Oilers 2009/10 – Quarter 2 Report

By , January 4, 2010 3:34 pm
Oilers Head Office

Oilers Head Office

Well, just over the halfway point of the season. Steve-O, Trogdor and Racki have done the 2nd quarter review (game 21 to game 40, inclusive). It’s not pretty, as could be expected. Who’s excited for next season? As always, feel free to put up your review on The Wall. Also, sorry to Steve-O for bumping down your Monday Morning Standings / Sweeping Hamster.

Anyways, read on for the reviews…

A – Awesome
B – Above Average
C – Average
D – Booooooooo
F – Useless/Trade/Fire


Name Pos GP G A Pts +/- PIM
Ales Hemsky R 5 3 1 4 2 0
Racki Hard to really rate him, but he played good in the limited action he saw before getting hurt. A-
Steve-O Best player on the team. Season was fuckered when he went down. On the best contract. Hopefully we can get this turned around before the contract expires. A+
Trogdor 4 pts in 5 games? That’s a decent pace, too bad it was short lived and he went down. A
Andrew Cogliano C 20 1 1 2 1 9
Racki He’s really stepped up his physical game… but 2 points? Ouch. C-
Steve-O May be a casualty of rushing into the show, either that or a casualty of Quinn not matching lines. Performed well in protected situations (as did Nilsson), but when rolling lines will get outmatched. C-
Trogdor 2 pts? Not good at all on a team that is desperate for secondary scoring right now. Tertiary scoring is need too! Saved from an F by his +/-. D
Dustin Penner R 20 7 8 15 1 8
Racki He’s tailed off a bit without Hemsky, but still playing better than most. Needs to be more dominant without Hemsky though on a consistent basis. Not sure why he isn’t playing with Brule anymore, however. Probably more for the sake of sharing the wealth. B
Steve-O Not bad. I expected the stats to be worse than above, but I think the 5 games with Hemsky are impacting them. Misses Hemsky terribly. So do I. B
Trogdor Still looking good out there, but when Hemsky is gone and no one else is scoring the opponents know who to shut down. His 2 way play has continued to impress me. A
Ethan Moreau L 20 1 3 4 0 19
Racki Still the same old, same old with Moreau. I think he’s looked a little better in some games, but I’d still waive him. D-
Steve-O Even!? Looks like the old boy can still stop the other team a bit. Also playing with the offensive suck-hole that is Cogliano (or maybe this explains Cogliano?). Based on how many penalties people say he takes, I expected to see the 19 a bit higher, but 1 penalty every other game (less if you include his major’s and flip out against St. Louis) isn’t THAT terrible. C-
Trogdor Let me check what I gave him in the 1st quarter… A ‘C’, seems appropriate again. C
Gilbert Brule C 20 5 8 13 0 14
Racki He’s looked really good in the absence of Hemsky. He plays physical, is speedy, generates a lot of chances… so far making me not look back in the Torres trade, not that I would have anyways. B+
Steve-O I like him. Lots of try in this kid. Also seems to have found a touch around the net. Starting to earn the draft selection I think. B
Trogdor Brule has been one of the few bright spots this season. He’s a little powder keg and contributes to our offence. A
Jean-Francois Jacques L 17 0 2 2 -8 36
Racki He still does all the things we need him to. I wish he had more offense, but that’s really not his game. He’s still hitting everything that moves. B-
Steve-O Meh. Not as sold as Racki on dude, and I was a fan before. I think he would be fine in a 4th line role, but for some reason keeps getting put up higher in the lineup. C
Trogdor A good energy player. He knows his role but sometimes is played where his role shouldn’t be played. Keep him on the 3/4 lines. B
Liam Reddox L 5 0 1 1 -1 4
Racki I’ll give him almost the same review as last quarter. Hasn’t played much. What you see is what you get with Liam Reddox though. High intensity, hard, hard work. But he isn’t a flashy guy. Defensively sound. Gets a higher rank, purely based on his effort level. B-
Steve-O Don’t remember him playing this quarter at all. Except getting just hammered from behind. As expected. C
Trogdor Not much to go off of. Getting little time on a team that is low on talent so Quinn must have issues with him. C
Mike Comrie C 1 0 0 0 0 0
Racki Mono? Come on Mike, that’s so 9th grade. n/a
Steve-O Paying him to not play. Boo. Also haven’t heard that Duff has the mono. That means two things…Duff needs some loving right about now, and ol’ Mikey didn’t get it from her….hmmmm….. D
