Monday Morning Standings

By , March 16, 2010 11:16 am

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Well, I forgot last week, and am a day late this week, but here they are…the Monday Morning Standings!

Taking a look at the standings, a couple things surprise me.

  • Kings and Coyotes – I am going to be cheering for these teams come the post season (I still think it will be a hawks – caps final, with the hawks overcoming shitty goaltending to win it).  I think its awesome that these teams have had the season that they have.  (Same with the avs but I’m not going to cheer for them)
  • Caps are feasting on the shitty Southeast div.
  • Red Wings on the bubble.  I remember when they used to be real shitty, but its been so long that I assumed that they wouldn’t get back to that point.  Sure injuries have played a part, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they were on the bubble again next year (that said, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Coyotes come back to earth next year, although I’ve been waiting for it to happen all year and seems they are still going  strong – We should have waited a couple months and picked up Tippet once he became free).
  • Based on how much I hear about the Isles I figured they would be higher in the standings…too bad Schremp didn’t push them over the top.
  • Also, based on the crap I hear from Flames fans, I’m surprised that they are not higher in the standings.  If they miss the playoffs I’m going to laugh.
  • And the Oilers suck.  Lets hope for a less shitty next season.  Worse than the dark ages…I never thought I’d ever say that.  It takes a special kind of suck to get to this point.

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Conference Standings

East West
Team GP Pts Team GP Pts
Washington Capitals * 69 101 San Jose Sharks 68 96
Pittsburgh Penguins 69 87 Chicago Blackhawks 68 94
Buffalo Sabres 67 82 Vancouver Canucks 69 89
New Jersey Devils 68 85 Phoenix Coyotes 69 89
Ottawa Senators 69 79 Los Angeles Kings 68 85
Philadelphia Flyers 68 76 Colorado Avalanche 68 84
Montréal Canadiens 70 76 Nashville Predators 69 81
Boston Bruins 68 72 Detroit Red Wings 69 80
New York Rangers 69 71 Calgary Flames 69 77
Tampa Bay Lightning 68 68 St Louis Blues 68 73
Atlanta Thrashers 68 67 Minnesota Wild 68 72
Florida Panthers 67 66 Dallas Stars 68 71
New York Islanders 69 65 Anaheim Ducks 68 70
Carolina Hurricanes 68 64 Columbus Blue Jackets 70 67
Toronto Maple Leafs 69 58 Edmonton Oilers 69 49

League Standings

NHL Overall
Team GP Pts
Washington Capitals * 69 101
San Jose Sharks 68 96
Chicago Blackhawks 68 94
Vancouver Canucks 69 89
Phoenix Coyotes 69 89
Pittsburgh Penguins 69 87
New Jersey Devils 68 85
Los Angeles Kings 68 85
Colorado Avalanche 68 84
Buffalo Sabres 67 82
Nashville Predators 69 81
Detroit Red Wings 69 80
Ottawa Senators 69 79
Calgary Flames 69 77
Philadelphia Flyers 68 76
Montréal Canadiens 70 76
St Louis Blues 68 73
Minnesota Wild 68 72
Boston Bruins 68 72
Dallas Stars 68 71
New York Rangers 69 71
Anaheim Ducks 68 70
Tampa Bay Lightning 68 68
Atlanta Thrashers 68 67
Columbus Blue Jackets 70 67
Florida Panthers 67 66
New York Islanders 69 65
Carolina Hurricanes 68 64
Toronto Maple Leafs 69 58
Edmonton Oilers 69 49

* = Clinched playoff (division in this case)

And in the pool Racki is first still, while Trogdor and myself have dropped down to 4th and 5th. Although I’ve locked up a playoff spot, while Trogdor still has to fight it out this week. (As it stands, Racki and gr8one are looking at bye’s, Trogdor and myself are going against each other in the first round and Johnny O’Dangles and retrochick are facing each other in the first round as well).

10 Responses to “Monday Morning Standings”

  1. Steve-O says:

    Also of note is that Seguin is now #1 in ISS scouting report

  2. Racki says:

    Nintendoraider #9!

  3. mrgod2u says:

    I would be ok with us trading up our 2nd round pick to get a shot at Nintendoraider 😉

  4. MetalOil says:

    how about our 2nd round pick, a 3rd rounder plus Cogs to Florida for there first rounder? Then grab Neo

  5. gr8one says:

    Love Knightrider, but if we had a secodn pick that high I could see the Oilers going for a potential young big stud D man like Gudbranson.

  6. Racki says:

    It would be hard not to go for a D-man, agreed, seeing as how now we currently have a good set of forward prospects in the system, and not a lot of strong D or goaltending prospects (aside from Roy, but we’re one bust away from being in a continuous shit situation in net). At the same time though, perhaps a forward or two could be flipped for one of the aforementioned weak spots.

  7. mrgod2u says:

    yeah, I am kinda leery of drafting for d-men as it can take them so long to mature that often what you need when you draft them is not what you need when they are ready. Unless you draft a top 10 then there is sometimes less of a lead-time.

    As much as I like Neidoreiter, I don’t think he is worth Cogs and picks. Cogs was a first-rounder too remember and is getting better every year. That said I am unsure what bundle would get us the 6-10th pick that we need to aquire him.

    Florida’s pick would give us a lock, but Tampa or even the Rangers pick could do it depending on where things play out. Tampa may not need the youth as much and could part with the pick for maybe Souray and our 2nd rounder. Although I may be over-valueing what Souray is worth considering no one will have seen him play since the surgery and that makes him a wild card.

  8. chucker says:

    Ahhhhhh. Thanks for making my evening with the pic. Nice to see you guys fighting the good fight. 😉

    On Seguin, he’s really looking like the top guy at this point and all the scouts are saying it too. To be honest, I’m very comfortable with him or Hall at this point.
    @ Racki, I think we should do what we can to trade up for Neidoreiter. The kid looks great and plays on a shit team. They look decent in the standings, but they’ve sucked arse the last few years. I’m thinking he’s under-rated because of the team he’s on and that it’s not really close to many other junior team clusters like out East where you can see 14 teams in a week very easily.

    I’m thinking we trade Souray and Penner to move up plus get a prospect.

    Off topic, but what does everyone think of Aaron Johnson? I’m pretty impressed with the kid. He’s big, rangy, tough and sound defensively and makes a good outlet. Also he hits a lot. I am definitely hoping they re-sign him for next year. Say a one year deal for him at less than 1 mill. I’m thinking he’d jump at it, but maybe I’m miscalculating his worth at this stage. Anyways, I think he’d be good to keep around.

  9. Racki says:

    I think he’s a good improvement on Strudwick. Once we have Souray and Smid back next year, our D looks a little better. Ironically now we have more defensive minded guys back there than O-minded guys. They just can’t seem to find the 50/50 mix. Oh well.

    edit: Actually I forgot about Chorney, so I guess that’s close enough to 50/50.

    Souray should be gone next year, so unless they bring in a replacement D for him, that shifts the balance a bit more defensively, but Petry should be in within a couple of years too.

  10. Steve-O says:

    Everyone should read Lowetide for the last few articles based on the draft. And how our current kids are doing (equivalencies).

    Interesting difference between ISS and Redline, as well as I found it interesting that Poo had a better equivalency as a 18 year old than Eberle…kinda shows what impact injury can have on a player.

    And while I’m giving props to one of my favorite blogs, MC79Hockey and Black Dog both have good reads up lately too.

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