Back to reality: Oilers 2009/10 Quarter 3 Re-boo

By , March 1, 2010 10:51 am
Maybe he and Nikolai can go to Rekhab together.

Maybe he and Nikolai can go to Rekhab together.

I hate bringing it all back to reality. After all the excitement surrounding the Olympic games and Olympic hockey, it’s tough to go back to our shattered team. We’ve been hanging on to this review for a bit, given the Olympics were keeping us busy. But here it is… no real surprises, I would think, for a team that looked like it would only have one win the whole quarter. Also this Q3 review is stomping Steve-O’s Monday Morning Standings which are a better read than the usual one, so don’t forget to check that out here.

It’s probably odd timing to throw up this Q3 review though, given that we’re just coming off a high note. But perhaps we can come back down to earth now. So here it is..

A – Awesome
B – Above Average
C – Average
D – Booooooooo
F – Useless/Trade/Fire


Name GP G A P PIM +/-
Andrew Cogliano 21 1 2 3 6 -11
Racki He seems to be a little better physically, but his offensive production (much like many on this team) has been negligible. Playing with Moreau and Stortini would tend to do that, however. C-
Steve-O Offensive black hole…and being put on a better line didn’t make him any better.  I would go as far as saying he would be great trade bait as he still has a good reputation around the league, but then again he will be cheap to resign and has to be better than he was this year. D
Trogdor He’s in a bad place, but he’s making the best of it.  Bad linemates, but he plays hard each night. C+
Dustin Penner 21 5 4 9 16 -9
Racki He shows signs of life now and again, but this has been a horrible quarter for him, which might have a fair bit to do with the current funk the Oil are in. C-
Steve-O Penner needs Hemsky like grass needs water.  Has disappeared since Hemsky’s injury, and now doesn’t even look like he gives a shit. C-
Trogdor Agreed that Hemmer is a big part of his good start, but he made everyone a little better.  He’s done alright since then, but when he’s the only threat, he’s going to get shutdown attention every night. C
Ethan Moreau 21 2 3 5 16 -14
Racki Once he took off the visor, I swear he improved a bit. He’s looked a little better this quarter, and even has a couple of goals. C
Steve-O Playing better this quarter.  Good to see. C-
Trogdor Only 16 PIMs in third quarter?  Gold star! C-
Fernando Pisani 16 2 0 2 4 -8
Racki Definitely becoming evident that we no longer need him on this team, unfortunately. D
Steve-O When he came back from his injury he looked like the best player on the ice, and then a few games later was as lazy as the rest of the team. D
Trogdor He’s been pretty invisible since his return. C-
Gilbert Brule 12 2 1 3 9 -4
Racki Still is a decent player. For some reason Quinn separated him and Penner once he returned from the flu. Would be nice to see them back together. C+
Steve-O I like the little guy.  Hits, plays hard still (unlike most the team) and has some offensive ability. C
Trogdor Brings energy to a line up lacking it.  Try as he may, he can’t inspire the team to play a bit harder. C+
Jean-Francois Jacques 17 2 2 4 9 -2
Racki Maybe I haven’t been watching closely enough, but he doesn’t seem to be hitting as often these days. His back has been an issue recently, so that may be why. D
Steve-O Has not been great lately.  No hands, doesn’t drop the mitts enough and finds himself out of position way too much. D
Trogdor His high energy banging is dropping off.  Hopefully he’s recharged over the break. C-
Marc-Antoine Pouliot 14 2 2 4 4 -2
Racki Definitely not the worst guy on the ice, and playing with some heart, but he’s still Pouliot. C
Steve-O Like Pisani, came back from injury and looked like the best player on the team.  And then the team got him down.  But not as much as Pisani.  Good player and I think he’s useful to this team. C+
Trogdor He’s been decent since returning to a lack lustre line up. C+
Mike Comrie 9 1 2 3 13 -6
Racki Got into a good scrap vs. Prucha and nearly went with a tougher Wisniewski. His legs are slowly coming back to him. Was one of the team’s better players in this stretch, when he played. B
Steve-O He will get us something good come the deadline.  Maybe even bring him back in the off-season if he’s willing to play for us again. B-
Trogdor One of the few players that shows a little pride still when taking to the ice.  Would like to keep him around just for that. B
Patrick O’Sullivan 20 2 8 10 12 -10
Racki Looks good some nights, lazy other nights. Very inconsistent. C
Steve-O One of the better Oilers the last bit. C+
Trogdor Improvement this quarter.  Hopefully he can build on it and finish the season strong. C
Robert Nilsson 18 1 7 8 6 -10
Racki He’s played a lot better this round… apparently had a fire lit under his ass at some point. Trying to prove that he isn’t the easy choice for odd man out among the small guys. C
Steve-O Looks like he gives a shit every game, and actually tries to play defense.  Nice to see. C+
Trogdor Looks good some times, then makes a jackass pass.  Needs to learn when to make the safe pass or dump and chase. C-
Ryan Potulny 20 6 3 9 6 -15
Racki Still doing all that should be expected of him and been a very pleasant surprise. C
Steve-O He can score.  Its nice to see on this team.  Whoever decided to sign him/trade for him/whatever it is as I’m too lazy to look it up now; should be congratulated. C+
Trogdor Getting some much needed secondary scoring from him.  All we need now is primary scoring. C+
Ryan Stone 6 0 1 1 6 -2
Racki Unfortunate that he got injured… he’s a guy we could have used in this stinky quarter. C
Steve-O I like him.  Too bad he hasn’t scored yet.  I would take him over JFJ and Stortini anyday.  Good return for Garon last year.  Makes me think that Tambellini’s head isn’t that far up his ass. C
Trogdor He’s a good role player.  He’s been doing his job when he’s been in the lineup. C
Sam Gagner 17 6 8 14 8 0
Racki He’s starting to pick up his offensive game and, aside from Plante, was the only player who wasn’t in the negatives for plus/minus. B+
Steve-O Second best player (behind Hemsky), and should Hemsky decide that he’s done playing for this Mickey Mouse org. in 2 years will become the fanchise. B
Trogdor Offensive production improving and an even +/-.  Good stuff. B+
Shawn Horcoff 20 1 5 6 23 -9
Racki I used to defend Horcs to no end, but it’s near impossible now… sorry bud! If by some miracle we can move him without having to package a guy like Gagner, do it. D
Steve-O A lot of PIM’s there.  Maybe trying too hard to do too much.  I think so, as he looks like an actual NHL player (rare on this team). C-
Trogdor Not much change over the season in play.  Hopefully he gets his mojo back at some point. C-
Zack Stortini 17 0 3 3 18 -1
Racki I didn’t think he had as good of a quarter. Apparently Quinn thought the same and benched him a bit.. Perhaps for too long though. Stortini sometimes just needs a motivational benching. He’s a keeper. C
Steve-O Runs around too much.  But he actually fights.  He is what he is. C-
Trogdor 3 assists in 17 games?  Put him on the first line!  Fills his role. C


