Yes, it’s true… Souray really asked for a trade

By , April 12, 2010 12:12 am
Souray wants out.. but before you flame him, read on...

Souray wants out.. but before you flame him, read on...

First off, let me start by stating that earlier in the week David Staples pointed out that Souray asked for a trade, and I questioned whether he was reading between the lines a bit on that… damn, admitting I’m wrong twice in one week? Whhhy!!!

Anyways, yes, it is true, Souray does want out, and he has specifically said that in plain english. What’s the reasoning? Crappy fans, right? No. Well OK, crappy teammates, right? No. Well, crappy weather??? What? That’s got to be it. No. Crappy management is apparently the answer. Souray is pretty ticked off at management these days (and well, who isn’t, really). Could this be more reason to signal the end of Lowe, as well as Tambellini, and signal the move of Pat Quinn to the GM’s chair? Probably not, unless Katz was already on the fence on that. But it came as a bit of a surprise when I read that Souray was ticked at mangement.

I want a trade. I do. It’s not a players thing. It’s not a fans thing or a city thing. It’s a management thing. They’ve given up on me, and it’s a two-way street. Management has soured on me, and I’ve soured on them. The fans are great, they’ve accepted me here, I see the jerseys in the stands. I couldn’t have pictured a more opposite vision of what my experience here would be like. What the organization here would be like, overall.

Anyways, you can read it all here: Sportsnet Article.

I just want to also suggest that people don’t jump all over Souray for asking for a trade. Don’t turn this into Prongergate 2.0. He was a good player here, and a good leader. It’s a huge red flag against management, who has actually shown some issues throughout the season and in the past. This definitely is something that needs to be addressed in some way or another, as it sucks to see another star player shun this team. I’m really starting to think that Tambellini and Lowe spend most of their day playing Nintendo in their office together.

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  1. YDNAR says:

    I am not really happy about the way this all went down but I can see why he would want out from what was said in the interview. I kinda wish he did the interview with someone else but oh well. I am hoping that the owner sees what is going on with his management team now and really does consider the changes that are needed. I think it was kind of obvious near the deadline when the list went from 6 teams to anywhere but a Canadian city.

  2. John says:

    Souray is one of my favourite Oilers since the departure of Smyth, I was totally stoked when he signed with the Oil & you could tell that he was pretty jazzed to be an Oiler. Although you certainly could build a case that he’s got an ego that could not be coddled & supported by this organization, I wouldn’t hold that against him. The leadership & confidence that he brought to that dressing room when he arrived was palpable; you could just tell the team was more confident.

    These attributes were clearly evident at the beginning of this season. I don’t think it was coincidence that the team play started falling apart after his injuries. After reading that article it makes a lot of sense in regards to how everything played out & how Souray’s mood seemed to change dramatically in a short span of time.

    I have very little trouble pinning this & other failures on management. The only question that remains to be answered is how much of this shit is directly on Lowe’s hands & how much is on Tambellini’s. We can kiss goodbye to any decent UFA’s comming to Edmonton for any price now, unless Katz sends Lowe packing maybe? So much for getting excited over the draft now, remember Lindros?? Just feeling sorry for myself I guess, maybe it’s nothing to worry about.

  3. Bostonoiler says:

    Weel Katz if you ever need and excuse to dump Lowe its now. Hell it might be time to put Quinn in the GM seat.

  4. Bostonoiler says:

    Heres a qoute from Souray:

    “I still have two years left on my contract. I made a commitment to come here when other guys wouldn’t,” he said. “But you talk about Prongs (Chris Pronger) and guys like that, and it should raise an eyebrow when players who leave town are skipping out with a smile on their face.”

  5. LateNightOilFan says:

    Well there it is. Damn. I hope this doesn’t turn into a Pronger fiasco with fans deciding to hate Souray for this because at least he has given his reasons. I believe he is being honest with the fans. I know there are 2 sides to every story but I don’t have a lot of faith in “management” being as honest with the fans about this one. I actually am not surprised one bit it is a management issue, especially about the non-communication part, because I can think of at least 3 former players who have mentioned that before.

    I don’t blame Souray a bit for wanting out.

