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By , January 27, 2010 7:10 pm
Sums up how we all feel watching the team this year..

Sums up how we all feel watching the team this year..

Was listening to the Team 1260, and Jason Gregor mentioned that there are 3 teams interested in Ethan Moreau – Anaheim, Los Angeles, and San Jose. So for those of you saying that these big contracts are immovable, you may be surprised. I think Staios is another guy that Tambellini might be getting a couple of calls about (as far as guys who surprisingly have value). So as I’ve said before, I do think that Tambellini does have the ability to drop significant salary. Of course we won’t likely get much in return for Moreau/Staios, but I’m fine with that.

There’s also been some talk (by fans) of moving Souray to the Ducks for Guigere. I would have to presume that more would come our way as well, but the thought process there is that we’d be gaining a year’s worth of salary cap hit because Guigere’s contract expires a year earlier than Souray’s. I am not sure if we talked about it here too, because that sounds familiar to me. But I just wanted to say I’m not a fan of the idea at all. Wanted to hear what you folks had to say on the matter.

One more topic I wanted to throw in here.. in the Metro today there was an article suggesting that Gagner and Cogliano should be sent to the minors for development reasons. Wanted to get some reaction on that too. First off, unless I’m completely mistaken (and I doubt I am in this case) both would have to clear waivers, which makes the idea completely unthought out. Secondly, even if they didn’t need to clear waivers, why would we do that? Gagner is doing his part right now. Cogliano really is maybe just in need of more decent linemates (although he’s had Penner/Gags recently). Anyways, seemed like a silly idea, waivers-aside.

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