Monday Morning Standings

By , December 7, 2010 9:09 am

As requested. Plus Mad Men is a killer show.

NOTE: Today’s GDT is below.
In Oiler news, Hemsky is out a month. That is not good. Hall was 3rd star of the week. Plus 4 wins in a row. Not last overall. Those are all good news. So I’m going to have to say it was a good week. There is some talk of calling up someone, but no one is mentioning whether it will be Reddox or Omark.

In other NHL news, Crosby is being ridiculous. It’d be nice if he could share some talent with the rest of the league.

Kaleta beating the shit out of Dorsett. Great fight. Once I can find the youtube I’ll link it here.

If you have HBO, set your PVR’s to Tuesday or Wednesday night as the 24/7 re: the Pens and Caps starts. Should be good stuff. (again, once I have the actual details I’ll update this)

Rumor is that cap will be going up 3 mil. So will the floor. I didn’t realize that the Oilers are at the salary floor (not counting Souray obviously). I suppose that’s better than being a cap team and last.

Guerin retired.

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GDT: Oilers 2, Ducks 3 (SO)– Game 27 – 2010-12-07 @ 7:30 PM – TSN

By , December 7, 2010 7:41 am
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Edmonton Oilers vs. Anaheim Ducks
logo AT logo
13-13-3 Record 10-12-4
Location: Rexall Place
Date: December 7, 2010 @ 7:30 PM MST


The Oilers will attempt a different drive for 5 this year (credit to Trogdor on that one) as they attempt 5 wins in a row. They face the Ducks, whom they’ve already beaten once this year.

As mentioned in the Omark/Nomark thread, there is a rumor floating around (take it with a grain of salt though since it came from what I guess is just a forum user) that the Oilers have put in a claim for Todd White. This makes sense as to why no one has been called up (Todd Nelson claims he hasn’t been approached about a call up either). I don’t expect any roster changes for this game, however.

EDIT: This rumor isn’t true. Todd White cleared waivers today.

I’m calling a win for tonight… #5.

Oilers 5, Ducks 2


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