  6. Oilersman says:

    If anyone says they didn’t see this coming they are blinder than Mc Magoo… It was evident he was trying to be moved at the deadline, but due to injury he was succumbed to being stuck until the draft or July 1st.

    I’m not one to bash Souray, In fact I bought an Oiler jersey for $220 with Souray on the back of it last year, because I thought he would stick around, but come trade deadline this year I was sure he was going to go “IF” he could return for post season and help someone make a playoff splash.

    Souray’s injury got infected, and sidelined him a bit more which more than likely made his movement at the deadline absent.

    It truly is sad to see a player jump out and ask for a trade, but you have to respect what he’s done here as a leader off and on the ice, and in the end we are moving forward, we got younger talent and quite frankly if Whitney/Gilbert stick together (which they will) we have our top pairing there. Gilbert’s on fire lately pulling 2 points per game and not getting caught pinching, and Whitney is teaching him how to jump up in the play more!

    I for one really did see this coming, yeah it’s a loss but at least it’s not Hemsky… ps… more cap space 😉

  7. Racki says:

    I find it interesting that people are still pointing the finger at Lowe only, and giving Tambellini a free pass. Souray called out Tambellini specifically in the article! He’s just as much to blame, if not more.

    Anyways, was a big of Souray’s since before he came here, but I’m fine with him being moved. Whitney and Gilbert have been our best defensive pairing since Visnovsky + anyone. That would have been our top pairing now, and it makes Souray a bit tougher to swallow as a 2nd string d-man.

    My only worry is that I hope him asking for a trade doesn’t hand cuff us like Pronger’s wanting out did. Trading Souray opens some good opportunity for prospects, or even a big, skilled forward. So we’ll see where this goes.

  8. Horpensky says:

    I’m not going to bash him, but I’m just going to say that he’s probably not sugarcoating anything. Yes it might be bad, but it might be the truth. We complain a lot about not knowing what our management is up to, and we have proof right here. Sheldon said it himself: our management is not very transparent.

    On the other hand, there was an article the other day, about Moreau keeping pretty open dialogue with Tambo about the direction of the team and how he doesn’t fit.

  9. Racki says:

    Maybe that’s because Moreau is the captain. I wonder how realistic it is to expect a GM to have an open dialog with each of his players. I mean, Souray is a guy who one would expect would be talked to more than say O’Sullivan or Pouliot… but should he realistically expect that the GM would come talking to him about stuff? I don’t know.

    I have always felt that I’m fine with management holding their cards close to their chest about some stuff, but I was pissed when I heard some ex-Oilers say that they weren’t talked to by our GM when their contracts were up for renewal and said GM were off gallivanting around, throwing themselves at big market players (read: ignoring the little guys that already had proven to be difference makers).

    Anyways, another red flag towards management, who already had a few this year.

  10. Oilrsgrl77 says:

    If he wasn’t injured we would have been trying to get rid of him at the deadline how he made it clear it has nothing to do with the fans or the city upfront, and I can appreciate him being very open and honest about what the problem is. Pretty dissapointing to hear they aren’t talking much to him though.

    No big surprise to anyone I am a Bilbert(yes I said Bilbert) with that on the positive, the play of Bilbert and Whitney together does make Souray MORE expendable in my eyes.

    I have no hard feeling towards him at all..he isn’t happy with management and they aren’t talking to him, that’s fine. Gawd, I just hope the media and fans don’t try to turn this into a Pronger thing…urg.

  11. Steve-O says:

    Racki: I just want to also suggest that people don’t jump all over Souray for asking for a trade. Don’t turn this into Prongergate 2.0

    Why not? Pronger had just as valid a reason for a trade than Souray. If not more (family first and all that).

    In all honesty I don’t care (I’m not going to jump on him). That said he handcuffed the team by this request as everyone knows he wants out now. So we can expect 20¢ to the dollar now…on the plus side, we don’t have a limit to where we can trade him. Maybe that’s why he’s complaining now…he wanted a say as to where to go and now he’s got no say.

    So if you expect a player in return, or a decent prospect you’re dreaming (in my opinion). We’ll be seeing draft picks, reclamation projects or other problem contracts on the way back.

