GDT: Oilers 8, Canucks 2 – Pre-season Game 3 – 2010-09-26 @ 6:00 PM – SNET1

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2-0-0 Pre-season Record 1-3-0
Location: Rexall Place
Date: September 26, 2010 @ 6:00 PM MST

(Pic/Article taken from The Daily Seagull.. absolute gold)

The Canucks and Oilers meet again, tonight. The Oilers won the first match with a line up of scraps versus some of Vancouver’s best. This time, the tables turn, as Vancouver sits the Sedin twins and most of their better players. We will get to see Cody Hodgson in action, however.

This will also be our first look at the always dynamic Jason Strudwick. This inspired a tweet from TSN’s Ryan Rishaug of: “Line of the day-strudwick to matheson when asked about finally playing an exhibition game.. ‘The fans were clamoring for me..'”.

Nikolai Khabibulin will also get his first start since we back in November of last year. “I’m very interested to see how it’ll go. I don’t anticipate any problems with my back. I think it’ll be fine. I don’t expect any setbacks,” said Khabibulin. “It’s going to be a good test, though. I haven’t played any games. I can work on some things, and the games don’t count.”

Here are the line ups for tonight:

Edmonton Oilers Lineup

Hartikainen-Vande Velde-Stortini


Khabibulin (1st “half”)
Gerber (2nd “half”)

Vancouver Canucks Lineup

Sweatt-Jesus H. Hodgson-Shirokov



Sportsnet One Channel Guide

NOTE: The game will be on the Oilers companion channel, not the main channel.

Sportsnet One Main Channel

Television Provider SD HD
Rogers Cable 394 395 & 584
Cable Cable 88 224
Shaw Direct 110/414 267/309
Shaw Cable 159
161 in Kenora
648 in Hamilton
TELUS Optik 106 677

Oilers Companion

Television Provider SD HD
Shaw Cable 320 301
Shaw Direct Classic 412 451
Shaw Direct Advanced 107 395
TELUS Optik 107 678

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Tonight can be summarized as the Hall/theveteranshawnhorcoff/Eberle show. Wow, were they ever on fire. I hate to get too far ahead of myself, but I was really worried about the jump to the NHL for Hall, Eberle and Pääjärvi. So far Hall’s totals haven’t matched the other two kids, but he’s still looked very good and I have faith he’ll catch up. He is also the youngest of the three, so not to worry. But I was extra pleased with Horcoff’s ability to look good with the kids (2 goals on the night). He’s handled his role this year phenomenally well so far. I think the Horcoff of 2007/08 is back, and no one is more excited than I am. He still will miss ones that he should have (Hall fired a bullet pass to him that he couldn’t quite handle), but he’ll get a plethora of opportunities to help offset that if he stays with Hall and Eberle or the other kids. Eberle was particularly on fire tonight. His first goal of the pre-season was an absolute bullet from the bottom of the circle that he wristed top cheese above Schneider’s blocker. He later assisted on a Shawn Horcoff goal, but did pretty much everything on the play, carrying the puck in the zone and dekeing around and through 2 Canucks defenders. He lost control of the puck when in tight with Schneider, but Horcoff banged in the loose puck.

Other highlights of the night were a fight between Zack Stortini and Darcy Hordichuk (it might be a stretch to call it a draw, given that Stortini was bloodied pretty good, but it did seem like a fairly even tilt, despite the cut) and a big hit by Theo Peckham on former Oiler Raffi Torres.

Omark looked particularly good on the night, although I’m starting to get concerned about his desire to hang on to the puck as much as he does. On one hand, he does it, and he does it well… so it’s hard to be concerned. But I fear that if he keeps that up, NHLers will catch on, and he’ll get burned. But there is definitely time for him to adjust. His goal was a great individual effort though as he made the Canucks defence look bad before tucking it around Schneider.

Khabibulin wasn’t tested very much, but aside from one bad goal (the second, which was shot from the point with not much traffic), he was solid and looked like he didn’t miss any action. Penner was his usual self, as was Brule. That line definitely had potential.