Trogdor Don’t worry about Duff Steve-O, she’s well taken care of. As for Mike, not much to go on for this quarter, but I’ll fail him for being out with mono for as long as he has. Isn’t there medicine for it? F
Patrick O’Sullivan C 20 5 3 8 -13 10
Racki He’s starting to give up on himself. I think the pressure may be getting to him. And I can’t say I blame him. He usually puts in a fair bit of effort, but gets crapped on by Quinn and fans for not trying enough. I don’t think we’ll ever get full value out of him so he’s one I’d give a bus ticket to. D+
Steve-O Lots of try, but dude is snake bitten. Not sure of his situation, because from what I understand dude can PK and play defense and looks as though he is getting crushed. Maybe linemates? I think he’s a better player than his stats indicate. C-
Trogdor 2 goal game not long ago, hopefully it helps him come around beyond that, he’s not played to expectations. C-
Robert Nilsson C 13 4 4 8 1 6
Racki Been our best player since coming back from injury. If Penner’s a B, going to have to give Nilsson at least a B. Also, even old balls Quinn is giving him praise. Still waiting for him to disappear, however. B+
Steve-O Atta boy Nilsson. Comes back from a concussion, and starts to make things happen. Nice to see from him. I still think Quinn needs to start line matching in order to get the best from this lineup, but Nilsson seems to have grabbed his job back. B
Trogdor Starting to produce some offence of late, which is a good sign. Hopefully he can keep it up. Still think he’s too showy at times and loses the puck because of it. C+
Ryan O’Marra C 2 0 1 1 1 0
Racki Who? n/a
Steve-O Sucks that his first pro point was on other rookie dudes (can’t remember name) first ever goal, so he doesn’t even get to keep the puck. Didn’t look terrible. C
Trogdor Decent stats for 2 games, but it doesn’t say much about him. I’m sure he had a blast though. C+
Ryan Potulny C 20 7 4 11 4 10
Racki He’s shown some good hands. If only some of our other players could fire the puck like him. He’s not normally a big impact player though, but he also doesn’t make much money or get a crap load of minutes. Earning his keep. B-
Steve-O One of the only players earning his contract. Can’t be sent back down. Looks good, and isn’t a defensive liability. I’m a fan. B
Trogdor Potulny is on the short list of players I’ve been happy with lately. He puts in a good effort nightly and is contributing some offence. B
Ryan Stone C 13 0 2 2 6 33
Racki Not putting up any numbers, but like JFJ, he opens up ice for other players and hits and plays tough. B-
Steve-O I’m a fan (I seem to like a bunch of these forwards). Doing JFJ’s job better than him. That scrap against Downie (I think) was great. He’s bound to get his first goal right away here. C+
Trogdor Another of our bangers. He does a good job of it though. C
Sam Gagner C 19 4 6 10 -6 10
Racki He’s been prone to Nilsson like disappearing acts as of late. C
Steve-O I’m not noticing Gagner as much as I would like too, but he is known to kick it up a notch in the second half so I’ll be waiting for that. C
Trogdor Gagner needs to step up and provide more on the scoreboard. With the voids we have, he should be putting up more points. C-
Shawn Horcoff C 20 5 6 11 -14 10
Racki Offensively, he’s looked a bit better. He’s no longer taking draws though and as such has given a lot less reason to defend him. But despite losing the top line minutes, he’s managed to put up respectable (albeit not great) numbers this quarter. C
Steve-O How bad is that shoulder? Can’t take faceoffs? Other than that, looks to be putting up points along with Potulny, Brule and Penner. Dependable as ever defensively I think, so that +/- stat must be misleading somehow (much like O’Sullivan’s). C+
Trogdor Starting to put up some much needed points for a marquee salary, but the +/- is a killer… C-
Zack Stortini R 20 1 2 3 2 53
Racki Zack is Zack. Always consistent… you know what you’re going to get from him every night. Same review as last quarter. B-
Steve-O Does what he does, nothing more, nothing less. Must have buggered his hand up somewhere along the line as he likes the hammer fist, but does exactly what is expected of him, and isn’t getting lit up doing it. C+
Trogdor Another role guy who will scrap now and then. More points and a better +/- than Cogs? B


