WJHC 2011 GDT – Canada 5, Sweden 6 (SO) – Game 4 – 2010-12-31 @ 2:00PM MST – TSN

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Canada vs. Sweden - 2010 World Junior Hockey Championships - Buffalo

Canada Canada – 5 FINAL (SO) Sweden Sweden – 6
WJHC 2011 Game 4
Canada were silver medal winners in 2010
Sweden were bronze medal winners in 2010
Date: Dec 31 @ 2:00 PM MST

This game is huge. In the pre-competition game between these two teams, Canada did win by a score of 4-1. However it should be noted that Sweden spent a crazy amount of time in the box (some of the penalties were outrageous). They had 12 penalties to our 5, but still managed to outshoot us 30-25. Expect a tough and much closer game. Both of these teams are undefeated in the preliminary round. The winner of this game will earn a bye into the Semi-final round.

Jaden Schwartz (fractured ankle – likely done for the tournament) and Zack Kassian (suspended for previous game and this game) will be absent from this game. The Canadians had a line up that looked like Swiss cheese when they faced the Norwegians. With any hope, all but these two players will make their return. This should prove to be Canada’s toughest game of the tournament to this point, and they will need all the help they can get.

Prediction: not going to touch this one with a 10 foot pole! Don’t want to jinx us. But LET’S GO CANADA!

Team Canada Roster
Team Sweden Roster

TEAM CANADA’S LINES (unconfirmed):

Howden Schenn Johansen
Foligno Couturier Leblanc
Hamilton Cizikas Ashton
Connolly Eakin Kassian

Cowen-de Haan

Roy (*)
* – Edmonton Oilers Prospect


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Very suspect goaltending for both sides. I would not be surprised if Visentin gets the nod for the next game. Neither goalie has been particularly formidable though. The teams swapped leads 4 times throughout the game until heading into overtime, and then the shootout. The first shooter for Sweden scored, as did Edmonton Oiler Anton Lander. No scorers for the Canadians in the shootout. The Swedes will get a bye in into the semi-finals, while the Canadians will face Switzerland on Sunday at 1PM (the team they face will be the one that is lower in standings). The winner will play the USA in the semi-final.

5 Responses to “WJHC 2011 GDT – Canada 5, Sweden 6 (SO) – Game 4 – 2010-12-31 @ 2:00PM MST – TSN”

  1. Racki says:

    Stuck at work today while this game is on. Damn you IIHF! Not everyone has today off…

    Anyways, not sure if I want to know the score/outcome before I watch it, but there is no way to avoid finding out and satisfying my boredom at work at the same time. lol

  2. dawgtoy says:

    Should be a great game, glad I only worked a half day. Think it’s the classic battle of a talented Swedish team vs the determination of the lunch pail Canadian gang who’s skill has been under valued by most. Hope Roy is solid, he’ll be tested today for sure.

  3. Racki says:

    I’m off at 3, but that won’t get me home in time. I might avoid the internet from 2 on and watch on PVR

  4. dawgtoy says:

    Not exactly a goaltending clinic!

  5. Racki says:

    Oi.. Roy sure wasn’t all that spectacular, was he? Not exactly spurring confidence in the future of our goaltending. LOL But there is a lot of time between now and when he’d be in our net on a regular basis.

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