ISS (International Scouting Services) Final Draft Rankings released…

By , June 2, 2010 10:09 am
International Scouting Services Final Draft Rankings for 2010 released

International Scouting Services Final Draft Rankings for 2010 released

I will say I follow the ISS scouting a fair bit more than I do CSS. However, I’m still anxious to hear what Bob McKenzie has to say. Anyways, no change to the top five:

Taylor Hall
Tyler Seguin
Brandon Gormley
Vladimir Tarasenko
Cam Fowler

ISS ranks Jack Campbell as the top goaltender, and Chet Pickard as the second best goaltending prospect.

Michael Granlund also moved up to 15th from 17th, and has been deemed this draft group’s best playmaker and puckhandler (however he is another small player). I wonder if the Oilers could snag him as a complement to Toni Rajala. We’ve seen small players drop in rankings quite quickly before, so maybe we could get him first in round 2. Or perhaps a deal may be out there for a second first rounder. Personally though, if we get another high first round pick, I’d like it to be for a defenseman (assuming it’s not the #2 pick), however.

ISS had Hall as #1 in April, and Seguin as #1 in March.

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  1. MetalOil says:

    The Player that I am most intreged about (other then Hall and Seguin) is Brett Connolly who is currently ranked 13th. At the Combine there was talk that had he not been injured for most of this past season due to a hip injury he got at the Ivan Hlinka Memorial Tournament he would have been right up there in the Hall-Seguin class(he only played in 16 games scoring 10 goals and 9 assists).

    In 2008-2009 he won the WHL & CHL rookie of the year and was the first 16 year old to score 30 goals in the WHL in 13 years. The last to do so before him was Patrick Marleau.

    To me he is a real wild card in this draft and I would not be surprised to see him go top ten.

  2. Racki says:

    Agreed on Connolly too. I’d heard a lot of talk about him as well earlier in the year (had he not been injured, he’s be #3).

    Here’s a site I found with some good writeups by various scouting organizations:

  3. Racki says:

    Btw, Redline Report also has Hall currently at #1 and Seguin #2.

    But I think CSS probably is a bit different in their approach, in how they try and project the best player 5 years from now. I think most unanimously say that the best player right now is Hall though.

  4. MetalOil says:

    Whoever takes Connolly will be taking a risk as hip injury’s can be very problematic and become chronic. Really in all honesty I see him a fit in Calgary and I think they should make a pitch to acquire a first round pick to select him. Problem is that I do not see what they would have to offer to get this pick unless they ditch their plans of keeping Iggy.

  5. gr8one says:

    I’m most intrugued about Kabanov to be honest, if he falls far enough and is still there for our 31st overall pick, I’d say pick him up…he’s top 5 talent, and the combine intervies he seemed genuinely sorry for his antics, and part of what started the issues in the first place with him and team Russia was the fact that he basically gave a big fuck you to the KHL when he decided to play for Moncton, and he did that because his dream to play in the NHL was so strong. It also pretty much burned a lot of bridges for him ever to return to play for Russia, so I actually think he’s not as high risk as most people think.

  6. Racki says:

    I don’t know if the KHL would be that strong willed to reject a star begging his way back to them 😛

    But anyways, it’s really hard not to draw a comparison to Alexei Mikhnov.

    Why was he a scratch in Moncton during the playoffs? Why when he jumped ship to head to Russia (which Moncton allowed freely, by the way), did they cut him? Well I know the answer to the second question. The coach claims he came in thinking he was a N.A. superstar and they didn’t like the attitude. His agent claims though that he was cut from the team for him leaving the KHL to play in the N.A.

    Sooooo, tough call. It does sound to me like he hasn’t quite got it figured out yet. He’s a man without a country. He’d be high risk. If we draft Seguin, he could be a great addition, being a LWer.

  7. Racki says:

    Anyone have info on why Moncton was scratching Kabanov during the end of the regular season and the 1st round of the playoffs? I’m way more concerned about that than him going back to Russia to play in the U18 tourney or being cut there for being a Diva. 😛

  8. LateNightOilFan says:

    Racki: Anyone have info on why Moncton was scratching Kabanov during the end of the regular season and the 1st round of the playoffs? I’m way more concerned about that than him going back to Russia to play in the U18 tourney or being cut there for being a Diva.

    From what I understand, Kabanov came to Moncton with the promise of being a top gun but then he injured his wrist and needed surgery so he missed the WJ’s. So there goes a chance to showcase himself for the draft.

    By the time he returned to the Moncton lineup others had stepped up and the team wasn’t messing with their success/chemistry so he was put in a limited role, which he didn’t like, again because he couldn’t showcase himself for the draft. So this would have continued into the end of the season and the first round of the playoffs and it appears he did have an attitude about it and was therefore scratched for not being a team player. I’ve read comments about discipline issues but I don’t know for sure.