  12. Oilrsgrl77 says:

    Steve-O: Why not? Pronger had just as valid a reason for a trade than Souray. If not more (family first and all that

    As bad as it sounds, as fans we always expect to know exactly what was going on. Pronger was shady about the reasons etc from the beginning(IMO)…and I can appreciate the honesty from Souray. That is the difference for me anyway.

    But hey my opinion could change as more details come out and we know more to the story.

  13. Racki says:

    Why not?Pronger had just as valid a reason for a trade than Souray.If not more (family first and all that).In all honesty I don’t care (I’m not going to jump on him).That said he handcuffed the team by this request as everyone knows he wants out now.So we can expect 20¢ to the dollar now…on the plus side, we don’t have a limit to where we can trade him.Maybe that’s why he’s complaining now…he wanted a say as to where to go and now he’s got no say.So if you expect a player in return, or a decent prospect you’re dreaming (in my opinion).We’ll be seeing draft picks, reclamation projects or other problem contracts on the way back.

    Two wrongs don’t make a right?

    If you think that Pronger had valid reason to leave (I’m not sure he did, given the rumors that had gone around) then don’t knock him for leaving. I know you haven’t been doing that. But you don’t rag on Souray just because people did it to Pronger too. If Pronger had valid reason to ask for a trade, and the stuff about him being said was untrue, then I’d say that Pronger doesn’t deserve it either.

    That all being said, Pronger’s a douchebag, egomaniac. So I have no problems with fans booing him constantly. We’re far from the only building that does it to him.

    But like OG77 said, I appreciated the honesty from Souray. It doesn’t leave us all butthurt wondering if the city/fans/etc. are to blame again. A little honesty goes a long way with me.

    Also for sure we won’t be getting equal value out of the trade, but we did get Smid+ in exchange for Pronger (who, granted, is more valuable than Souray). Also don’t underestimate the number of sucker GMs out there. You just never know. I’m not expecting the next Gretzky here. I’d be happy with a lesser known defensive defenceman prospect or some reclamation power forward.

    Also, you very well could be right that he’s pissed about not having a say in where he’s going. Actually, I’d say that’s a pretty good bet, and why he wanted management to be talking to him on a consistent basis.

  14. gr8one says:

    ow, this sucks.

    I’m sure D.Staples isn’t out there lamenting the fact that I disagreed with him either, will you share the crow though Racki?

    Anyways, yeah, I’ve ignored some alarm bells that signaled management showed a lack of respect for some other departing players, by their lack of communication with fans and media, and the players themselves not getting so much as a phone call to thank them for what they’ve done for the organization, but this is really eye opening to me, and I am officially not a fan of management. I doubt it will happen, but the house needs to be cleaned, and there’s no better time than after this terrible season, and the start of a re-build.

    This has now gone beyond a team re-build, it has become an organizational image re-build. And I don’t believe this franchise will really be able to move forward until some of that image has been re-polished.

    It’s like a restaurant that gets a bad reputation for having poor food and being unclean, it will lose it’s clientele and it won’y matter how much they improve the menu and clean the place, it won’t be until they hang up the sign that reads “under new management” that people will consider returning.

    I also found it interesting that Souray made some comments about the history of the franchise, and that lead me to believe that something I’ve wondered about for a long time might actually be true.

    It seems to me that management sits behind their desk’s with the attitude that they are the mighty Oilers with a rich and grand history, and that they can rest on the laurels of that grandeur of yore, without realizing that the organization truly has become a laughing stock of the league.

    I say it’s total clean slate time.

    New farm team.
    New Players.
    New Management.
    Road paved for a new Arena.

    Clean out all the stink, bring in the LYSOL and RAID, fumigate it all.

  15. gr8one says:

    oh yeah, a couple of other thoughts as well,

    when we connect the dots to what Souray says about feeling the pressure to play hurt, and not have ample recovery time for injuries with the fact that we have led the league in man games lost to injury 3 of the last 4 years, and that the Oilers think it’s a big enough issue to form a study on…it can’t help but make me go “hmmm, is that a factor?”

    and lastly, Souray’s “Blacksheep” comment also gave me pause for thought, mostly because over the past few years during interviews after bad losses Souray was the only player that was vocal about some of teams issues, and was refreshingly the only player not towing the company line, I always loved that about Souray, but perhaps that is what ruffled managements feather, and perhaps it explains why our “leadership” core sounds like a bunch of parrot-lemmings when they get interviewed.

