And the winner of the backup is….

By , November 1, 2010 10:59 am
Not you... but nice save, Jeff

Not you... but nice save, Jeff

The Oilers have made their goaltending decision, at last…. Jeff Deslauriers has been placed on waivers. I think they made the right choice. I kind of figured that was what happened when Delsauriers was said to be not at practice today. MacIntyre and Whitney also absent.. hmm…….. some sort of deal in the works? Nah, just trying to scare you folks (Whitney is taking a “rest day” – which I’d say he needed). I wonder if a callup will be made though. Jacques will be back in a couple of weeks (apparently), so they could be making room for him, but I’ll suspect that they’ll bring someone up in the meantime. If waivers are no issue, I hope it’s Belle or Reddox.

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  1. chucker says:

    JDD is on waivers as per #Dan Tencer. Are we going to see Belle coming up? I sure hope so. Maybe Reddox. Finally a decision that should have been made a month ago.

  2. Racki says:

    You were 1 minute too slow. lol Funny, I had the exact same thoughts on call ups too. I would like either Belle or Reddox to be brought up.

  3. chucker says:

    Haha! Yeah, Belle has been ON FIRE on the farm. Reddox, we all know this team could use his jam and PK ability.

    EDIT: Do both guys have waiver rights coming up? I believe Reddox does, not sure about Belle.

  4. Racki says:

    The way I understand it, neither has to clear waivers. But I’ve never really been good at determining waiver status.

    NHLSCAP explains it as:

    In general, players are not subject to re-entry [recall] waivers unless:

    The player is on a (1?)-way contract and is subject to waivers when assigned to the minors; or
    The player is on a 2-way contract whose minor league salary is in excess of
    2007-08: $100,000
    2008-09: $100,000
    2009-10: $105,000
    2010-11: $105,000
    2011-12: $105,000

    Both are 2-way deals. Reddox is right at $105,000 (presumably for the reason of not having to clear recall waivers, would be my guess). Belle is well below.

  5. chucker says:

    Good stuff Racki. Thanks. I never have great certainty when determining stuff from the CBA.

  6. Trogdor says:

    Not sure who was the lesser of the two evils, but at least they finally opened up a spot on the roster. Would definitely be good to fill it with someone who can p/k and/or win us some faceoffs.

  7. dawgtoy says:

    It’s a shame that we didn’t have a proper AHL affiliation that would have allowed these two to have played at an elevated level of professional hockey. Obviousy this is neither the keepers fault, but lies squarely on the shoulders of management( Kevin Lowe). I feel like Deslaurier especially was robbed of some much needed development while he played second fiddle to another organizations goal tender development.

  8. LateNightOilFan says:

    I feel bad for Jeff, but I am happy the Oilers have made their decision and didn’t let it drag on. I understand them waiting it out for the month of Oct, to see how Khabi’s back was responding though.

    When DD got a start and then was backup the next game, I thought that was a sign the decision might be getting close.

    So I assume Pitton will be assigned to Stockton? Not a bad pairing for the Barons in Gerber and JD, assuming Jeff clears.

  9. gr8one says:

    LateNightOilFan: I feel bad for Jeff, but I am happy the Oilers have made their decision and didn’t let it drag on.I understand them waiting it out for the month of Oct, to see how Khabi’s back was responding though.
    When DD got a start and then was backup the next game, I thought that was a sign the decision might be getting close.So I assume Pitton will be assigned to Stockton?Not a bad pairing for the Barons in Gerber and JD, assuming Jeff clears.

    Well said.

    Now, are they going to do a call-up, or is JFJ finally healthy?

    And I totally agree with dawgtoy as well, I think not having a proper developmental system hurt us far more than we could ever quantify.

    Especially with the goalies, but I also think players like Pouliot, Schremp and JFJ were really hurt by not having good situations to develop in.

  10. oilinblood says:

    Maybe the extra spot is because a trade is in the works?

    I question the move of bringing up Belle, when we already have 8 Dmen. Belle is getting great ice time on the farm and for him to come up and sit in the box or play every second night might hurt him and the Barons.

