You want a shot at the title?

By , September 13, 2010 9:06 am
The belt actually looks more like Hulk's fluffy sash thing..

The belt actually looks more like Hulk's fluffy sash thing..

The 2nd annual Putting On The Foil pool is about to kick off, folks. Spots are limited (12… 14?). Anyone is welcome to join, although because I like to know whose ass I’m kicking, slight priority will be given to regulars of the foil and people who were in last year’s pool. But don’t let that deter you from signing up though, if you are a lurker.

Gr8one did a fantastic job of organizing it last year, and has volunteered (or been voluntold?) to do it again this year. Thanks, gr8one! If it’s similar to last years, expect it to be a Yahoo pool involving a draft. Once the season kicks off, you’ll have to set your lineups for games each night. Sounds like a lot of work, but you can do it all a bit in advance. My recommendation is to pick one night a week, do the whole week at once, and then tweak your lineup as needed each night. You will be able to perform trades with other GMs as well as waive and pick up players on waivers. Last year was a lot of fun, but more so for me, and not for all you sissies that lost. *flexxx*

Soo, how do you join?

Well, feel free to post a comment in here if you like, but to join:

Send an e-mail to (<- click link) with your screen name on Putting on the Foil and stating that you would like to join the pool (both are important) and I will then forward it off to gr8one. Simple as that. Some of you have expressed interest in other threads, but I need an e-mail from you because that e-mail address will be what gr8one uses for his invites.

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  1. gr8one says:

    BTW, Our league name is “FoiledAgain”…I just picked that quickly off the top of my head, but I think I can still change it if someone has something better.

  2. chucker says:

    For what it’s worth, I really like the power play stats as well. Combine this with the blocked shots and the defensemen become very valuable.

    For the goalies, are there going to be restrictions, because sometimes the best guys are only up due to injuries etc. and play about two to three weeks or more? It’s kind of fun to be able to swap the goalies like Mike Keenan.

  3. gr8one says:

    Chucker, Power play points are currently included, did you mean you’d like to add PP Goals and/or PP assists added?

    If so, I’d be hesitant to add both, but PP goals might be ok.

    As far as your goalie question goes, not sure I’m following your question? lol

  4. LateNightOilFan says:

    Do I need to set up a Yahoo email account? Or do I just create a user name and password. I’m a bit confused because the example they show for sign in is a Yahoo email account.

  5. gr8one says:

    Yeah, unfortunately I think it does require you to create a yahoo account. :(

  6. Racki says:

    My thoughts are similar to gr8one’s on PP points.

    Either go with PPG and PPA, or go with just PPP.

    LNOF: That I’m personally not too sure about. I did create a yahoo account specifically for the pool though. Not sure if I had to, but I think you do have to because it makes you sign into yahoo.

    Edit: Grone Principe beat me to it

  7. DropIt says:

    In again! If there is room that is

  8. Racki says:

    I was wondering where you were at these days! I thought the Flames jokes started to get to you. 😛

    Gr8one sent out invites to poolers from last year. If you didn’t get it, I’d suggest sending me your e-mail (per the main post above) and I’ll forward it to him.

  9. DropIt says:

    My offseason life has left me busy, hence never being around. Plus, I thought I’d let you all get excited over the offseason so I could watch your dreams crumble come November 😛

    I haven’t checked on the email, although I’m sure I got one. I sent you an email as well.

    I’ll be back full time now, with football and hockey starting (still waiting for Edmonton football to start ;))I have hit the internet again. Hide your mothers

  10. Racki says:

    And your babysitters now that tillman is here. Bazinga!

  11. DropIt says:

    Signed up!

    I’m back, and I’m Dirtier, sexier and….. Monier

  12. Racki says:

    LOL, good to have you back! (and I feel dirty for saying that)

  13. DropIt says:

    Good to be back. I missed you guys, and trust me, I feel dirtier for saying that.

    I’m hoping that I’m good friends with enough of you guys that in a year or two I can leech off your team’s turnaround seasons while we try and figure out what the hell happened

  14. gr8one says:

    lol, yeah WB DropIt.

    Of course he had an invite already sent out too him, I would never have left out our favorite, friendly neighborhood closet Oilers fan.

  15. DropIt says:

    Sorry gr8one. But you will never see a mullet growing on this Flame fan. And you shall never see me in public with sweat pants 😉

  16. gr8one says:

    Yeah, totally understand why you wouldn’t want to let go of your nice lululemon yoga tights…:-P

  17. Racki says:

    DropIt probably dresses a lot like Hogan.

  18. DropIt says:

    Explain what’s wrong with the way Hulk dresses?

    “Whatcha gonna do when the Flames sweep you? Brother”

  19. chucker says:

    DropIt: Explain what’s wrong with the way Hulk dresses?“Whatcha gonna do when the Flamers sweep you? Brother”

    I bet you look fabulous in the feather boa. 😉

  20. dawgtoy says:

    Forgive me if I’ve been living under a rock, but is that sportsnet one on Shaw 225…it is! A free trial until Oct 31, wonder what the cost will be???

  21. Racki says:

    Until Oct 31st?? nice..

  22. LateNightOilFan says:

    Well I managed to create my team for the pool without trashing the computer, that’s a good start.

    My team’s the RumRunners – inspired by what used to go down in my coastal community years past.

  23. Racki says:

    Looks like we’re maxed out at 14 now (Gr8one can confirm that). Dawgtoy had made a request to join, which I forwarded off.. but looks like he didn’t make it in time. D’oh.

  24. Mr.Majestyk says:

    This will be pretty sweet. What round do you usually select a goaltender? With 14 GM’s, you probably don’t want to be the last to pick a goalie.

  25. Racki says:

    Last year, I selected my goaltender in the first round (Nabokov). I also picked last.

    I’m not so sure it was the best decision, but it worked out in the end.

  26. gr8one says:


  27. Steve-O says:

    Holy shit…just noticed that we have a full league this year.

    Looks like this year’s going to be killer.

  28. Racki says:

    We probably could even have a second league.

    If there’s interest… express it here, people.

  29. YDNAR says:

    You could count me in if there is interest for a second league if there are others

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