Kings interested in Hemsky – 4th Period

By , January 9, 2011 1:04 pm
Kings interested in Hemsky trade.. are we?

Kings interested in Hemsky trade.. are we?


I generally take most rumors with a grain of salt, but I figured I’d mention it here since there is some downtime before the next game. The Fourth Period is reporting that the Kings have shown interest in the Oilers. So… should the Oilers really be interested in moving Hemsky? For me, I’d say it would have to take something quite good in return, especially if the Kings are involved.


On the bad side of things, trading a guy like Hemsky within the conference could be risky. Thankfully we only face the Kings four times per year, however. But I think everyone remembers the pain of trading Pronger within the conference. He’s also easily the best player on the team at the moment. He has a great contract ($4.1M cap hit, expires at the end of next year).

On the good side, he’s one of our more marketable assets, which means he could fetch us a good player. That contract is quite low for a player that is nearly a point-per-game player on a basement dweller. He’s also been fairly injury prone the past few years, so moving him might help in having a body in the lineup that can stay in the lineup.


So if we’re trading with the Kings, who do we trade for? Well, the obvious one would be Continue reading 'Kings interested in Hemsky – 4th Period'»

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