GDT – Edmonton Oilers 1, Calgary Flames 6 – Jan 30, 2010 @ 8:00 PM – CBC – Game 53

By , January 30, 2010 11:50 am
GDT - The Battle For A Win - Oilers at Flames

GDT - The Battle For A Win - Oilers at Flames


Oh it’s on, folks. Hockey Day In Canada… the Battle of Alberta. What more could you ask for? Well, a win tonight sure as hell would be nice. Forget about the Dive for Five, Tank for Taylor/Tyler, Saggin’ for Seguin, Foul-up for Fowler or whatever you want to call it. This is the battle for ultimate hockey supremacy. OK, maybe not quite that big, but it sure would feel good to see a win tonight, no?

As we all know, the Oilers are sitting at 12 straight losses (including OT/Shootout losses), and have 1 one win in their last 20. The Flames are winless in 9 games. This is the battle for a bloody win. And let’s hope it’s a bloody, spirited game. If these teams come out flat, I’ll be surprised. This is the type of game that SHOULD bring out the fight in both teams. And with it being in Calgary’s barn, I’d love to see an Edmonton win tonight. Calgary is also on the verge of sweeping the season series, and the Oilers can not let that happen!

No heart/brain prediction tonight.. just one prediction: 5-2 Oilers.


Edmonton Oilers Projected Line-Up (subject to change)


Souray – Gilbert
Grebeshkov – Visnovsky
Chorney – Strudwick


Calgary Flames Projected Line-Up (subject to change)

Boyd – Backlund – Iginla
Glencross – Langkow -Bourque
Nystrom – Jokinen – Lundmark
Sjostrom – Prust – McGrattan

Regehr – Phaneuf
Giordano – Bouwmeester
Pardy – Sarich



logo STATS logo
52 GP 54
16 W 26
30 L 20
6 OT 8
38 P 60
0.365 P% 0.556
2.54 G/G 2.48
3.35 GA/G 2.5
19 PP% 16.4
74 PK% 83.1
28.6 S/G 28
31.6 SA/G 29.7
47.2 FO% 47.1


– O’Sullivan is in, Comrie is out. Stortini remains out of the lineup for this game.
– Dubnyk gets the nod in net for the Oilers.


CGY – 3:45 – Boyd from Backlund, Iginla
Grebeshkov loses the puck behind the net. The Flames get it out front and Boyd puts it away.
EDM – 12:25 – Gagner (PP) from O’Sullivan, Grebeshkov
O’Sullivan backhands a pass from the slot to Gagner who is near the goal line. He shelfs it upstairs with very little room. Nice goal.
CGY – 13:20 – Bourque from Bouwmeester, Iginla
On a delayed penalty call by captainslashalot, Bouwmeester drives into the Oilers zone, behind the net and throws it out front to Bourque who one times it past Doobie.
CGY – 6:48 – Boyd unassisted
Sheldon Souray passes it to Gagner who tries to touch pass it to Moreau, but it’s intercepted by Boyd who beats Dubnyk.
CGY – 7:32 – Phaneuf from Lundmark, Jokinen
Phaneuf wires a one-timer with a screen in front of Dubnyk. Dubnyk doesn’t even flinch as it blows past him.
CGY – 15:13 – Iginla (PP) from Giordano, Jokinen
On a 5-on-3, Girodano takes a hard shot from the high slot that Dubnyk kicks to the side. Iginla picks up the rebound on the side of the net and puts it in a wide open net.
CGY – 9:40 – Iginla from Boyd, Bouwmeester
Boyd loses control of the puck while going to the ned and it slides across the crease to Iginla who is there to bang it in.
1st 2nd 3rd Total
EDM EDM 10 9 9 28
CGY CGY 9 14 7 30


16:55 – Gilbert jumps in on a play and one-times a shot in on Kipper. Best chance so far for the Oilers.
14:48 – Dubnyk gives it away to Sjostrom behind the net. Nothing bad becomes of this though.
13:35 – Nice take away by Nilsson to keep this shift alive… the Flames have been hemmed in their zone for a good minute and a half or so as the Oil run this shift like it’s a powerplay.
12:12 – Pisani takes a hard hit from Giordano while dumping it out of the Oilers zone.
9:25 – Boyd hits Gilbert knee on knee, earning a penalty. Horcoff drops the gloves with Giordano. He takes some good shots early on. He lands a couple good punches of his own, and gets the take down, but I’ll score this one a win for Giordano.
6:10 – Bouwmeester feeds Jokinen a pass, blue line to blue line and Jokinen gets in all alone on Dubnyk. Dubnyk makes a nice stick save on the shot by Jokinen.
5:25 – Phaneuf hits O’Sullivan late after a whistle. O’Sullivan gives him a good shot back. Quasimodo loses his balance and lands an accidental elbow on O’Sullivan.


