Caption This! #1 – Roberto Luongo

By , May 4, 2010 9:27 am


Today in the Edmonton Sun, there was a pretty damn funny pic of Roberto Luongo in it, which flipped on the light switch in my head that said “damn, we need a ‘caption this’ recurring post at the Foil”. So here is the first ever “Caption This!” post, at the Foil. For those unaware of the idea, we whip up a picture, and you can either edit it yourself, adding a caption (and link outside the site), or you can simply post what your caption would be in the comments (I’d say this is my preference).

Soooo, go nuts! I stole the first most obvious one (credit to Tigurius for making me laugh this morning with a dozen different captions :lol:).


Thanks to Puritania to introducing to me to the song that spawned the idea for me to create this video:

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