Monday Morning Standings

By , January 19, 2011 11:52 am

I needed something to cheer me up after that shit show last night.

Late again, but work has been pretty busy this week.

Some housekeeping. Inmotion hosting sucks balls. As you all know from this past weekend. So Racki went and found a new host. This new place costs money. More money. While we were willing to eat $100ish per year, the new $600 price tag isn’t something that I want to do. So you’ll probably be seeing advertising to cover some of those costs.

Also, you should see the second quarter review soon. I’m currently not happy with the team, so that should be fun.

The Oilers are a terrible team. Since Renney mentioned that the team had a chance to make the playoffs the team has only won twice.Β  I fucking hate tanking too. I just can’t get excited for losing.

Hemsky’s hurt. Whitney out for season. Horcoff and Eberle are still hurt. Khabibulin still sucks. Tambellini still needs to assess the bottom 6 forwards.

Sigh. Anyways I’ll move on to stuff that doesn’t make me want to choke out Tambellini.

Looks like a possible jersey change for the Oilers next year. Found link on Puck Daddy.

Also looks like the Oilers may start next season in europe. This didn’t matter to me in the slightest until I remembered that I may be in the area for one of these. Then I got kinda happy.

Also, Hemsky, Eberle and Hall all got selected to the all-star game. Hemsky for the actual game, and Eberle and Hall for the skills competition (as rookies). Omark was also selected for the AHL all-star game.

In other league news…well I don’t really recall anything interesting that has happened. But the HBO 24/7 has finished up and if you haven’t seen it then I really really recommend that you do. Great television.

Anyways, on to the standings:
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