Monday Morning Standings

By , November 15, 2010 3:38 pm

Just saw Scott Pilgrim so here you go.

Again the MMS will be on time, but thats only because I’m doing this from home. I have had two weeks off to move (thanks for the help everyone!) and at this point I’m starting to look like Racki (his avatar, not the baby face).

Also you may notice that the standings today are a little ghetto, but as I am home I don’t have access to a proper spreadsheet program and as such, well you get what you see today. Note that it will not impact the selection of the pic, as I have the proper tools for that here at home.

The Home Team

With the Oilers, well they have sucked balls (unless thats your thing, then they have sucked something really unpleasant). Although in all honesty, I can’t say I’m surprised as I called for them to finish real low this year. Not last, as they seem deadset on hitting, but still real low. Looking at some quick stats here, it looks like the Oilers lead the league with goals against (4.00 per game, and for reference Atlanta is second with 3.61, LA is last (first) with 1.87). The PK is also dead last at 67.6%. Surprising to me is that we are not last in FO% or shots against.

Sunday Night Fights

Amazingly, with the brawl in New York yesterday, only Dubinsky will be fined, and no other punishment handed out…which is surprising as I believe Peckham left the bench to go after Avery prior to his fight with #22 (can’t remember off the top of my head). Then again, Dubinsky fought Fraser from the bench so thats pretty bad.

After the brawl, Tencer reports that Smid is now out with a concussion and Peckham hurt his wrist, so looks like a couple defensemen will need to be called up now. Or at least 1. I predict Plante or Petry, cause while Belle may be playing better, he’s not in the future of the team. And really at this point we need to look to the future.

Around the league

Islanders fired their head coach. Feel kinda bad for him as his team is about as stacked as the Oilers.

mc79hockey has a post up (link would be up but his site has crashed, will update later) doing some work where he highlights some of Colin Campbells dealings with referees. I’m not going to talk much about it here, but he has pissed off some mainstream media (calling him a blogger with the derisive tone) but really its is some good solid work. TSN has a link here with more details (and thankfully they just don’t bash the dude).

Hell of a fight. I mean, wow.

Carter signs a 11 year deal.

The All Star game list came out, and there are 2 Oilers. Khabibulin and Hemsky. Hemsky deserves in it.

And I can’t think of anything else…remember I’ve been a hermit for the past week here.
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