    If one of the Dmen are involved in a package trade scenario… then it could make sense. IOW i dont see Vandermeer and Struds beign reduced to full time black-aces role to give Belle the proper ice time he needs to develop. Plus at 2+ MIll thats expensive sitting for Vandermeeer.

    OT – I will be late to the game tomorrow. Hopefully others will give the Oil a standing welcome to the ice after a pretty good road trip which included a big win in CHI vs the defending champs.

  11. hemmerlady says:

    I wonder what mgmt’s decision-making criteria were. I have more confidence in Dubs for some reason, but I don’t know if there is verifiable empirical evidence to back that up. (I checked – JDD had a lot more GP, superior SV% and better GAA. Numbers lie all the time though.)

  12. Steve-O says:

    DD has too small of a sample size I would think (in the NHL…it would be better to compare both AHL and major junior careers).

    The big thing to me is the age and draft pedigree (as horse shit is that is, there was a reason DD was a first rounder where JDD wasn’t).

  13. Spartacus says:

    Steve-O: DD has too small of a sample size

    That’s what she said… Heh

    Does anyone seriously think there is even a chance that JD gets picked up on waivers? I’m not sure why the Oilers management would be concerned about that.

    And isn’t it more than just a little bit weird that the Medicine Hat Tigers have a goalie named Deven Dubyk? And doesn’t it suck more than just a little that his numbers are better than Tyler Bunz’s?

  14. chucker says:

    I’ve never understood management’s concern on this. Seriously, who picks up a waived goalie from a 30th place club who has demonstrated they are not even capable of being a significant backup and MUST give that goalie a roster spot? This was retarded right from the start.

    I said right from before camp, pick one and send him down. It doesn’t really matter which one as they both have their own strengths and weaknesses. Can anyone tell me in all seriousness that either of these guys is going to be an integral part of this franchise or has shown that they will be? I don’t think you honestly can.

    Now we’ve wasted 9 games of a roster spot from what was a terrific camp that could have been used on a one of several deserving players who busted their nuts in camp and excited the fans. The good thing is that we may get to see one of them now. That, or JFJ is coming back right away, but he’ll go on a conditioning stint first, so either way, we’ll see someone for a bunch of games hopefully.

    I think the whole thing was dumb right from the get go. The Evaluator couldn’t make a decision and now after riding the pine for nine games, the case is abundantly clear who is better? What kind of player management is that? Pure crap.

    Other than this I think Tamblowe have done well, but shit like this scares me. Make a decision and go with it. If not, send one down and call up the other. We don’t have pearls here. Nobody’s gonna steal the next Roy.

    Also, the argument that Khabbi was a factor in any of this is BS. We all knew coming into camp he was on the team and he would be hear at least the bulk of the year. Send one guy down in the meantime and let him play a lot to get better. Play the other guy up here. If you, by some sheer state of idiocy from another GM, lose a guy, who cares? That’s why we signed Gerber.

    I don’t get it.

    /end rant.

  15. Mr.Majestyk says:

    I like ‘The Evaluator’. Its kind of like when George Bush called himself ‘The Decider’. I’m in agreement with you on this chucker. Go back a couple seasons with the Roli/Garon/JDD three headed monster and I was one of people complaining that they took so long to sort that deal out. They finally dealt Garon for Stone and Sabourin(both gone).

  16. Spartacus says:

    Not quite the right spot, but I couldn’t wait for the GDT.

    Alright, Game Day!

    Please, please, please, a win against the Canucks! They won last night against Jersey, so I’m hoping they’re fat and satisfied with their win. :)

  17. Racki says:

    @Chucker/MrM: Yah at least the evaluation was a lot quicker than our last 3-headed monster or the one before that. 9 games isn’t too long. But I have to say I was pretty confident in that decision before season started.

    @Hemmerlady: Dubnyk is two years younger than Deslauriers and has shown at least as good a compete level and ability as Deslauriers. So the decision wasn’t too tough. Both are inconsistent, unfortunately, and both can put up the same level of game on the odd night. Like Chucker said though, neither of these guys are really that big of a part of our franchise. I don’t think either are particular good enough to hang on to. If we lost Deslauriers to waivers, I would first of all be stunned, but I wouldn’t be upset in the least. Not a huge deal.

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