Trade bonanza begins with Grebeshkov trade..

By , March 1, 2010 3:28 pm

Per e-mail from the Oilers:

General Manager Steve Tambellini announced today the Edmonton Oilers have acquired a second round choice in the 2010 NHL Entry Draft from the Nashville Predators in exchange for defenceman Denis Grebeshkov.

Back to reality: Oilers 2009/10 Quarter 3 Re-boo

By , March 1, 2010 10:51 am
Maybe he and Nikolai can go to Rekhab together.

Maybe he and Nikolai can go to Rekhab together.

I hate bringing it all back to reality. After all the excitement surrounding the Olympic games and Olympic hockey, it’s tough to go back to our shattered team. We’ve been hanging on to this review for a bit, given the Olympics were keeping us busy. But here it is… no real surprises, I would think, for a team that looked like it would only have one win the whole quarter. Also this Q3 review is stomping Steve-O’s Monday Morning Standings which are a better read than the usual one, so don’t forget to check that out here.

It’s probably odd timing to throw up this Q3 review though, given that we’re just coming off a high note. But perhaps we can come back down to earth now. So here it is..
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Monday Morning Standings – Olympics are Done

By , March 1, 2010 10:11 am

Ashleigh McIvor - Olympic Gold Medal Winner

The end of a successful Olympics.Β  And what a final week.Β  Canada picked up 8 golds (!) since the last MMS. Last Monday the papers were talking about the Own the Podium being a failure and how we should have never done it, but I think as this amazing week has come to an end it looks like we did kick some ass (and as I read on twitter, technically we do own all the podiums).

And what a hockey game!Β  Wow. I don’t think they could have scripted it any better. Overtime, Crosby, against the States. If I worked for the NHL I would have that running in all my commercials non-stop with some comment like “Do you know what you’re missing?”. If they cut it with the simultaneous shots of Robson square/ the Molson house/Toronto/everywhere with a TV just erupting then they would have a hit commercial.

The closing ceremonies kinda sucked if you ask me. I enjoyed the athletes march and all that (intro to Sochi etc), but the obvious lip-syncing for the entire intro part (where are we? oh yeah, Vancouver) annoyed me, and I didn’t really like how they did the whole try to be comedians part. I did like Mr. Fox coming out and saying “Hi, I’m Mike” and getting a huge cheer (and Shatner was awesome as well…go watch Free Enterprise). Now as for the “concert”, I am aware that I don’t have the most common taste of music, but what they had there was crap (although Alanis had a nice dress on). The only band that interested me in the slightest was the Marie-Mai. And we all know why that was…the guitar was the closest thing to music that I like.

All in all, the Olympics were a massive success, and I’m glad that the world got to see us drinking from the pitcher on the way to interviews, partying in the streets, kicking ass in the sports and just being all around awesome. Also, for all of the athletes who made it to represent our country, congrats. Win or lose, you made the whole country proud.

As for NHL standings, they are the same as last week.

In the pool, the “week” finally ended which leaves Racki in first, I am in second and Trogdor is in fourth.

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