Name Pos GP G A Pts +/- PIM
Denis Grebeshkov D 7 0 1 1 -4 0
Racki Denis.. Oi. Gets injured and comes back shakey. I’m rating him on this quarter alone. Possibly our worst defenseman this quarter. D-
Steve-O Don’t know what to make of him. Still young, but he’s going to want to get paid in the off-season and hasn’t really earned a raise. Was off to a fast start, but has since slowed down. C
Trogdor This guy is frustrating to watch… Hands out more turnovers than McDonalds… D
Jason Strudwick D 14 0 1 1 -1 12
Racki I’m surprised he’s only minus one. He must leak most of the goals on the PK where +/- isn’t counted because I seem to recall him being on the ice for more GA than GF. I really like off-ice Jason Strudwick. But on-ice Strudwick, I am not a fan of. D
Steve-O Not a fan. If he was kept in the pressbox and only brought out for the occasional fight or two, I would like him fine, but he shouldn’t be playing a regular shift at D. Ever D
Trogdor He fills a spot on the roster, but does he deserve it? Don’t think he’ll be around next year with some of the younger guys after roster spots. D
Ladislav Smid D 20 1 4 5 7 11
Racki I was never a Smid-hater, so to speak, but I’ve also never really been a big fan of his until this year. Thought he might have been overrated. Of course he also plays with the best D-man on our team. But I’d say he’s been our 2nd best D-man this year.. 2nd best player this quarter. A
Steve-O Quickly becoming a favorite of mine. Tough, and is becoming a pretty good shutdown man. Great contract too. A
Trogdor Smid has been great so far this year. +7 and scrappy. All good things. A+
Lubomir Visnovsky D 20 4 11 15 3 8
Racki Visnovsky does everything right. You guys should stop talking about him in trades. Once he’s gone, our blue line literally falls apart unless someone else of his caliber is brought in. A+
Steve-O Best D-man we have. You may get all hot and bothered by the Souray shot (which never hits the fucking net) but this is the best D man we’ve had on the team since Pronger. A
Trogdor Vis gets it done. Pretty good on the back end, but is more geared towards putting up points. A
Sheldon Souray D 20 3 8 11 -7 47
Racki Hmm, he’s lost a bit this quarter. I hope it wasn’t due to the concussion from the Iginla trip. But all that said, he’s played better than a guy who just had his brain rattled would normally play… so doesn’t look like there is a bad long-term effect from that. I don’t think that he is on the decline just yet, but this year is not as good as last year, no. C
Steve-O Not as dominate as he was last year, I’m thinking that was his career year and we will see a steady decline from this point out. B-
Trogdor Not getting the goals from the point this year, but probably because everyone knows it’s our secret weapon on the PP… Otherwise. -7 not so good either for a physical shutdown D man. C
Steve Staios D 20 0 2 2 -13 22
Racki 3 straight shots blocked on Ovechkin’s powerplay, and tips a 4th wide. No respect ever for Staios. Someone’s got to show him some love and I will due to man crush. That said though, his age is showing, and yes, he does ring it around the boards too frequently. B-
Steve-O Ring it around the boards. Lie down in front of the net and hope to hell it hits you. Dude has lost a step and should retire in the offseason. C-
Trogdor Staios has played well. I’m bit surprised he’s -13. B
Tom Gilbert D 20 1 4 5 2 2
Racki He’s improved since playing with Souray. I will repeat that never again should he be paired with Grebeshkov. But when paired with someone with more veteran presence, it has more of a calming effect on him. Hell, I even saw him wallpaper Clowe the other day. B
Steve-O I still like him. He’s going to be a stud in the future, and his contract is decent for what he will be (by the end of it). Guy just makes slick moves to get out of trouble. B
Trogdor He still looks tenative out there at times. He’s been better this quarter though, so hopefully that trend continues. C+