Chris Vande Velde also picked up a goal in the game tonight going in on a two-on-one with Zack Stortini. Vande Velde chose to take the shot and wired it past Schneider.

Ryan Whitney was struck in the eye by a puck when he put his stick out to try and block a shot from a Canuck at the end of the 2nd period. The puck rode up his stick and caught him above the eye. He left the ice and immediately headed to the dressing room in noticeable pain. He came back out in the 3rd period for one shift, but left the game after that, for precautionary reasons. Hopefully he will be OK.

Anyways, this was the game to watch for the pre-season so far… sorry to anyone that missed it.

22 Responses to “GDT: Oilers 8, Canucks 2 – Pre-season Game 3 – 2010-09-26 @ 6:00 PM – SNET1”

  1. Racki says:

    Round 2. Hopefully with similar results as round 1.

  2. Racki says:

    Shoutbox is up and running, just above the first comment. Given how popular this post has been today (sarcasm) I assume that the shoutbox will be filled with everything but hockey talk. lol

    Let me know if there are any issues that you guys find.

  3. John says:

    Interesting game tonight I think, Oil SHOULD win this one handily but I’m nervous about how Boozin’ will do :/ Not that I’m a malicious person by nature but I might chuckle if Hodgson were to get “tweeked” tonight!

  4. zackman35 says:

    Interesting line up tonight, I’m not going to say much about the score board, I never thought the Oil would have won against the Nucks the other night and look what happened.

    I was at the Rebels game last night, 8-1 was the final, and Nugent-Hopkins definitely has some potential (he made a sick pass behind the net which lead to a goal. I know its only one game but he’s no Crosby and I’m not seeing a special “glow/ora/possessed by the hockey gods” kind of player yet. We’ll see though, the season is two games young. Petrovic had a strong game too. Lowe on the other hand, he made a weak clearing attempt which lead to a goal. Rebels were clearly the better team, they were firing on all cylinders and had their systems down pat so not much the Oil Kings could have done.

  5. Racki says:

    Yah, never count a “bad” team out before the game starts. I’m sure there will be several Canucks in the lineup with something to prove.

    I am just hoping for a good game from our top line, as I really want to see Hall with Horcoff and Eberle all year, if it works out well. That spreads the talent around and gives Horc good linemates and a lot of responsibility without spreading ourselves thin.

  6. Mr.Majestyk says:

    that fake article about Hodgson is hilarious. I clicked on the link and they have a bunch of funny ones. I also liked ‘Canucks announce 82 new jerseys’

  7. zackman35 says:

    I just clicked on the video on the sidebar of that site, wow.

    Not as entertaining as N64 kid though, that kid tops the cake.

  8. Racki says:

    Mr.Majestyk: that fake article about Hodgson is hilarious.I clicked on the link and they have a bunch of funny ones.I also liked ‘Canucks announce 82 new jerseys’

    LOL yah, I took a quick poke around and it looked like a pretty funny site. I like the Tiger Woods changes his name to Cheetah Irons article. lol

  9. Racki says:

    zackman35: I just clicked on the video on the sidebar of that site, wow.
    Not as entertaining as N64 kid though, that kid tops the cake.

    Yah I’m pretty sure that is fake though. Even so.. wtf… but yah, probably not real.

  10. Bostonoiler says:

    Eberle looking GREAT, Horcoff looks good tonight, same with Hall. Penner playing a good game too. Theo Peckham is also impressing me. I like his physical play, and how he FLATTENED Torres. Peckham better make the team, I like his physical play. Hopefully Khabi shakes off a little more rust, and the Oilers get the win here tonight.

  11. Ktown says:

    Wow!! Storts fighting throughthe bloody eye to take the draw with hordichuk. Good fight by zack bloody eye looks bad but other than that shot I think zack carried that fight.

    And Van de Velde looks good this camp. He’ll be good in okc and I’d bet he’ll be up here sooner rather than later.

  12. Racki says:

    For anyone wondering where everyone is… SCROLL UP! Talk in the shout box…

  13. Bostonoiler says:

    Im not allowed in the chat :'(

  14. Racki says:

    You have to be registered and signed in to use it.

