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By , June 9, 2010 10:20 am

There’s been a bit of talk going on back in forth, mostly in the general discussion area, but also in a couple other posts… so I figured I’d sum things up for those who haven’t been following. Oh and as a reminder (thanks to the picture above), Father’s Day is next weekend (June 20th). Here’s a few random topics being discussed in Oilerland these days…

Jason Spezza

I like Spezza as much as the next guy, and I definitely would like to see him here, but it depends on the cost. If Penner is moved in the deal, I don’t think that’s a smart choice. Penner is a two-way player who has put up good numbers on a poor team, and has a good contract. Who thought a year or two ago that I would be saying that today? If we can move Horcoff in a deal for Spezza I would be surprised, but without a doubt, we should jump on that while we can. You have to wonder why Brian Murray would do it, but perhaps if we enticed him with Cogliano and another player it might work.

I would tend to agree with Elliotte Friedman though in that Columbus is likely a better match for the Senators here, which leads me to my next point…
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