Monday Morning Standings

By , December 14, 2010 10:39 am

Got to love the retro look

Click here for GDT for Edmonton Oilers vs. Toronto Maple Leafs

Added Cheerleader vid

In Oiler news, Horcoff got injured the same day as the last mms went out, so that’s not good. They managed to still be in a couple games, but the shots are starting to lean the wrong way pretty hard, and Gagner didn’t seem to click with Hall and Eberle so Cogliano got a shot at it last game. Didn’t work out so hot either. I think we will start to see the impact of missing our two best forwards right away.

Omark kinda made himself a big deal with a spin-o-rama for his shootout move, making the Lightning cry and the rest of the world go “Hey, who is this guy?”. In my opinion the shootout can die in a fire, but I’ll be honest when I say that I got kinda excited as it happened. Don’t think he’ll try that again, but you never know. I still want to see his chip shot.

Cheer-motherfucking-leaders. Tonight.

In other league news, Ovechkin got tuned by Dubinsky. I’ve liked Dubinsky for a few years now so that was fun to see.

That HBO 24/7 is actually tomorrow night, so be sure to set your PVR’s. NHL just went HBO, and that can only be good (note: HBO is pretty much one of my favorite channels, so yeah).

Canucks retired another jersey. With the Oilers, we got lucky and had a dynasty here so we obviously got spoiled with the jersey retirements, but I think the Oilers have the right idea about them. Only once they are in the HHOF (with the exception of the first Oiler captain). Obviously this works in Montreal and Toronto’s favor as you are inducted into the hall so long as you played on those teams, but for the rest of the league I think it would set a good standard to follow. I wouldn’t mind seeing a ring of honour set up, for those second tier players (Smyth, Smith) where the player gets honoured but no jersey retired.

Bobby Ryan scored a nice backhander. Using Koivu’s stick. Shooting on his forehand. I wonder how Kevin Lowe feels about Ryan now?

Sturm got traded. Maybe.

And a bunch of other crap that I’m sure I forgot about. But now to the standings!

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GDT: Oilers 1, Maple Leafs 4– Game 30 – 2010-12-14 @ 7:00 PM – SNETW

By , December 14, 2010 10:18 am
-={ Puttin’ On The Foil Presents… }=-
Edmonton Oilers vs. Toronto Maple Leafs
logo AT logo
11-14-4 Record 11-13-5
Location: Rexall Place
Date: December 14, 2010 @ 7:00 PM MST


Looks like the Oilers are dressing the thug line up again tonight. Expect both MacIntyre and Stortini to be in. Also, I’d expect Strudwick in for Vandermeer, although I’m not entirely certain he’ll replace his minutes (Vandy has been fantastic lately, playing with Whitney).

The two teams are fairly equal, as far as records are concerned. The Oilers have been the hotter team as of late though, although their last two games they got lucky with the final score being what it was.

Last time the two teams faced was in November, and the Oilers came out on top with a 5-0 win. And while in the photo above, Orr is seen hitting MacIntyre in the face, this was just the starting point which set Big Mac off into destructo-mode, as the Oil won that fight too.

Prediction: 6-1 Oilers (please be true, as Trogdor and I will be at the game tonight)


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