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A dejected Canada listens to an anthem other than their own being played..

A dejected Canada listens to an anthem other than their own being played..

… ease up on the kids. This was definitely a huge letdown for us fans, but put yourself in the shoes of these players. They put a lot of effort into getting to play in this tournament. Most played through big injuries. All of them now have millions of disappointed fans looking at them as though they are a failure, but just a reminder.. these guys were underdogs not the favorite to win the tournament.

Here in Canada we don’t congratulate 2nd place. There is only the gold and nothing else. I can guarantee you though, these players know the disappointment the country feels. They don’t know anything beyond that though.

It is a crappy way to lose, for sure, to be up 3-0 and then collapse and allow 5 straight goals in a single period. I won’t sugar-coat and say it was a respectable loss. It really wasn’t. But I’ve been reading some comments around on various forums and blogs about how they blew it, or how Dave Cameron blew it (I’ve even read some posts stating that some of the players should never be allowed to wear the maple leaf again). I recommend just tipping your cap to the Russians for an incredibly played 3rd period. That’s unfortunately the nature of the game… the Canadians played a strong 40 minutes. The Russians played maybe 30 good minutes… but it happened to be the right 30.

It’s a tough loss for them to take, and no one wants to feel like they’ve disappointed an entire country. So congratulate the Russians for playing a hard 3rd period and restoring what many considered a crumbling hockey nation.

Anyways, we can’t win them all, can we?

WJHC 2011 GDT – Canada 3, Russia 5 – Gold Medal Final – 2011-01-05 @ 5:30PM MST – TSN

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2011 WJHC - Canada vs. Russia - Gold Medal Game
Canada Canada – 3 FINAL Russia Russia – 5
WJHC 2011 Gold Medal Final
Canada were silver medal winners in 2010
Russia finished 6th in 2010
Date: Jan 05 @ 5:30 PM MST


Here we go, the gold medal game between Canada and Russia… two huge rivals. These are the teams that have been the best for decades. The Russians have stumbled as of late, but they look to be back. They had a tough win over Sweden in a shootout to get here, highlighted by some great goaltending by Dmitri Shikin. The Canadians dominated the Americans in their semi-final, and won 4-1 to get here today.

The Canadians have already beaten the Russians in this year’s tournament. In the opening game for Canada, the Canadians won by a score of 6-3. I am hoping for a similar result, or a result at least in Canada’s favor.

The USA also will play Sweden, earlier this afternoon (1:30PM MST). Gotta root for the Swedes, as hard as it is to do after they chirped at Canada (calling the USA a harder team to play against than us, and saying that the refs call in our favor often).

Let’s Go Canada!
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