Edmonton Oilers – Oil Change part 2

By , October 20, 2010 8:58 pm
Taylor Hall... one of the big parts of this Oil Change

Taylor Hall... one of the big parts of this Oil Change

So the 2nd part of the Oil Change series on TSN was aired tonight, with some REALLY good stuff in it. Here’s a summary of it all. And by summary I mean, get your reading glasses on, grandma.

First a few quick hits:

– Quinn’s honesty was probably taken for granted by a reporter interviewing that asked him flat out if his “promotion” really was a promotion. Quinn was visibily upset about it, as we know, and said no that he doesn’t see it as a promotion and was looking forward to coaching. What’s Quinn doing these days, anyways?
– Oilers did try for Malhotra, but Malhotra didn’t want to go through a rebuild.
– Sounds like the Oilers tried to land a certain enforcer for a 3-year deal, but it didn’t work out. Lowe mentioned interest in Georges Laraque.. Renney didn’t seem interested at all at first and warmed up to it after Lowe spoke well of Big Georges. However Renney said he “likes the idea of Mac (i.e. Steve MacIntyre)”
– Kurtis Foster was a player the Oilers really had interest in and were happy to get. There was a bit of joking in the board room when Pierre McGuire gushed about how well the Oilers were doing with their moves and that Calgary should be worried.
– Before the draft, Katz says to Tambellini “Hemmer’s been watching and he wonder’s what’s going on” (I think he meant he wanted to know who we were drafting, but the Oil weren’t telling ANYONE… even the players). Stu MacGregor made the call pretty last minute. Well.. he revealed his pick last minute, but really he said aside from the Ivan Hlinka where Seguin looked good, he was pretty much Hall all the way. Katz even joked that he had no idea what the draft list for the Oilers was. Katz seems like a bit of a weirdo to me at times, but he’s actually a pretty funny guy.

And now on to the juicier bits…

The Draft

Stu MacGregor listed 7 guys that “you would trade in to get” (i.e. you’d want to do your best to trade a chance to pick for): Taylor Hall, Tyler Seguin, Ryan Johansen, Erik Gudbranson, Cam Fowler, Dylan McIlrath, and Jack Campbell. Jeff Skinner was also mentioned. The Oilers definitely had big interest in Ryan Johansen. This was the guy that everyone was trying to guess who MacGregor meant when he talked about a dark horse who said he would be an NHLer by 19 and that the Oilers were desperate to acquire another pick for. They loved his abilities and loved his size and said that if he had another month to play last year, he would be as high as #2 overall.

The Oil called every team with a 1st round pick and pushed for an extra pick. They really pushed for one in the 12-15 range. However, the guys teams were interested in for top 1st round picks were guys like Eberle, and the Oilers weren’t doing it (thank god).

In the second round of the draft, there was a bit of an argument between a few of the scouts, including MacGregor. MacGregor noted that the team needed defensemen. The other scouts argued that Tyler Pitlick was a must have that they couldn’t pass up on. They were trying to make a choice between drafting by need (defensemen) in Martin Marincin and drafting the best player available in Tyler Pitlick. They cited that there was no possible way that the two players would be available for them at both of their 2nd round picks and were making a choice. Needless to say, they were floored when they successfully drafted both players. As we know now, the Oilers settled on drafting who they felt was the best player available (Pitlick) with the 31st overall pick, and then drafted Marincin with their second 2nd round pick (46th overall). Tambellini and MacGregor were later seen emphatically laughing about being able to draft all 3 guys they wanted that were projectable at those spots.


The Oilers targetted a lot of teams for a Souray deal. It sounded like they had a deal with another team worked out that required a 3rd party (i.e., possibly the Oilers were willing to take on a player from said team and this 3rd team would take on Souray, by the sounds of it). It sounded like Dallas and Tampa were targetted as the 3rd team. The deal fell through, however.

Rookie Camp

Midway through the show, they focused on Tom Renney and the rookie camp. I thought it was cool to watch, but it won’t be for everyone. But it was cool to see how he expresses himself and how well he interacts with the young players, keeping things light, but very professional.

The New Arena Proposal

The next part was about the proposed new arena and Katz’s struggle. What I found interesting is that we all heard a quote from Katz in which it sounded like he implied the Oilers would move if we didn’t have a new arena here soon. This prompted an exchange between city councillor Tony Caterina and John Karvellas, Executive Vice President and General Counsel for the Katz Group.

TC: “In my mind, you’re telling me if you don’t get what you want, the team’s not staying”
JK: “I would never say such a thing.”
TC: “But you will imply, that unless..”
JK: “I will not imply it either.”