Name GP G A P PIM +/-
Denis Grebeshkov 21 3 5 8 10 -5
Racki His numbers have been the best of all d-men in this period, but wow he’s looked pretty horrid many nights. D
Steve-O Some give away’s here and there.  I would still keep Gilbert over him, but I would keep Grebber Grabber over Souray (so long as he’s cheaper, and we replace Souray’s toughness) as he has age in his favor. C
Trogdor More turnovers than a dutch bakery…  Needs to play smarter. D
Jason Strudwick 19 0 0 0 19 -10
Racki I know it’s shocking to see him with that rating, but he’s been Quinn’s go-to guy, warranted or not, and he’s stepped up his game quite a bit. B-
Steve-O Racki is obviously still feeling the affects of the laughing gas, which in addition to making one feel little to no pain also renders the person stunningly unable to grade hockey players.  Strudwick is not a good player anymore, and while he may be a good soldier, he should not be on the ice in the last minute of any game. D
Trogdor I’ll go down the middle road with a C.  He’s played to expectation. C
Ladislav Smid 13 0 0 0 11 -7
Racki Always steady and reliable, still having a quality year. B
Steve-O Turning into one of my favorite Oilers. B
Trogdor Still liking Smid.  He’s been consistent all season.  He’s a keeper. B+
Lubomir Visnovsky 18 2 4 6 4 -9
Racki He’s looked mortal several times in this quarter, unfortunately.  But he’s still our best d-man. C
Steve-O Our best D-man.  By far. B
Trogdor Lubo has played well and is one of the D to hang on to. B
Sheldon Souray 13 1 1 2 13 -12
Racki Not his best quarter (or season for that matter). Still brings the intangibles to the team, but the offensive well has dried up it seems. C-
Steve-O Hasn’t looked so hot this season.  And then gets injured before the trade deadline.  Hopefully we can get something for him still as he’s expected to get back before the playoffs. C-
Trogdor Bombs from the point, but missing the net.  At least bean someone… C
Steve Staios 11 0 1 1 23 -11
Racki Still think he’s a factor and his lack of presence is felt when he’s hurt C
Steve-O Wrap it around the boards or grenade to his partner.  Nothing has changed D
Trogdor Another guy who’s been mostly consistent this year. C
Taylor Chorney 8 0 0 0 0 -3
Racki He looked pretty decent in his short stint here. B-
Steve-O Haven’t noticed him so that’s good. C
Trogdor No glaring mistakes when he gets called up.  Keeps things simple and makes the smart play. C
Tom Gilbert 21 0 2 2 0 -11
Racki He looks good in the offensive zone, but still lost in his own zone. C-
Steve-O I think he’s looked good this year.  Its popular to hate on him but this is one fine D-man and he will be worth his contract soon. C
Trogdor Needs to play more physical, but it’s been said before. C
Alex Plante 4 0 1 1 2 1
Racki Had a short stint here… was nearly invisible save for a few hits. But Kevin Lowe (I believe) used to say that you know a defenseman is doing his job when you don’t notice him on the ice. B+
Steve-O Didn’t notice him (other than him trying to fight which is good) so that’s good.  Also noticed he dropped the visor after trying to fight someone and being turned down. C+
Trogdor Did well when he was called in to help plug the injury dam. C


