WJHC 2011 GDT – Canada 10, Norway 1 – Game 3 – 2010-12-29 @ 5:30PM MST – TSN

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Canada vs Norway - 2011 World Junior Hockey Championships

Canada Canada – 10 vs. Norway Norway – 1
WJHC 2011 Game 3
Canada were silver medal winners in 2010
Norway finished below 10th in 2010
Date: Dec 29 @ 5:30 PM MST

OK, so for starters… Zack Kassian was ejected from the last game for a hit to the head of Czech defenseman Petr Senkerik in yesterday’s game. Dan Marouelli ruled that he will also miss the following game against Sweden. I think he got it right. If you watch the replays, Kassian clearly hits Senkerik in the head. We can dispute whether or not Kassian intentionally did it (I don’t think he did), but that doesn’t really mean anything. Let’s bear in mind too, this is the World Juniors, not prison rules. Rules are a bit more strict in this tournament, as they should be. They need to protect these future stars. Anyways, Puck Daddy did up a fantastic post on the hit that you can check here if you are skeptical about it being a head shot (including a hilarious video from a blogger).

On to tonight’s game. I know it’s wrong for us to consider games a win before we’ve played them, but let’s just be honest here. If Canada loses this one, they have screwed up royally. With all due respect to our friend NorweiganOiler, these two teams are in different leagues. The Norweigans have won 3 games in the 7 World Junior Hockey Championships they’ve played in. I wouldn’t be too shocked if Canada was one of those teams (for getting too cocky). But I think this Canadian team better win tonight.

Visentin will start this one. Don’t panic though… he would get the start in this one no matter how poor or well Olivier Roy played. It’s the second of a back-to-back and against a softer team. And with loss of a player comes opportunity… with Kassian out, that means that Hamilton may take a regular shift in this game, as Canada will be down to 12 forwards (i.e. 4 full lines).

Prediction: 10-0 Canada (bumped it up to 10-0, since Norway has averaged over 8 GA per game since their first year in the tourney – again, sorry to NorweiganOiler and any other fans of Norway… I would much prefer a close game).

Team Canada Roster
Team Norway Roster


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Brayden Schenn ties the record for most goals in a single game at the WJHC by 1 player with 4 (unbelievably – unbelievable it isn’t higher), previously set by Mario Lemieux and Simon Gagne.


Game Information
Game Number 12 Round Preliminary
Arena HSBC Arena City, Country Buffalo, NY
Month / Day / Year 12/29/2010 Time 07:30 PM ET
Attendance Game Status Final
Box Score 1 2 3 Total
Norway (NOR) 1 0 0 1
Canada (CAN) 6 1 3 10
First Period
02:01 CAN 11 Casey Cizikas (28 Brett Connolly)
04:40 CAN 10 Brayden Schenn (19 Ryan Johansen, 4 Dylan Olsen)
10:45 CAN 5 Erik Gudbranson (10 Brayden Schenn, 6 Ryan Ellis)
13:27 CAN 20 Louis Leblanc (17 Marcus Foligno)
13:35 NOR 12 Rasmus Juell
14:34 CAN 10 Brayden Schenn (12 Quinton Howden, 5 Erik Gudbranson)
18:00 CAN 17 Marcus Foligno (20 Louis Leblanc)
Second Period
00:44 CAN 10 Brayden Schenn (12 Quinton Howden, 6 Ryan Ellis)
01:27 NOR 3 Nicolai Bryhnisveen (Holding)
03:48 NOR   (Too Many Men)
13:57 CAN 6 Ryan Ellis (Slashing)
Third Period
16:35 CAN 10 Brayden Schenn (22 Tyson Barrie)
17:18 CAN 7 Sean Couturier (28 Brett Connolly, 3 Simon Després)
19:30 CAN 5 Erik Gudbranson (19 Ryan Johansen, 6 Ryan Ellis)
12:57 NOR 6 Jens Ulrik Bacher (Hooking)
1 Steffen Soberg On 1/00:00 Off 1/14:34
25 Lars Volden On 1/14:34
30 Mark Visentin On 1/00:00
Shots on Goal 1 2 3 Total
Norway 16 7 9 32
Canada 15 14 14 43
Player of the Game
Canada 5 Erik Gudbranson
Norway 5 Tobias Skaarberg

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  1. Racki says:

    Just a note Team Canada GDT hiding here…

  2. Steve-O says:

    Schwartz (spelling) is also out I think with injury. Also, Pierre McGuire told me 100 times it wasn’t to the head. And Canada is 6 and 0 vs. Norway. (I think)

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