16:07 – Regehr rides Brule into the end boards on a dump in, sending Brule to the ice.
15:00 – Grebeshkov jumps in on the play and rips a laser off the top bar.
14:10 – Great shot block by Moreau here.
12:28 – The Oilers call a time out after the Flames fourth goal.
10:53 – Glencross gets a pass from behind the goalline in the slot that he nearly buries to make it 5-1, but it hits the bar.
8:10 – Souray straight arms Jokinen as he’s trying to skate into his office, and he sends Jokinen to the ice and sliding into the side boards.
7:34 – McGratton tries to get something going with Strudwick. Moreau steps in to his aid as well. The only thing that happens here is some angry gazes, a few words, and some more Mark Lee Flames-love.
7:20 – Visnovsky blasts a shot from the high slot that redirects off Pardy and into Kippers armpit area as he makes a save.
6:20 – Souray roughs up Iginla and gets called, putting the team down 2 men.
5:48 – On the 5-on-3, Dubnyk makes a nice, aggressive save on a Phaneuf slap shot as he comes out to challenge.


18:16 – Good short-handed chance by Glencross as he wheels past Visnovsky, who got all turned up. But he is stopped by Dubnyk.
17:41 – Brule sets up Jacques who gets in alone with Kipper. He goes forehand – backhand, but Kipper doesn’t give him a lot to shoot at.
16:50 – Iggy and Souray drop the gloves and helmets. Not a bad fight. Both guys are swinging for the fences. Souray lands one right on the button. Not much else landed it didn’t seem, and both guys have troubles keeping their balance. It’s later announced that Souray left the game favoring his wrist.
15:30 – Phaneuf blindsides Potulny with a hit.
14:38 – Cogliano blows through the defence (Sarich and Bouwmeester) and gets alone on Kipper. Kipper goes down and Cogliano goes to the backhand, but Kipper throws out the glove. Cogliano draws a penalty on the play as well.
12:34 – Bouwmeester’s penalty ends and he nearly receives an airmailed breakaway pass at the blue line from Glencross who was in the Flames goal area, but it just slides past Bouwmeester. Dubnyk freezes the puck as it comes to him.
5:38 – McGratton burns Grebeshkov one on one, but Dunbyk bails him out. Yikes, this team’s defense is disgusting.


A 6-1 loss to a team in a horrible slump… how do you think this one went? Brutal all around game, by the heartless Oilers. The Oilers have now officially set history – the first NHL team ever to lose every single game in a month (including OT/SO losses). To top it off, Souray left the game with an injured hand after fighting Iginla. Quinn mentioned in his post game that the hand is fractured (the extent is unknown though at this point). This may keep him out for the rest of the season, which creates even more of a problem than it sounds (hint: think trade deadline….). Kind of have to wonder when the Oilers will win again. More and more ways pop up to kick this team while it’s down.

Next game, the real Biggest Loser challenge – Monday vs. Carolina, 7:30 at home on PPV. Order this one, and I’ll put you on a waiting list for a lobotomy.

229 Responses to “GDT – Edmonton Oilers 1, Calgary Flames 6 – Jan 30, 2010 @ 8:00 PM – CBC – Game 53”

  1. Racki says:

    Wasn’t much of a fight cause neither guy could maintain their balance. Boo-urns. Oh well. Would still like to see round 2.

  2. Puritania says:

    ouch, grebs into the gate.

  3. DropIt says:


  4. Puritania says:

    hopefully it gets a little rougher now.

  5. Trogdor says:

    Ah Cogs! Nice move, better save!

  6. Puritania says:

    great moves cogs, great save kipper.

  7. DropIt says:

    Puritania: Wish Shelly had a little more balance during that fight. Saw that he tagged Iggy at least once pretty well there.

    I wish they both did… It was almost like the “Unstoppable force VS Immoveable object”

  8. Puritania says:

    DropIt: I wish they both did… It was almost like the “Unstoppable force VS Unmoveable object”

    lol pretty much.

  9. Puritania says:

    Jaques needs to be more of a factor right now, need to match the Flamers physicality, He’s not exactly on the team for his offensive prowess. More hits please.

  10. LateNightOilFan says:

    Missed the fight, had to rewind. Too bad it wasn’t longer but at least they have some closure.

  11. Racki says:

    O’Sully benched? Haven’t noticed him out there, and Poo seems to be playing with his linemates.

  12. Trogdor says:

    Smid fight was much better

  13. Racki says:

    Nm, there`s #19.

  14. Puritania says:

    Goddamnit *waves white flag*

  15. Racki says:

    Ungh… not exactly how I thought this game would go.

  16. DropIt says:

    Boyd is having some kind of game…..

    Who was it that just dropped Jbow in the pool?

  17. LateNightOilFan says:


  18. Puritania says:

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.

    The best cure for a putrid offensive drought is to play the Oil.

