Tick tock on Souray…

By , October 5, 2010 10:22 am
What to do with this guy..

What to do with this guy..

Sheldon Souray still sits on our roster, taking up a spot, as we all know. Teams must submit their 23-man opening game rosters prior to the season starting, which is October 7th (i.e. Thursday… 2 days from now). This might force Tambellini’s hand.

Bob McKenzie already described the Oilers’ options in a fine article, so I won’t re-spew that, but I’ll summarize and re-update the options.

For starters, Souray has already cleared waivers… so it would stand to reason that regular waivers are no longer an option. So that leaves just a few possibilities here: Continue reading 'Tick tock on Souray…'»

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