Name GP Min GA GAA W L OTL ENG SO Saves SvPct
Jeff Drouin-Deslauriers 18 1038 52 3.00578 8 9 1 3 1 469 0.90019
Racki The thing with him is consistency is an issue. He’s kept us in games some nights and been asleep other nights. But generally speaking we’ve got better out of him than I’d have expected. B
Steve-O Hey, better than I expected. Shouldn’t be counted on as a starter however, and the team needs to make a decision between him and Dubnyk by the end of the year, but he’s giving it his all to keep this team in games. B
Trogdor Still letting in some soft goals, but looks good other times. For the team in front of him his numbers are half decent. Where’s the goal support? B+
Nikolai Khabibulin 1 65 2 1.84615 0 0 1 0 0 30 0.9375
Racki Nicely summed by Steve-O. Worse contract than Horcoff. Thankfully on LTIR we get a bit of a cap bonus to spend. Maybe he’ll sit on the LTIR for 3.5 years. Only played 1 game though, and it was obviously a good one, so I won’t rate him negatively. In fact I won’t rate him at all since it was one game. n/a
Steve-O Fucking contract. D
Trogdor Who? n/a
Devan Dubnyk 2 112 10 5.35714 0 1 0 0 0 40 0.8
Racki Needs more starts. I’m glad he was demoted to Springfield though. They need him there, and he needs the starts. C
Steve-O I would like to see him get more starts. That GAA and save pct. Is ridiculous based on one game where he got 0 help. C
Trogdor Got lit up pretty good the only time I saw him play this quarter. D


Team As A Whole (GP 20, 8-10-2, GF 57, GA 72) Review Rating
Racki They did the same as they did last quarter, almost bang on. The difference is one more GF, and 12 more GA. So defensively they’re still crapping the bed.. Worse than last quarter. That has a lot to do with Khabibulin’s injury, I’m sure, but the team still doesn’t get a free pass. They need to be better than they are. D
Steve-O Doing as well as expected.  I’m going to start banging this drum here so you might start hearing it a lot, but this team has too many rookies/young players.  When you look at the 06 team, there was only 2 rookies on it.  The rest of the team was veteran players on good contracts.  Everyone says that the team barely made it in, but that was a lack of goaltending.  Once we got that, the team was pretty damn good, and made some noise.  Give the rookies/young players some seasoning in the A, and let them progress in a more controlled fashion. D
Trogdor We all got excited about he 5 game road trip.  Hell, I enjoyed it even more because I was on a beach.  Came back down to reality in a big way though, and the only + since then was beating the Leafs.  Still waiting for the slide to stop as I don’t count the Leafs win. D-
Coaching Review Rating
Racki I had to laugh when Quinn said “that’s the sign of a dumb team”. He can insult you but I doubt it comes off as harsh to the team. They know they have to be better. Scotty Bowman couldn’t save these guys though. I don’t blame the losing on the coach, but they aren’t helping matters any either. C
Steve-O I’m still waiting to see how Quinn/Renney is better than MacT/Huddy were.  Quinn is starting to snap, just like MacT did. C
Trogdor There are two quality coaches behind the bench, but not much has changed.  It seems we have a group of players content in mediocrity that need to be blown up.  Time to wipe the slate clean. C
Management Review Rating
Racki What Steve-O said. Except it’s probably too late now because their “boo hoo we can’t do anything” pity party has stalled things long enough to the point where nothing will save the season. Clark’s trade from Washington was proof for me that trades could be made. The several players who have hit waivers in the last 30 or so days is enough to tell me they can in fact dump some players that way without any backlash.
However, it’s too late now to save the season. So if they want to ride it out with these guys and ensure the Hall pick, I’m fine with that as long as they drop half these asshats before next season starts.
Steve-O Holy shit.  Everyone sees what the problem is, just fucking fix it already.  Do something.  Anything. F
Trogdor We need to hire Chuck Norris.  We need a man of action. F

15 Responses to “Oilers 2009/10 – Quarter 2 Report”

  1. Steve-O says:

    one thing i just remembered reading from lowetide (in regards to comrie): that poo got mono during the cup run and it really impacted him the whole summer and going into the next year…basically costing him a year

  2. Racki says:

    Maybe Poo and Comrie were making out

  3. Trogdor says:

    I think making out with Poo is more apt to result in pink eye.

  4. Smokin' Ray says:

    Excellent work guys.