    With the draft getting closer he wanted to showcase himself more, Moncton said go ahead and off to Russia he went in the hopes of a big role on their U-18 team. Apparently they were calling him from Russia to come over but then released him and there is controversy over whether this was a ‘set-up’ by the Russians as you mentioned because of the circumstances around leaving Russia in the first place to come to Moncton.

    He seems quite remorseful now and admits he made a big mistake not accepting his limited role and leaving Moncton. I think this is a case of a young man with some attitude/pressure/high expectations getting frustrated and taking actions based on what his 17 year old mind felt was best for him at the time. I don’t know who his agent was or if he had an agent during all this as I think I read his hiring of JP Barry is fairly recent.

    If a team drafting him were able to get any attitude issues ‘adjusted’, he could be a sleeper pick.

  9. DropIt says:

    I still think Cam Fowler should be sitting 4th… I haven’t seen any reason as to why he has dropped. Maybe I have been successfully brainwashed by Sutter into believing that defenseman should be drafted ALWAYS.

    Either way, enjoy the draft… I will most certainll not be watching… Wonder why?

  10. Racki says:

    If a team drafting him were able to get any attitude issues ‘adjusted’, he could be a sleeper pick.

    Thanks for the info, LNOF…

    Yah, I think he will be a sleeper pick as gr8one mentioned… because from what I’m hearing (from your post, as well as some other tidbits), I think there is a small chance he was either getting bad advice or just not thinking clearly. It could be true, like gr8one says, that now that he’s been basically banned from the KHL and a man without a country, he’ll get his shit together. In that case, he could be a pretty good asset. I don’t think he’ll be able to crack our line up though, unless we move some bodies.

  11. victoriaoilerfan says:

    I wonder if someone could help me with this? I want to print the mock drafts from all the scouts on the Oilers Site but I can’t get them to print??? What I want to do is see who is left off the top 30 list and see what is available to us for the 31st pick but it is really hard to do without printing them first. Can anyone get the lists ro print, I have tried everything?

  12. MetalOil says:

    When I have a problem getting things to print directly from a site what I do is simply copy and paste them to a word processor program and print them from there.

  13. victoriaoilerfan says:

    MetalOil: When I have a problem getting things to print directly from a site what I do is simply copy and paste them to a word processor program and print them from there.

    I will give that a try
    Thanks Metal

  14. victoriaoilerfan says:

    victoriaoilerfan: I will give that a tryThanks Metal

    Here is my list: for what its worth??

    Here are some players that were not picked by all 5 scouts. Why I think this may be important is that the Oilers having the 31st pick one of these players MAY become available.
    If I screwed anything up, just correct it.

    Some were missed by 1 drafter others 4 out of 5 etc.. Names with the “Skinny” on them.
    There were others but I got blurry eyed.:

    John Mcfarland C
    Upon his return from a broken ankle, played with great energy and battled opponents.

    Tyler Pitlick C
    Talented center serves as a nice compliment to team’s stable of talent ?Meaning Hawks)

    Jarred Tinordi D
    Pick adds some size on the back end.

    Teemo Pulkinen LW
    Injuries and maturity are issues, but has explosive talent.

    Emerson Etem RW
    One of the drafts best snipers.

    Riley Shealan C
    You can’t far wrong with this big, two way center.

    Jason Zucker
    Energetic, has a WJC Gold, A U-18 Gold, and a stock that is rising like the Oil Country

    Alexander Petrovic D (this was a personal surprise to me)
    Big nasty blueliner plays physical and has good puck skills.

    Mark Pysyk D
    His stats don’t reflect his talent, may be the best pure skater in the draft.

    Calvin Pickard G
    Sorry my printer cut of the skinny, but he is a great goalie prospect.

    Quinton Howden ( not sure postion?)
    Danny Heatleys replacment (meaning the Sens of course)

    Ryan Martindale (postion?)
    Skilled playmaker built similar to Joe Thorton

    Petr Straka RW
    Great Skill and playmaking ability with high end potential: in the park with Patik Elias-mold

    Kevin Hayes
    Left-shooting right winger is strong and carries puck well, excelent playmaker

    Brock Nelson C
    A big center for down the road.

    Quinton Howden (postion?)
    Agressive on the forecheck, has great speed, relentless in his pursuit.

    Krill Kabanov C
    Sorry printer cut off the skinnny again, but heard he has incredable skill?

  15. MetalOil says:

    If you wanna enter into a draw to win autographed Oiler gear head to the OMB as they have a thread on it to enter!

  16. Racki says:

    Enttterrred! I’m not sure what made you decide to post over in this particular thread, but its OK. lol

    Anyways, here is the thread:

    The Thread.

  17. MetalOil says:

    posting after my 2nd trip to the beer store might have something to do with it :)

  18. Racki says:

    hahah definitely a valid excuse! 😛

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