Monday Morning Standings

By , November 3, 2010 8:06 am

I like Halloween.

And here we go again. This would have been up yesterday, but there was the game day going up, so here it is today. It totally has nothing to do with me being lazy or anything.

The Oilers are playing about as good as can be expected with the team they have. A win against Chicago, scoring every time they gained access to the zone (and almost letting in as many), along with some real close games. Although it has to be a concern that we feel the need to spot the other team 2 to 3 goals in order to make it interesting at the end. Renney needs to kick that fair play, everyone has fun attitude out the door so we can start winning.

In other NHL news, Parise is now out for 3 months causing pain and suffering for all of his fantasy team owners.

Quasimodo sucks, got boo’ed and then got injured…oh well.

Eberle didn’t win the rookie of the month, with that going to Neuvirth (spelling?) in Washington.

McGrattan calls Neil a pussy.

Briere doesn’t think that attempted cross checking should be a 3 game suspension.

Jordan Staal got injured again, and will now miss another 6 weeks.

And that’s all I can think of right now. Oh yeah, Hall got his first goal.

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