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By , September 26, 2010 10:24 pm
Time to get everyone up to speed on new features around here..

Time to get everyone up to speed on new features around here..

So there have been a couple of recent changes to the Foil that I figured I better update people on, Live Game Chat and a new Mobile Theme.


We experimented with this tonight, and the turnout was great, all things considered. On busy game day threads (GDTs), I’d say we can hit 200-300 comments. In today’s GDT, we had over 500 comments. The shoutbox I’ve installed seems to work great (I didn’t notice any lag or anything), so we’ll keep bringing this back for future game day threads. It might be something I fine tune over the course of the season though.

If you wanted to use it, but had troubles logging in, please send me an e-mail ( , or use the contact us form under the help menu).

But note, you must be registered and signed in for the chat to work. I’ve disabled it from working for anonymous users to help reduce potential spam. Click here if you are not a registered user.

I also intend to put the chat window up only on game days (usually an hour or two before the game) and will take it down before the end of the night, and clear out the messages. If you have something to say on the GDT that you’d like to stay for posterity reasons, then I’d suggest doing it in the comments instead.

As a note, this DOES work from a mobile phone, which brings me to the next topic..


I’ve installed a new mobile utility called WPTouch Pro. As an owner of an HTC Magic phone, I must say this thing is pretty damn cool. But if you find you don’t like it or something is missing, you can turn this theme off from your mobile phone by scrolling to the bottom of any page on our site and clicking the “Switch To Regular Theme” link. If there are any features you find missing, please let me know.

There are some important things to point out on the mobile theme that maybe people might not notice….

This is how I talk X's and O's

This is how I talk X's and O's

The top right button on the screen opens up the menu that you see in the picture above. From here, you can sign on, and jump to various pages.

To sign on, you click on the account link labelled in the picture above (the head icon).

For those of you who are looking for the General Discussion page, it is located in this menu. You will need to make sure you are under the bookmark tab on this menu (far left button, right below our logo). When you click/touch the General Discussion menu, it will expand to allow you to pick either the General Discussion page, or the Recent Comments page. This page is how you’ll be able to view the most recent comments on our blog.

Anyways, that’s it… if you guys have any questions about these or any other features on the site, please feel free to send me an e-mail or leave a comment.


One feature that some of you might not be aware of is “The Wall”, which is a sister site, of sorts where users can make their own posts. I’ve decided that it’s best to shut this down, as it adds a bit of overhead to our site, since they’re hosted on the same server. However, we’d still love to have guest writers from time to time. If you are ever interested in writing a guest post, let me know by e-mail: . Your post will end up on our main site. For those of you that wrote for “The Wall”, don’t worry… we’ve moved your posts to this site and it is stored under the category User Content.

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  1. Racki says:

    Updated the post above to mention that “The Wall” site is coming down permanently (insert pic of Berlin Wall here). All posts users made there last year have already been moved here (check the post above for the link).

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