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Oh yeah!

Sorry for jammin’ up on the GDT below but…

As per an Oilers email and more news available here. Just noticed that Haboiler called it in the comments too.

The Edmonton Oilers are proud to announce they will be making history as the first Canadian NHL team to launch a Cheer Team, and in doing so joining the company of the 23 other NHL teams.

GDT: Oilers 2, Wild 4 – Game 5 – 2010-10-21 @ 7:30 PM – SNET1

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Cogs breaks the slump
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2-2-0 Record 2-2-1
Location: Rexall Place
Date: October 21, 2010 @ 7:30 PM MST
TV: Sportsnet One


Well, we meet again. The Wild are in town tonight after chasing Bobby Lou from the net on Tuesday with a 6-2 beatdown of the Canucks. Aside from some line juggling, the thing to watch tonight will be the faceoff dot. The Oilers have struggled greatly so far in this young season and currently sit 29th. The Oilers were also lit up in Minnesota by the Wild’s powerplay and they did the same to Vancouver so one of tonight’s big keys will to be stay out of the box.


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Edmonton Oilers – Oil Change part 2

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Taylor Hall... one of the big parts of this Oil Change

Taylor Hall... one of the big parts of this Oil Change

So the 2nd part of the Oil Change series on TSN was aired tonight, with some REALLY good stuff in it. Here’s a summary of it all. And by summary I mean, get your reading glasses on, grandma.

First a few quick hits:

– Quinn’s honesty was probably taken for granted by a reporter interviewing that asked him flat out if his “promotion” really was a promotion. Quinn was visibily upset about it, as we know, and said no that he doesn’t see it as a promotion and was looking forward to coaching. What’s Quinn doing these days, anyways?
– Oilers did try for Malhotra, but Malhotra didn’t want to go through a rebuild.
– Sounds like the Oilers tried to land a certain enforcer for a 3-year deal, but it didn’t work out. Lowe mentioned interest in Georges Laraque.. Renney didn’t seem interested at all at first and warmed up to it after Lowe spoke well of Big Georges. However Renney said he “likes the idea of Mac (i.e. Steve MacIntyre)”
– Kurtis Foster was a player the Oilers really had interest in and were happy to get. There was a bit of joking in the board room when Pierre McGuire gushed about Continue reading 'Edmonton Oilers – Oil Change part 2'»

Monday Morning Standings

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Should the Oilers look at having ice girls?

Topic of the day for the NHL right now seems to be hits to the head. I think there have been 2 fines and 2 suspensions, one being a doozy to Doan. One suspension has been rescinded as it was determined to not be a dirty hit after the fact. I for one am glad that the NHL is cracking down on this, although with the Gilbert fine it seems like they need to update their fine structure.

With the Oilers, seems as though the issue at hand right now is faceoff ability, but to a lesser extent is the inability to the third line to get anything going and how Cogliano affects that.

According to Ryan Rishaug, the Oilers may be trying out different line combos. Looks like Hall and Eberle were on different lines during today’s practice.

In OKC Barons news, looks as though they are currently sitting in 8th in their conference, and Moran leads the team with 6 points (3g, 3a). Oddly enough, Giroux and Omark lead the team with 16 pim’s each.

In general NHL news, Hossa is leading the goals and points stats, with Richards leading in the assists and plus/minus stats.

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GDT: Oilers 3, Flames 5 – Game 4 – 2010-10-16 @ 8:00 PM – CBC

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MacIntyre vs. Ivanans - before Ivan ate through a straw
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2-1-0 Record 1-2-0
Location: Scotiabank Saddledome
Date: October 16, 2010 @ 8:00 PM MST


These games are the moments we Oilers fans live for. The Battle of Alberta, part 2 (at least the regular season version), plays out tonight in Calgary. Word is, Renney is going to ice a tough as nails line up (meaning both MacIntyre and Strudwick are in, word has it, although Stortini or Jones may be out) in case the Flames are looking for some revenge for the beating they took. We won the war and the battle, although I’d say they got the best of us in a couple of the smaller fights. Look for a spirited battle tonight, unless the Flames roll over early and give up the fight before it starts. But I don’t see that happening at all. I think Ivanans is just recovering still from being KO’d by MacIntyre, but I could even see him looking for another round… I almost feel sorry for the guy and as crazy as it sounds, I hope I don’t see him fight tonight.

Anyways, I predict a closer game this time… 3-2 Oilers.
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