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By , January 5, 2011 11:01 pm
A dejected Canada listens to an anthem other than their own being played..

A dejected Canada listens to an anthem other than their own being played..

… ease up on the kids. This was definitely a huge letdown for us fans, but put yourself in the shoes of these players. They put a lot of effort into getting to play in this tournament. Most played through big injuries. All of them now have millions of disappointed fans looking at them as though they are a failure, but just a reminder.. these guys were underdogs not the favorite to win the tournament.

Here in Canada we don’t congratulate 2nd place. There is only the gold and nothing else. I can guarantee you though, these players know the disappointment the country feels. They don’t know anything beyond that though.

It is a crappy way to lose, for sure, to be up 3-0 and then collapse and allow 5 straight goals in a single period. I won’t sugar-coat and say it was a respectable loss. It really wasn’t. But I’ve been reading some comments around on various forums and blogs about how they blew it, or how Dave Cameron blew it (I’ve even read some posts stating that some of the players should never be allowed to wear the maple leaf again). I recommend just tipping your cap to the Russians for an incredibly played 3rd period. That’s unfortunately the nature of the game… the Canadians played a strong 40 minutes. The Russians played maybe 30 good minutes… but it happened to be the right 30.

It’s a tough loss for them to take, and no one wants to feel like they’ve disappointed an entire country. So congratulate the Russians for playing a hard 3rd period and restoring what many considered a crumbling hockey nation.

Anyways, we can’t win them all, can we?

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  1. zackman35 says:

    It’s a tough pill to swallow but totally with Racki on this one. And for those people who say a “crumbling hockey nation”, are you kidding me? How many kids didn’t participate in the tournament this year because an NHL team NEEDS them? Hall, Skinner, E. Kane, Seguin… I’m sure I’m forgetting a few or at least one. The officiating in this tournament was questionable which really takes away from the game but still a riot to watch. We beat the yanks I’ll take that and next year well walk away with gold. There are a few players up and coming that should have killer performances next year.

    On a side note, I wonder if this was the kind of team Pendergast had always dreamed the Oilers would be? I’m not saying that they don’t have skill (Coke machines) but none of the players really stop out like in previous years with the ability to turn the game around with shear skill.

  2. Racki says:

    I think Schenn had ability to turn a game around. There weren’t too many beyond him though that had that ability though. Couturier didn’t have a very good tournament (although he’s only 17, and I didn’t expect him to even be in the top six when the tourney started). Ellis was a bit of a gamebreaker, but most players on the team played better than what their skill levels would suggest. I think heart got them to the gold medal game, but it couldn’t carry them the entirety of it. Perhaps there were some nerves or tiredness in that 3rd period. They looked a little lost out there at times and were making pretty poor decisions at times.

    Anyways, they probably should have been commended for even making that gold medal game and winning silver, but instead in Canadian-tradition, they’ll be condemned for “losing Gold”.

  3. Steve-O says:

    underdogs? please. Canada was the favorite pre-tourney, during and even after. the media was just trying to play it up because they don’t usually have us not winning the previous year

  4. Racki says:

    Underdogs is the wrong choice of word, for sure… not what I meant. Non-favorite is what I meant. They weren’t the favorite to win. The favorite to win was the USA with their larger number of returning players with gold medals and their great goaltender (and home turf).

  5. Racki says:

    BTW (and unrelated to above), something most people don’t consider. In the last 10 years, the Russians only had two years where they didn’t win a medal (last year and 2004). They’ve won 3 golds, 3 silver and 2 bronze. Canada has earned 5 golds and 5 silver in that time (and past success is what makes them favorites to the people that consider them favorites, imho.. not so much the team they iced). The US has 2 golds and 2 bronze in that time. Finland has 4 bronze, Sweden 2 silver and 1 bronze and the Czechs 1 bronze.

    Funny how the Russians are never really taken seriously. They have slipped recently, for sure… but they’re still the 2nd best country in the tournament on the whole, but generally looked at as unlikely winners as of late.

  6. Steve-O says:

    Its not their past success. They had 15 first rounders. That’s a damn good team. I would say the best one at the tourney.

  7. chucker says:

    For sure the worst collapse in WJC history, or at least that I’ve seen, but yeah, they are teenagers.

    As dissapointed as I feel, the Russians were not a team to be taken lightly. I felt Canada new that in the first two, and after that, they were making space on the mantle for the gold medal before they played the last 20.

    To be fair, the Russians started coming on really good half way through the second and we were lucky to not have a goal against going into the third.

    I think the team made the mistake that the Russians would just roll over in the third and that it was just a matter of playing it out. I saw no jump or hustle until it was about 3 minutes to go. By then it was to late.

    Full credit to the Russians who made a gutsy move in pulling Shikin and putting Bobkov in (even though Bobkov is likely a better goalie at the end of the day) and then mounted what will be storied as their greatest comeback ever at a WJC.

    Also, they know how to party like rock stars. Got booted off the plane today. That did give me a little smile.

  8. Trogdor says:

    The new drive for 5 seems to silver plated… As for the Russians, they played well for most of the game and got rewarded big time in the 3rd. They should have thrown Roy in after the 2 quick ones, if nothing else to settle the team. Worked for Russia.

    Read about the boys getting booted from their flight for being drunk. Nice work on the Sun for rolling with the vodka stereotype. Classy.

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