Name GP Min W L T GAA SV% SO
Jeff Drouin-Deslauriers 15 868 3 11 1 3.66 0.894 1
Racki Man, hard to rank him. In a lot of cases, it’s not his fault that he isn’t succeeding so well in net. But he is very inconsistent in net. C-
Steve-O Looks awesome and then lets in a weak goal.  Kinda like Conkannen did for us in 06 (till Roli came riding in on his horse).  Needs to fix that shit right quick. C-
Trogdor I have to give both our goalies props for showing up to games.  When your team hangs you out to dry with no goal support it’s got to be hard to come to work… C
Devan Dubnyk 7 392 0 5 1 3.83 0.876 0
Racki The better of our two younger goaltenders, despite the numbers being lower. Like Deslauriers, he doesn’t get much support. I think his numbers are also deflated by an awful first game if I recall. C
Steve-O I think he’s looked good, however the team has bailed on him each and every time.  Give him some more chances coach! C
Trogdor Same as above.  Playing decent for the situation, and the poor guy keeps getting sent down for brief stints. C


Team As A Whole
(GP 21, W 3, L 16, OTL 2, GF 40, GA 79)
Review Rating
Racki Horrid. 3 wins in the entire quarter? You fail, folks. Steve-O’s D- is generous. F
Steve-O Not good.  They look like they don’t give a shit, look like they don’t care if they are embarrassed, stop playing after a single goal against, are outplayed by teams that are not that much better than them on paper.  Ugh. D-
Trogdor I’ll give a point over F for every win in the month of January! F
Coaching Review Rating
Racki I don’t think coaching is the issue still… but they’re not doing the team many favors right now either. C-
Steve-O The coaching has been horrible if you ask me.  Strudwick out in the last minute on an own zone faceoff with the game tied!?  No line matching!?  Some of the line combinations!? D
Trogdor Not sure about this grade…  Some strange timing and combos, but when you’re grasping at straws I guess you’ll try anything. C-
Management Review Rating
Racki Tambellini again appears to be sitting on his hands. He can redeem himself in quarter #4. If he does nothing before the deadline, I say we should just have a random draw to see who sits in the manager chair of all of us fans, because clearly it doesn’t matter who’s in there. F
Steve-O Nothing done.  Nada.  Needed more time to evaluate the team.  Bullshit, we all knew what was wrong with the team from the get-go but nothing was done to fix any of it.  You have until the start of next season to do something or you should be fired. F
Trogdor We have management? F

2 Responses to “Back to reality: Oilers 2009/10 Quarter 3 Re-boo”

  1. neufab says:

    Wow. No comments nearly a week after the report. Grades are dismal and rightfully so. I think Potulny deserves at least a (B-) because as a guy brought in originally to be an injury plug, he has played well fairly consistently and seems to finish off a play when given the chance. He has made a good case to stay on the team next year. The few bright spots for this team have been Potulny, Brule, Comrie, Smid, Penner (less so recently) and Gagner (although it was expected of him).

  2. Racki says:

    Hey thanks for the comment, finally.. lol

    Yes, all that work for nothin! haha I kind of figured it wouldn’t get much attention, given the current state of affairs here.

    But you’re right about Potulny.. deserves a bit higher of a mark.

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