GDT – Edmonton Oilers 2, Anaheim Ducks 3 – Mar 26, 2010 @ 7:00 PM – SNET – Game 74

By , March 26, 2010 2:30 pm

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I played Billy the Kid damn it!!!

logo Edmonton Oilers 2 FINAL logo Anaheim Ducks 3
24-42-7 Record 34-31-8
Location: Rexall Place
Date: Mar 26, 2010 @ 7:00 PM MST


Ducks…  An outfit once owned and operated by some Mickey Mouse operation.  Sound familiar?  ­The Ducks have lost Getzlaf with the same ankle issue that nearly clipped his wings for an Olympic appearance and James ‘Forearm Shiver’ Wisniewski is still suspended.  Down, but not out, yet with only 9 games remaining and trailing 8th by 11 points the Ducks will be dusting off the golf clubs around the same time as the boys in blue.  This will be the first meeting between the two clubs since the swapping of Lubo for Whitney, and with the Oil on a 3 game tear and not a care in the world, I’m pretty sure we can run our win streak up to 4 against the Mighty Quacks.  Patty O has been cleared to play and Gagner left practice early, so maybe they’ll trade spots tonight.  As for Petry making an appearance tonight, no word yet.


Edmonton Oilers Projected Line-Up (subject to change)

(Lines according to Daily Faceoff … which definitely isn’t always accurate, so take it with a grain of salt)


The guy from UofC?

Anaheim Ducks

Belesky-Not Getzlaf-Perry



73 GP 73
34 W 24
31 L 42
8 OT 7
76 P 55
0.521 P% 0.377
2.75 G/G 2.47
3.00 GA/G 3.36
19.4 PP% 17.5
79.1 PK% 77.7
29.9 S/G 28.2
32.9 SA/G 32.3
48.0 FO% 46.8

15 Responses to “GDT – Edmonton Oilers 2, Anaheim Ducks 3 – Mar 26, 2010 @ 7:00 PM – SNET – Game 74”

  1. Puritania says:

    I hope Lubo gets a big ass ovation from the fans. Hope Whitney has a huge game, should be a gooder.

  2. Trogdor says:

    I’m sure Lubo will get some love, but they’ll have to save some for Toad.

  3. Racki says:

    Puritania: agree on all of that. I miss Lubo, but Whitney has been awesome and has helped turn Gilbert around. Seems to be a fairly even trade now.

  4. Puritania says:

    Yeah same here Racki, I miss Lubo but Whitney has been looking great too. I’m particularly pleased with the character he has shown. Every time that guy speaks I hear a leader talking.

  5. gr8one says:

    yeah, agree with all of what’s been said so far about Whitney, it will be an especially good feeling in about 3 years when Whitney is peaking and Lubo is either retired or on his last legs.

  6. Trogdor says:

    The Mustache has the only goal of the game so far?

  7. Racki says:

    Wow, this GDT is the fail of the century. hehe Just got back from the gym and a haircut. How’s the game been so far?

  8. gr8one says:

    yeah, i’m lonely, someone hold me?

  9. Trogdor says:

    Been watching in the background. Doing taxes. More exciting outcome than the game.

  10. Trogdor says:

    Some good pressure with no time left and the goalie pulled. Good time to start paying attention! They totally blew my 4 in a row prediction though.

  11. Racki says:

    Don’t be sure about those taxes being more exciting!

  12. gr8one says:

    lol, it took a 6on3 pp for the oil but they finally score a PP goal!

  13. Haboiler says:

    Sure liked the grit I saw from Whitney tonite… anyone think him and Bodie like each other much?

  14. Racki says:

    LOL, yah, not a lot of love between those two. Good of Bodie to throw some shots it while Whitney wasn’t facing him and unable to fight back.

  15. Haboiler says:

    and Whitney is the one to get a 10 at the end of the game and Bodie gets nadda. Next game between these 2 might be a good one.

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