Racki’s translation: “We didn’t say we were moving the team, dipshit.”


The show then cuts to Nikolai Khabibulin and his extreme DUI case. Steve Tambellini mentioned that Nick made a mistake, and he is more interested in how he handles it now. He also quoted Jason Strudwick as saying, when Khabibulin got hurt last year, that “that was one of the best teammates that I’ve ever sat beside in my career.” Lowe mentioned Khabibulin’s resiliency and strengths and that he was “remorseful and wants to turn this into a good thing.”

Souray and “the Rift”

Back to Souray again… and talk is about Souray being banned from training camp. Lowe said “Steve was given a mandate (perhaps by Katz) to change the culture. If we were going to eliminate the culture that existed in the dressing room last year and the previous years then he to delete some of the people that were creating the culture that we didn’t want to have there.” Boom. There it is. Admission that there were issues in the locker room, and what I would say is an indication that Souray was part of it.

Training Camp

In the next part of the show, Renney addressed the group of players invited to the main camp. In it he spoke about how everyone there deserved to be there, and also spoke briefly on what I can presume was about the locker room rift of previous years. The Oilers clearly have expunged any form of poison in that locker room. “The days of a poisonous environment are gone. A good attitude is sort of an overnight guest from what I could gather last year. And from now on (tapping on his heart) it’s in for a long term stay,” said Renney to the group.

They then showed the actual on ice portion (and some off ice) of the training camp. Not much to talk about here. They show Renney and Tambellini breaking the news to Brandon Davidson that he’ll be going back to junior and talk about what he can work on.

The show then cuts over to the exhibition games. In the re-match vs. Vancouver where the Oil thumped the Canucks 8-2, they show a mic’d up Shawn Horcoff on the bench talking to Jordan Eberle and Taylor Hall. “If we get a 2 on 1, who’s shootin’ it?” quips Horcoff. Eberle responds “well, probably, might be you.” This draws a laugh from Horcoff. Horcoff says “let’s make this, whoever has the puck, inside the top of the circles (laughs)… no we all pass it.. I’m going to pass it for sure.” The vieo cuts to Hall chipping it up the boards after a hit up to Horcoff, who skates down the wing and passes across to Eberle, who buries it. Talk about calling a goal ahead of time.

After the commercial break, they show one of the exhibition games between the Oilers and Flames, in Calgary. They show Ben Ondrus and Mark Giordano going hard for a dump in with Andrew Cogliano right behind. Giordano and Ondrus bump hard. Girodano drives Ondrus into the boards. Glove, stick, and glass all meet Ondrus’ face upon contact, and he’s cut and shaken up. As he skates off, you can hear Renney yell that he’s hurt and coming off. Peckham then yells from the bench “you keep your fucking head up!” at a couple of Flames heading to the bench on that shift. I couldn’t see the first one (presume it was Giordano). The other was Stefan Myer. Myer turns back and points back and yells “shut the fuck up!”. Jones then stands up from the middle of the bench and yells at Myers to “sit the fuck down!”. Oh the Battle of Alberta.

I guess one of the officials took exception to all of this, as at the end of this he came over to scold the Oilers, saying “that’s a good hit. Shoulder to shoulder. If you think it’s a bad call, say that. Don’t curse my integrity.” In the intermission, Renney gave the team shit for disrespecting the ref, saying that the players need to do their job and let the ref do theirs. Stating that while there are plenty of times in his career he’s wanted to flip on a ref, “beaking off” at the refs will only bite them in the ass. He states that they need to motivate each and push each other, basically saying that they’re focusing on the wrong part of the game. Good on him.

Horcoff Captaincy

The final part is about Horcoff becoming captain. Lowe, Renney and Tambellini all had glowing words for Horcoff. They showed Horcoff driving down the road in his car talking to the cameraman. He mentioned that he and the Oilers want this team to be an “open slate” where everyone can talk, and everyone’s opinion is equal. This is huge… as from an interview I heard between Horcoff and Gregor earlier, it sounds like Horcoff was saying that the rookies were too scared or unable to speak up last year.

The Video

And now the video….

23 Responses to “Edmonton Oilers – Oil Change part 2”

  1. Racki says:

    Lots of interesting stuff in this one…

    Turns out our GM isn’t as brain dead as many of us think. Just some stuff is impossible to do. It’s one thing to want it to happen..

  2. Bostonoiler says:

    I highly doubt the team will move. I see its on the website so I’ll watch it tomorrow. Glad that they went after Malhotra. Would have loved him with the Oil.

  3. Racki says:

    Yah I said it all along, people were reading between the lines with Katz’s comment that they will not play in Rexall after 2014.