    And IF that is the case, I worry what potential repercussions this could have with Whitney and his candidness toward some of the teams issues.

  16. mrgod2u says:

    Souray “Demanding” a trade is somewhat akin to the cow in the slaughterhouse run saying “someone kill me already”. It was already a fore-gone conclusion. Was there any doubt that we would be trying to offload a huge salary during a rebuild year?

    Seriously though he is mad because no-one has called him in the past few injury plagued months… Maybe they were busy keeping the lights on until draft day.

    I would hope that our owners were a little more respectful of our players. I doubt it will do anything to improve our reputation with the UFA’s, but really it couldn’t get much lower, and him gone gives us more money to throw around (and we’ll need it).

    As for lowering his trade value… I don’t see it. His value is pretty low already (concussion, unproven ability following bad hand break, etc…) if anything I bet it generates some buzz about him and allows us to move him before the draft.

  17. MetalOil says:

    Do not be so quick to blame management on this one. As David Staples points out in his blog. “no one asked him to twice recklessly get into scraps while dealing with injury’s and getting even more injured in those fights during his Oiler career. I think both Souray and management share equal blame on this one.

  18. Racki says:

    Yah, true enough MO about him being partly to blame, since he was the one who went out and fought when he likely wasn’t told to at all. But I had no problems with him doing any of that. I’m glad he tried to settle the score with Iggy, but too bad it didn’t work out so well, punching Iggy’s uber-cranium.

    I do take issue with Managements ability to seemingly talk to absolutely no one over the past couple of years though.

  19. YDNAR says:

    Spector up next on Hockey Central before Noon

  20. Oilersman says:

    Spector blames communication being the main problem here… Not surprising, says Souray claimed he was 5 out of 6 months ready for hockey, and management “forced” him to play… also Spector tried getting ahold of Tambs last night a few times and no response, then he gets a call from Oil management today saying he didn’t give them fair chance to respond! What a FREAKING JOKE, our organization is falling apart…

    The worst part is they are waiting till Wenesday no matter what to make a statement of any sort… why? whyyy? Like the other 2 said on Hockey Central, this will only drag on now…

  21. Racki says:

    YDNAR: Spector up next on Hockey Central before Noon

    Stuck at work, so I’ll miss that, but fill us in on any big details, if there are any more!

  22. YDNAR says:

    Oilersman summed it up pretty good. I am sorry but i have not ever been a fan of that Spector and really can’t stand to hear from him on most any subject, I can understand why the Oiler’s management would not get back to him I know I wouldn’t. More to come and I am figuring on more of an Oiler’s perspective from Tencer tonite on his show

  23. Bostonoiler says:

    Well the play of Gilbert and Whiteny makes this easier to take. I hope they do the right thing and get a young player for him.

  24. dawgtoy says:

    If he wants the trade so bad, why not just STFU and let it happen. Hockey is an old boys club, if you make the boys look bad, they don`t want you. By opening your mouth and ridiculing the Oilers management, you lower your own trade value. Thanks Sheldon, Pronger moves up a notch, welcome to public enemy number 1.

  25. mrgod2u says:

    It could be a blessing in disguise, after his injuries this year he is a bit of an unknown, but now he will be a “bargain bin” and we will get some throwaway offers. If he turns out to be a big bust next season we get what we get and the other team gets a $5.5 million hospital bed. Their lowball offer might be better than what we have.

  26. neufab says:

    I still respect Souray more (at this point) for sayin like it is, than Pronger who hid behind his wife rather than OWNING it! Shit show either way.

    Discount rates to vacation in Edmonton ):

    Edmonton needs something good to happen to it. Start with a Gray Cup and then a playoff NHL team.

  27. mrgod2u says:

    I don’t know… The Eskimos making it all the way through on the Eastern crossover and then beating the Riders… I just don’t see it happening.

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