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As the title says, there is a new post up over on the Wall, by Horpensky.

WJHC GDT – Canada 6 Switzerland 0 – Dec. 28, 2009 @ 2:00PM – Game 2

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GDT: World Junior Hockey Championships - Canada vs. Switzerland

GDT: World Junior Hockey Championships - Canada vs. Switzerland

Alright, game 2. This is another one that should be an easy win, but it’s never smart to write a team off before playing them. From what I recall, the Swiss generally play a tight defensive game as well. So the score may be fairly close. Canada has played one game thus far, a 16-0 drubbing over Latvia. The Swiss fell 3-0 to the Americans.

Don’t forget about the Battle Of Alberta GDT, one post lower.


Just a quick post game rant. I watched the game, and Jordan Eberle played fantastic. Apparently I’m not the only one that thought so. Despite teammate Brandon McMillan recording the hat trick, Eberle won player of the game! Eberle finished the game with 1 goal, 4 assists, and was +2. Congrats Jordan!

History of Change – by Horpensky

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As the Oilers have fallen 6 straight in a row, fans are screaming for CHANGE CHANGE! We haven’t done anything in the past few years! CHANGE! Well, the players may not have changed, but the organization as a whole has actually been dynamically changing the past few years, from the top down.

July 2, 2008
Daryl Katz is announced as the new official owner of the Edmonton Oilers.
This happened only just one and a half years ago. This was a sign of a new era. The Oilers now have a single owner with lots of money, were able to spend to the cap now, take on front loaded contracts, and be able to compete financially. With seemingly unlimited money, this changes the way not only how the entire organization pays players, but more importantly they can spend more on the ‘grinders’ of management, the scouts, coaching staff, development team, capologist, negotiators, etc.

July 31, 2008
Steve Tambellini named GM of the Oilers
Now with the owner change, the next guy in line is the GM. Continue reading 'History of Change – by Horpensky'»

GDT – Edmonton Oilers 1, Vancouver Canucks 4 – Dec 26, 2009 @ 8:00 PM – CBC – Game 38

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GDT - Edmonton Oilers at Vancouver Canucks

GDT - Edmonton Oilers at Vancouver Canucks


Happy shopping insanity day for all you fellow Canadians. Tonight, the Oil take on the Vancouver Canucks. The Oilers had put together a 5-game road stand before the wheels fell off the bus (again) and a 5-game losing streak was built up including 4 straight home losses. The Oilers are deathly cold. The Canucks, on the other hand, have won 5 of their last 7. One thing to note is that the Canucks are 21-16-0… no OT Losses, and are 5 games over 0.500, but are only in 9th. Can we now put to bed this “0.500 hockey” business? 0.500 hockey is now a way of saying your team is bad, but not that bad.

Predictions time. My predictions today are only partly based on the level of suckage the Oilers have been putting on lately. They are also partly based on the Canucks doing well, and seemingly having our number on a lot of occasions (including an ass-kicking back at the end of November).

Brain prediction: 8-3 Vancouver
Heart prediction: 6-4 Vancouver

Prepare for another ugly one.
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WJHC GDT – Canada 16, Latvia 0 – Dec. 26, 2009 @ 2:00PM – Game 1

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GDT: World Junior Hockey Championships - Canada vs. Latvia

GDT: World Junior Hockey Championships - Canada vs. Latvia

Here we go, the first ever Puttin’ On The Foil GDT for the World Junior Hockey Championships, featuring Canada vs. Latvia in game 1. The Canadians finished the exhibition round undefeated, 3-0, with wins over Sweden (6-2), Finland (3-0) and the Czech Republic (3-2). Latvia only played 2 exhibition games – a 3-2 win over Russia in overtime and a 6-4 loss to Austria.

Edmonton Oilers 1st round draft pick Jordan Eberle earned 2 goals and 3 assists in 3 games played during the exhibition round.

UPDATE: Continue reading 'WJHC GDT – Canada 16, Latvia 0 – Dec. 26, 2009 @ 2:00PM – Game 1'»

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