  5. dawgtoy says:

    Thanks for taking the time and doing this. I`m not so sure I agree with the hemsky scores. He has not been the game breaker the Oil need. I realize that a legitimate first line center is lacking for him, but often this season (before injury)he appeared to just be spinning his wheels and sometimes even floating. His contract is fantastic, but given the obvious rebuild the oil need, I believe he will become increasingly frustrated with the situation and eventually ask for a trade.

  6. Bostonoiler says:

    I hope you are wrong man, because Hemsky is a great player, yeah there are lots of better guys, but hes still pretty damn good. He was on pace to set a career high in goals this season, he was more effective this season under Quinn when he played, he also made the PP what it was.

  7. Bostonoiler says:

    Steve-O, you are dead on about the vets. We need some good vets on good contracts. that team was amazing that year and its a shame we couldn’t keep it together. I do think that Eberle is ready to play in the NHL next season though. I think Comrie could stick around and be a good vet at a cheap price. I think that a big group of young guys with a few good vets with leadership will really help us. I want us to trade for Doug Weight. He would be a huge help to the young guys.

  8. Racki says:

    I think Hemsky got off to a bad start and I called him out on that in the last quarterly review. But he got rolling after a bit. This is a review of the second quarter, which has been very short for him (4 and a half games). However in that short span, I thought he played well enough to earn the ranking I gave him.

    I still think Hemsky is our best player. He maybe doesn’t always play like it, but he is. I think people have some unreachable expectations for him, given other team’s superstars. On this team he was a PPG player so far this year, and I think he would have kept it up if not for the injury. I think Hemsky is one of the least of our worries on this team… well, aside from his injury.

  9. Racki says:

    Bostonoiler: Steve-O, you are dead on about the vets. We need some good vets on good contracts. that team was amazing that year and its a shame we couldn’t keep it together. I do think that Eberle is ready to play in the NHL next season though. I think Comrie could stick around and be a good vet at a cheap price. I think that a big group of young guys with a few good vets with leadership will really help us. I want us to trade for Doug Weight. He would be a huge help to the young guys.

    Doug Weight is probably a little too old now to have enough value here, but yah, damn he would have been perfect a year or two ago. Good thinking though. Ray Whitney will be UFA this July if not re-signed too. But I think he might be a bit too old. But those are the kinds of guys we need. Come back, stick boy!

  10. LateNightOilFan says:

    Bostonoiler: Steve-O, you are dead on about the vets. We need some good vets on good contracts. that team was amazing that year and its a shame we couldn’t keep it together. I do think that Eberle is ready to play in the NHL next season though. I think Comrie could stick around and be a good vet at a cheap price. I think that a big group of young guys with a few good vets with leadership will really help us. I want us to trade for Doug Weight. He would be a huge help to the young guys.

    Dougie is UFA after this season and we will be sellers at the deadline, so I don’t see the sense in trading for him. I think Dougie is in his final year myself or very close to it since he has been injured for 30 games so far and just recently returned. He admitted his shoulder is messed up but he opted for rehab instead of surgery to try to get through the season to contribute on the ice so there’s a chance he will probably have to go under the knife in the off-season. No denying he would provide leadership, but he’s got a young Isles team he is doing that for and I wouldn’t be surprised if he retired with the Isles, possibly after this season.

    Good analysis guys on the grades, thanks for all that work.

  11. Racki says:

    I like the idea of picking up vets though. Not for this season (which is a write-off, and we should be sellers) but for next. We’ll need some better, cheaper complementary players in here.

  12. David Staples says:

    Excellent work. I better get my own report card out there!

  13. neufab says:

    Too bad that our best face-off guy can’t take face-offs. Saying Horcoff has been average is reasonable I suppose, but I think he is the example of what is wrong with this team. Playing below the level of his capabilities, playing less physical than he could (even though it’s not his game), missing opportunities and playing almost good enough to win, and yet second place = L in the standings.

    Moreau is an older version of JFJ or Stone. Time to move on.

    I still can’t believe that management hasn’t done a damn thing to help this team, and has limited Quinn’s arsenal. My unending optimism has soured somewhat.

  14. Racki says:

    I actually thought hard about my Horcoff rating and wanted to give him lower, but he’s picked up the offense a bit. Him not being able to do part of what he was paid for made me question whether I should give him a lower rank though.

    Agreed on Moreau.

    And honestly, Tambellini’s mouth may be saying “we aren’t tanking” but his actions are.

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