Oilers Recall Jeff Petry

By , December 27, 2010 3:15 pm
Jeff Petry Recalled

Jeff Petry Recalled - Photo from A New Ice Age Blog

This one comes as a surprise to me, as I thought with Vandermeer skating he’d be back soon. But maybe because of the holiday roster freeze (and just general niceness of not wanting to pull Petry away during Christmas) they waited. I am excited about this call up, as I have a lot of expectations for Jeff Petry to be a good defenseman one day. It’ll take some time though.

Photo comes from A New Ice Age. Check the blog out if you haven’t already and like to follow the OKC Barons.

2 Responses to “Oilers Recall Jeff Petry”

  1. Racki says:

    Looks like Petry and Belle have cooled off in points a bit, but it would be hard for them to keep up the pace they were on at the start of the season. Petry has 7G, 14A in 32 games for the Barons this season.

    Actually I missed a lot of the last game, but I see now that Gilbert was hurt in the last game (Knee), so Petry could be up to help replace Gilbert too.

  2. chucker says:

    Gilby’s out I see. Well, Petry had a great camp for a puck mover in my analysis. I’m hoping that we will show the depth of the organization with all these callups and how well they mesh with the new direction and also, I’m perhaps hoping that it enables us to fill other needs by knowing we are sitting in a position of strength from all the players we have under contract.

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