    Scroll up and in the instructions where it says to register.. click that link to sign up.

  15. Bostonoilerfan says:


  16. Bostonoilers says:

    says I’m already signed up, whatever. I’ll hang out here hahaha

  17. Racki says:

    So sign in then? I don’t think you’re actually signed in… (if you see text boxes above the comment box for typing name/email/etc, you aren’t really signed in)

    The more the merrier, and might as well get in there now 😉

  18. Racki says:

    You know you can have your password reset, B.O. instead of signing up again. LOL

    But it’s OK 😉 get in the chat!

  19. oilinblood says:

    Horcoff between ebs and hall looks like a keeper.
    I think Cogs drops to 4th line and Omark gets a couple more looks.
    I want to see Omark with Hemmer and Gags and Penner move to the right or Paajarvi to the Right (he has said he normally ends up there anyways and DP has played RW) with Brule in the middle.

    Fourth line Cogs Fraser and Storts on 4th.

    Vandermeer impressed me with his stick work and not trying to score on his shots but just trying to make a rebound. Petry needs seasoning.

  20. Racki says:

    Yah that top line put on a good show. Each of them seem to be responsible at both ends too.

    Omark was great, but I have to wonder if he’s a bit of a one man show… that can be good, can be bad. It seems to somehow work for him, but I wonder for how long though. But I’m not worried about him just yet.

  21. oilinblood says:

    Id like to see him and Hemmer. I think that might be a good fit for him… and reduce Hemmers 5 on 5 time a bit to concentrate on PP and spread 5 on 5 more evenly since we would have a pretty even attack as well.

    Try him there and see what happens. I am not impressed with his strength. I hope next summer he trains hard on his base strength. For his size his Legs should be oak tree trunks. In my opinion though… Omark if he can click with Hemmer, makes very formidable 3 lines of attack and a tenacious 4th line where likely Cogs will get moved since i have REALLY liked Ondrus (which i wasnt expecting at all).

    What are your thoughts on ondrus?
    BTW Hall has chirped a few times already at officials when it wasnt necessary and tried looking for blood on a hold. I am worried about this because i did find him a bit of a gretzky in the chirping ways early on last season but seemed to change for a bit then kind of got the habit back in playoffs. Its annoying. I hope he learns to shut up. I think the Oilers are respected in the game by officials for not diving and not complaining too much. I think it was Daniella that told the Canucks to stop the chirping this year with the officials…a rather direct statement at Burrows and Kesler. His statements were; that it was infectious and made other players chirp or hassle officials which give officials reason to ignore their talks when they have a case. Also Daniel pointed out that it takes players off their own games. I think it was a brave and intelligent statement…by a nuck…weird.
    Id like the chirping to be talked about by Renney. You know what if you get cut…dont chirp just make sure the ref sees the blood dripping. You dont have to point it out…officials look for it on their own. Be a man.. dont complain. Officials if they miss something and you dont embarass them or look like an A%$ will make it up to you.
    Which brings me to Burrows. I have no problem whatsoever with an official evening the score if he got conned into making a call. Acting is not pert of hockey…thats soccer… i hope officials continue to get players back and show favoritism to sportsmalike teams. It happens in real life, it should happen in sport. If you are trust worthy… people respect you and keep it in mind when a close call needs to be made. It could end up getting you an extra 6-10 points really in a season. It could come down to a key call in the playoffs. Treat officials with respect. They know when they are wrong.
    The only time i would yell at a ref is when a players health is a factor … in which case id say simply that MacI, ONdrus, VAndermeer, etc etc etc will take care of the officiating for the rest of the game if they dont.

    This is another reason i think Horc gets the C. I hardly ever see him complain to a ref and when he does he has a strong case. I dont remember a case where a ref didnt listen to him when he voiced an issue. He picks his spots and is respected. Moreau was the exact opposite.

    oh BTW loved the “jesus H Hodgeson”… sounds like Jesus H Hemsky for the OIl faithful loonies, blessed be his name.

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