It’s Hall!!!!, and NHL Draft live blog

By , June 25, 2010 4:47 pm

The dreaded last two picks for the pick up team.

The draft is here!  Well, in 15 min.  But it’s here and this should be the very bottom that the Oilers can get.  In 20-25 minutes it should be nothing but upwards to better things.

Anyways, here is a post that we can have a lively discussion re: the draft.

I’ll also do some live-blogging should I find that I have energy.

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Hall on his tendency to be clobbered..

By , June 24, 2010 8:46 pm

I know I’m getting hit. I brace myself for those hits. It’s not like I don’t know it’s coming… it’s not like I have my head down the whole time. It’s just I have to go to those places. If I’m just staying on the wall and waiting for my pass – the seam pass – when I’m moving my feet or standing still, and then I make a soft chip, that’s an average play. That’s how I’ve always played my game. Just on the edge, desperate, aggressive and just trying to make plays all over.

– Taylor Hall, when Kevin Lowe asked him about the concerns of his tendency to be hit hard and how being hit by a guy like Chara at the NHL level could be quite a bit worse.

Oilers trade 6th round pick in 2010 to Chicago for Colin Fraser

By , June 24, 2010 12:09 am
Colin Fraser - Traded to the Oilers for a 6th round pick

Colin Fraser - Traded to the Oilers for a 6th round pick in 2010

Per Dan Tencer’s twitter, and care of Bob Stauffer:

“Oilers deal a 6th round pick to Chicago for RFA centerman Colin Fraser. Thanks to Stauffer for confirming Oilers end of the deal”

Colin Fraser is a 25 year old, 6’1, 188lb centreman from Surrey, B.C.. Last year he had 7 goals and 12 assists for 19 points, was +7 and had 44 PIMs. Fraser was 48.8% on the dot in 445 attempts last year with the Blackhawks, and was 6th on the team with 62 hits. He averaged approximately 8 minutes of even strength ice time per game, and roughly 1.5 minutes of short-handed ice time per game last year. He is an RFA as of July 1st, and earned 700k this past year. The Oilers will need to qualify him (at a minimum of 735K, I believe) to retain his rights.

Here is the scouting report on Colin Fraser:

Is aggressive and tenacious on the forecheck. Can play a defensive role and provide energy. Displays a projectable frame and some offensive upside.
Needs to reduce the number of bad penalties he takes in order to thrive as a role player at the NHL level. Must also add bulk to better compete in the corners.
Career Potential
Energy forward.

Racki’s comment: purely a depth move, as suggested by Tencer. Does this spell the end of Marc Pouliot with the Oilers though?

Stu MacGregor and Steve Tambellini have made their decision…

By , June 22, 2010 8:43 pm

Sorry, no answer as to which player they’re picking, but it’s interesting that MacGregor and Tambellini are on the same page, because I got the feeling from a previous Tambellini interview that he wanted to pick Taylor Hall. But hey, opinions can change, and also one talent of GMs these days is being able to make people think one thing when you’re thinking another..

Per Dan Tencer’s Twitter:

According to MacGregor, the Taylor/Tyler decision has absolutely been made and he and Steve Tambellini are in total agreement.

Coaching changes…

By , June 22, 2010 1:15 pm

Today, Steve Tambellini held a press conference to announce that Pat Quinn would be promoted to Senior Advisor (which means he now gets to use his vast array of 1930s references and vague expressions on a new set of people slightly closer to his age). With Pat Quinn moved up, Tom Renney has been named to Head Coach. Still no word on what is in store for Kelly Buchberger and Wayne Fleming.

Was it the right move to bump Quinn out of the Head Coach position?

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