Tencer interviews MacTavish

By , March 25, 2010 10:29 am

MacT back when most of us were yelling at him...

MacT back when most of us were yelling at him...

Here are the highlights for those that can’t listen, but the audio is available here.

– Enjoyed his break from coaching.
– Did some pre-scouting for the Olympics (checked out some lesser teams).
– On Jordan Eberle playing at the Worlds (when asked by Tencer): “Yah you put that very well. That’s absolutely the case with Jordan, for all the reasons you mentioned. He fits the bill. We’re going to be maintaining some spots through the first round of the playoffs in hopes that the teams that are eliminated will open up some other doors for some other players to possibly join us in Germany. It’s a great opportunity for young players. And historically, Hockey Canada doesn’t like to take NHL players over to Germany and have them sit in the stands. There is an opportunity for players much like Jordan that have evolved much above Junior hockey, but there’s still some question marks whether they’re ready for hockey at this level, to go in (and) get a look. And from what I’ve seen of Jordan Eberle in the past, he’s going to make a case for himself if he gets an opportunity to play over there and that’s all he’s looking for. And it’ll be a good developmental thing for him and, as you said, to continue to indoctrinate himself into the Hockey Canada network.”
– His perspective “being an Oilers fan” is that being in 30th is the best thing for the organization right now. He says (and I’ve been saying this all along..) that if a team is fighting for 7th or 8th, but end up finishing 9th or 10th, it hinders your ability to acquire the type of player you need to help your team out. He goes on to emphasize how finishing in that middle-low area doesn’t help the team at all. I love how he still says “we” when referring to the Oilers. He’s still a fan, even though he isn’t with the team.
– Tencer asks him if it was wrong, in hindsight, to play Gagner up in the NHL at 18. MacTavish reminds that he’s still only 20 (i.e., has a lot of growth to do). He emphasizes that he is a “terrific hockey player” and that he is a special player that needs to have all the opportunities thrown at him. Basically the message is “stop worrying about him, he’ll be great”.
– Ready to come back coaching, and he looks forward to being back in the game.

8 Responses to “Tencer interviews MacTavish”

  1. Steve-O says:

    MacT is awesome

  2. Bostonoiler says:

    Well its very nice ot se him still a fan of the Oilers. Hopefully he finds a job soon in the NHL, and takes Eberle for the team at the worlds. I agree about being 30th is better than 9th in the conference, you get a player that can really help. This season is something we will look back on and hopefully see as the start of something special in Oil Country.

  3. Racki says:

    Yah that part hit home. Maybe now that MacTavish said it, you can see how good it is for the team that we finish 30th, Steve-O? πŸ˜›

  4. Horpensky says:

    Good for MacT. TSN was a great break for him, and it really looks like he’s ready to come back coaching. I have no doubt he got the World Champion job just because he’s buddy buddy with Messier though.

  5. chucker says:

    I always liked MacT the thinker and guy. I’m now softening a bit on what he had to work with here, but nice interview and he’s obvioiusly moved on with good thoughts about his time here and I’m sure it’s the same on the other side by our management.

    I always thought he’d be a great guy to spend a night playing cards and shooting the bull with. Very intelligent and funny. MacT would be good company as well.

  6. Racki says:

    Well said, Chucker.

    And Horpensky, I can agree with that. I don’t think he’s a bad guy to coach there at all though, but yah, I think he would have been a consideration anyways, just not the first consideration. But I think he can do the job.

    Anyways, I really love how the guy says “we” about the team. It shows he still cares. And yah, I was screaming for his head at the end there, but just because he was well past his expiry date. It had to be done, because he had become a big distraction and was even frustrated here as well, it seemed.

  7. chucker says:

    Yeah for sure Racki. It was very clear that he was just completely frustrated at the end here. It was likely a good move for him and the team.

  8. neufab says:

    I think that MacT is one of the most intelligent mind in the NHL when it comes to coaching. I too was glad to see him go, reasons as mentioned by Racki, I totally agree. MacT will do well on his next team I think.

    I like MacT’s take on Gagner. He may not reach 77 pts like Hemsky in his 3rd year, but I think Gagner will be better than Hemsky (who had 34 pts in his 2nd year). These last few games have been fun to watch (although I missed the Nucks game).

    The Oilers are in a better place than the flames. Again they appear to be a good team until late in the year where they demonstrate their ability to falter when it matters. Iggy is still their best player but has his best years behind him. Is there anyone of comparable production potential waiting in the wings? … just those middle of the pack, defensive sutterites, oh ya, and Backlund – woo hoo.

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