PP specialist (although maybe I’m reading into that too much.. for some reason I think “Rob Schremp” when I hear PP specialist). I think he’s already showing great poise for such an inexperienced d-man. I’m not saying he’ll be Lidstrom or anything crazy, but I think he’ll prove to be very effective at both ends, which could push him in the top pairing. Perhaps a Whitney Petry pairing, for example, could be in the cards.. or whomever our replacement top notch d-man of the moment is (since we seem to be recycling through those quickly here in recent years).

    It’s obviously way too early to know that, but it’s a gut feeling. He brings a pretty well balanced game. He’s got a lot to learn, but I think he also has a good hockey IQ from what I’ve seen of him on the Oil and in College, as well as what I’ve been reading from the media/scouts/etc.

    Plante is still a big question mark, but he’s got that potential to be a Jason Smith type, if he wants it bad enough.

    Peckham has been PHENOMENAL this year. He still makes his share of mistakes, but he looks like a Regehr in the works. I might be getting too excited about these guys, but I think you might also be downplaying their abilities maybe a bit too just because we’re used to that mentality that we don’t want to set ourselves up for disappointment. Our blueline doesn’t look like it’s top 10 or anything, for the future, but there’s some good players in there too.

    If we are talking about today, I definitely agree that it is quite weak though. But depending on how these guys all develop, we could have a pretty good blue line to go with our super-skilled forward group.

  13. NorwegianOiler says:

    Oh yes, don’t misunderstand – I have high hopes for Petry. He does seem like the cerebral 2-way defenseman to me, much like Gilbert, but my comment reflected my view that his type is best suited for 2nd pair (and power play) minutes. We should have a few other candidates to stick on our PK at that time – such as Peckham – who I agree has been tremendous. His mobility has been a positive.

    Still, I think the defensemen in our system right now are in the position our forwards were prior to Eberle and Hall arriving – a lot of promise, but too few actual top line guys. As I have said, I would be happy with any of the top 5 players in this year’s draft, but I might at this point be most happy to see us select Larsson.

  14. Racki says:

    Yah N.O., I agree though that these guys are probably good defensemen.. maybe very good. But there are guys that are in a league of their own (i.e. the Doughtys, Lidstroms, etc..) that we don’t have. So having Adam Larsson in our arsenal would be FANTASTIC (if he lives up to the hype). Count me in for that… I’ve always been on board with that idea. He also just so happens to be a RHD.

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