  19. Trogdor says:

    Poor DD, probably feels more like a B tonight…

  20. DropIt says:

    McGratton will be on the ice for the rest of the game im thinking. Just in case

  21. Puritania says:

    DropIt: McGratton will be on the ice for the rest of the game im thinking. Just in case

    MacIntyre/McGratton would have been fun to watch.

  22. Puritania says:

    Shit we should put some pads and an ill-fitting helmet on Quinn and let him throw some elbows out there.

  23. Racki says:

    Well, the Oilers are missing their top two defensive d-men, their best goaltender and their best forward. Do you think things go differently for the Oilers with all those guys back? Or is this team for real just absolute crap?

  24. Racki says:

    Puritania: Shit we should put some pads and an ill-fitting helmet on Quinn and let him throw some elbows out there.

    And put Kevin Lowe in net (sans-equipment)

  25. Racki says:

    Seriously… how does *McGratton* do that?! Grebs…. you aren’t doing yourself any favors, buddy.

  26. Trogdor says:

    If we had all those guys all year and had some confidence, but none of that has happened, and the real world is a scary place. Even more so when McGratton splits the D…

  27. DropIt says:

    McGratton is having some kind of game. Showing off the dangles

  28. Puritania says:

    Racki: And put Kevin Lowe in net (sans-equipment)

    lol agree 100%

    um did we just get punked by McGratton?

  29. Racki says:

    That’s just further proof how pathetic our blue line is defensively.. sorry. It’s not like that’s a rarity. Tambellini needs to cut at least one of Gilbert/Grebeshkov, as well as possibly Souray.

  30. LateNightOilFan says:

    Oh great, now Souray hurt his wrist again.

  31. DropIt says:

    watching hilights… That Iggy vs Souray fight was IDENTICAL… they do the exact same thing right after another….

    Iggy falls – Souray falls
    Souray connects – Iggy connects
    same time puches
    both fall

  32. Trogdor says:

    LateNightOilFan: Oh great, now Souray hurt his wrist again.

    Probably just wants to hit the hot tub and have a beer early.

  33. Racki says:

    Hmm.. Souray out, favoring wrist after the fight.

    I was actually thinking two things after the fight (before knowing he was hurt):
    1) Remembered when we feared Souray fighting because we feared him getting injured.
    2) Thought it would be nice to see him injured until after trade deadline just for my own selfish reasons of not wanting him traded. Then I changed my mind thinking that we probably would be best to let him go. Doh.

  34. Puritania says:

    The only word that I can come up with to describe the Oil this game is “Limp” sigh.

  35. DropIt says:

    Puritania: MacIntyre/McGratton would have been fun to watch.

    They dropped early in the year once or twice, no? before MacIntyre was waived

  36. Puritania says:

    DropIt: They dropped early in the year once or twice, no? before MacIntyre was waived

    I think they have, can’t really say off the top of my head.

  37. DropIt says:

    ya, Souray injured is BAD news

  38. Racki says:

    They dropped early in the year once or twice, no? before MacIntyre was released

    Yep… epic friggen fight too. McGratton wins by a hair. I think he left MacIntyre with some damage too. But they both landed some great shots and it went the distance.

  39. Puritania says:

    Puritania: I think they have, can’t really say off the top of my head.

    Yup they have, pretty good little scrap.

  40. Puritania says:

    Well glad this disgusting shit show is over, tough effin’ season to be an Oilers fan.

  41. DropIt says:

    Puritania: I think they have, can’t really say off the top of my head.

    pretty back and forth … McGratton was decalred winner by a slight edge

  42. Puritania says:

    well I guess I’ll go damage my liver for a while. Have a good night guys and gals.

  43. LateNightOilFan says:

    Well that’s that – the Oil made history on several levels tonight.

    One of the ironies of the Flames sweeping the Oil this season is thinking back to the excitement of the majority of Oil country about the signing of Khabi the “Flame killer”.

  44. Racki says:

    Can you believe Monday’s game… the real Biggest Loser challenge.. is a PPV game? They should be paying us to watch!

  45. Trogdor says:

    I wonder if the pubs will boycott the PPV as well…

  46. LateNightOilFan says:

    Good night all, thanks for the GDT!

  47. Racki says:

    Per Quinn: Souray fractured his hand in the fight with Iginla.

    This might put him out for the season (and notably, make him untradeable now for this season).

  48. MetalOil says:

    Fuck this team. Heads need to start rolling here and it needs to start right in the morning. At this point not even a first overall draft pick is gonna help much. I mean come on now we play a team that has lost 9 in a row that has had massive goal scoring problems in a game where motivation should not have been a problem and the end result is a 6-1 rubbing of our faces in shitty toilet paper. Just fucking unacceptable.
    I am going on a week long drinking binge now. Cya all.

  49. MetalOil says:

    Racki: Per Quinn: Souray fractured his hand in the fight with Iginla.
    This might put him out for the season (and notably, make him untradeable now for this season).

    I must have missed that in the inebriated state that I am in right now. Just fucking Great news there.

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