GDT Oilers 3, Red Wings 5 – Game 38 – 2011-01-04 @ 7:00 PM – TSN

By , January 4, 2011 9:25 am
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GDT - Edmonton Oilers vs. Detroit Red Wings
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24-10-5 Record 12-18-7
Location: Rexall Place
Date: January 4, 2011 @ 7:00 PM MST


Well with all the magic around the WJHCs, it’s almost hard to go back to an Oilers game, but you know what.. I’m still enjoying watching the games, unlike the same time last year (which was pretty intolerable). Don’t forget tonight is also part 3 of Oil Change. It starts at 5:30PM MST on TSN (2:30 AM Istanbul time :P).

Anyways, on to tonight’s game. We should see all 3 call ups in this one. Linus Omark and Liam Reddox were called up last night. Jeff Petry has already been here for about a week now. Jim Vandermeer is also expected to be back in the lineup. He practiced yesterday with Kurtis Foster as his D-partner, while Ladislav Smid played with Petry. I would not expect Jordan Eberle to be in for this one. It would be safe not to expect him back for a while, however there seems to be a lot of optimism that he’ll only miss a couple of games or so.

Prediction: 5-2 Red Wings


Paajarvi – Gagner – Hemsky
Hall – Cogliano – Penner
Reddox – Brule – Omark
Jones – Fraser – Jacques

Peckham – Gilbert
Smid – Petry
Vandermeer – Foster



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5 Responses to “GDT Oilers 3, Red Wings 5 – Game 38 – 2011-01-04 @ 7:00 PM – TSN”

  1. Racki says:

    Game day today, and Oil change about to start in 15mins… I’m interested in this one, as they apparently plan to show how the Smid/Avery b.s. made the team a closer group.

  2. chucker says:

    Yeah, should be a gooder.

  3. Racki says:

    Darren Dreger reported Jordan Eberle will be out for about 10 days. Not too bad. However there are 6 games in that span.

  4. oilinblood says:

    I wont be able to read responses until i get home BUT…

    It always AMAZES me how pro-detroit all of the red wings games are officiated. It boggles my mind. I watch and record to watch as many NHL games as i possibly can and i consider myself an unbiased spectator even in oilers games.

    Am i the only one who thinks there is a rule book for the red wings and then one for the rest of the league? Fu*&^%^n amazes me. Re-F*&^%%$n diculous

    I seem to recall 2 coaches so far this season echo these sentiments.

  5. Bostonoiler says:

    Went to bed when it was 3-1 as I haven’t been feeling well, but I was impressed to see they once again battled back last night and made a game out of it. Its too bad that once again Khabi let in a soft goal that led to a loss. Usually he plays great then lets in a soft one. I’m not sure how he looked outside of that 2nd Bert goal which was pretty ugly. At least they played well against the top of the NHL.

    I can see this team really starting to get better. In years past they would be blown out of the water and lose game 8-2 and even 10-2 at one point. Now they are losing still, yes, but they are losing games 4-3, 3-2, 5-3 with an ENG. The games are getting closer and the team is getting better. I really like this team’s future right now.

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