  4. MetalOil says:

    I thought one of the more interesting parts of this segment was the part where Brandon Davidson was being briefed by Tamby and Renney on his assignment to Regina(WHL) The part where Renney says to Brandon ” you were a six round pick right?” and Brandon replies “yes” Renney responds with a complement of “that’s a good pick by the Oilers” It’s one of behind the scenes type of things that us fans do not see very often a I enjoyed it !!! This Oil Change series has been very well done so far and I can’t wait for segment 3 !!!

    Also I guess David Staples was right about who the mystery player from segment one was. I thought/hoped it was McIlrath.

  5. Racki says:

    Hah, well I thought it was Nino at first, but it didn’t make so much sense cause he wasn’t a dark horse. I know the guys at Coming Down The Pipe thought it was Dylan McIlrath… really, good on Staples for calling that one. I think many people were all over the place. I know you weren’t alone in the McIlrath guess.

  6. MetalOil says:

    Let the Eberle Vs Johansen career comparisons begin :) I wonder if that was Scott Howson on the other end of that phone call wanting Ebs???? That is who ended up with Johansen right?

  7. Racki says:

    That would be who ended up with Johansen, yes…

    I’m sure a number of teams wanted Eberle for top picks though.

  8. gr8one says:

    I think I had called it as Johansen too…someone dig that thread up!

    Wasn’t he the kid that finished the season off with like 15 points in his 5 games or something stupid like that?

    Upon further review, It wasn’t Johansen who I thought it was…but I can’t remember who it was, looking at the draft list though, I think it might have been Austin Watson…I dunno, doesn’t matter anyways. lol

  9. Racki says:

    I’m just going to pretend from here on out that I called Johansen, and I suggest you do the same, gr8one…

  10. DropIt says:

    I look forward to watching it, just so i can see the opposite approach the other 29 GMs make πŸ˜›

  11. chucker says:

    Yeah, I was amazed that they had almost done a three way deal for Souray, althought there were rumours of many possible trades. To bad they couldn’t move that cancer.

    Very revealing on how hard they worked for sure. It makes me feel even better about the state of management and the team. Noticibly absent from anything was Pat Quinn. What the hell does he do anyway? Oh well. He proved there was a problem and named names and that led to the actions I suspect.

    I was thinking McIlrath as well. It just makes sense.

    Oh, and on the enforcer, it had to be Jody Shelley or Derek Boogard. Nobody else would have been looking for that term.

  12. Smokin' Ray says:

    Thanks for the recap. I missed it last night. Sounds like a gooder.

  13. Oilrsgrl77 says:

    Dammit, you know I really didn’t want to know anything about part 2 because I am away at work..but I just had to read! Racki, better have this ready to go when I get home :p

  14. Steve-O says:

    I figured it was Skinner

  15. Steve-O says:

    Also, any idea if they will be bundling this up at the end of the year (I assume a 4 parter by the end, maybe 5)

  16. Racki says:

    Oilrsgrl77: Dammit, you know I really didn’t want to know anything about part 2 because I am away at work..but I just had to read! Racki, better have this ready to go when I get home :p

    Hey I didn’t force you to read πŸ˜›

  17. Racki says:

    Steve-O: Also, any idea if they will be bundling this up at the end of the year (I assume a 4 parter by the end, maybe 5)

    I wouldn’t be surprised if it hits DVD/Blu-Ray, to be honest.

  18. Steve-O says:

    Or maybe it’ll be free to us account holders like that cup run dvd

  19. Oilrsgrl77 says:

    Racki: Hey I didn’t force you to read

    I know, but I had to know what it was about so I totally caved! :p

  20. Hammy says:

    What is the song being sung by the Choir on the ice at the end of episode two?

  21. Rode says:

    The song sung by the choir at the end of episode two is called
    Carmina Burana – O furtana, written by Carl Orff. Here is link to hear it.

  22. Rode says:

    The song sung by choir at end of episode two of oil change is called Carmina Burana – O Furtana.

    I too wanted to know also after watching the episode and it took good 45 minutes of web searches to find it. Hope you enjoy!

  23. hemmerlady says:

    Rode: The song sung by choir at end of episode two of oil change is called Carmina Burana – O Furtana.I too wanted to know also after watching the episode and it took good 45 minutes of web searches to find it.Hope you enjoy!

    It’s “O Fortuna”. The Carmina Burana is a musical work by Carl Orff, the text of which is poetry written by monks and other clergy in the 11th, 12th and 13th Centuries. (The subjects include tawdry tales of drinking and lust) It’s really cool – if your symphony ever plays it, you should go see it.

    Very commonly used in beer commercials these days.

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