Oilers end 2009 with a stinker

By , December 31, 2009 11:22 pm
The solution to our cap issues.. rig the scoreboard to do this during a game

The solution to our cap issues.. rig the scoreboard to do this during a game

Well, the Oilers have ended this year with a real stinker. It was only a 2-1 loss, but in case you were out partying and missed this one, the Oilers didn’t show up until about the 58 minute mark. It wasn’t as close as the score would have you believe. As they are so famous for doing, they left their goaltender out to dry and attempted to make up for it with a rally in the dying minutes. Not going to work, folks.

Really, Tambellini needs to do something with this team. We’re going to need a stronger group of veteran and complementary players. If there aren’t any moves within the next little while here (even a couple of small deals to shake things up), I’m going to have to assume that Tambellini’s on board with tanking for Taylor as well.

Anyways, look for our Edmonton Oilers quarter 2 review. We should have it up sometime on Monday. I’m going to have to take a guess and say that the 3 of us probably won’t many kind words to say.

Lastly, to close things out… Lubomir Visnovsky left the game with a foot injury. No word on the extent of the injury. I didn’t see what caused it, so I’m not sure what happened.

UPDATE: Happened in the middle of the 1st period… Visnovsky said that he crashed into the boards after being hit and twisted his ankle. He still managed to play a full shift on it, but he says it’s quite painful now. He will go to the doctor tomorrow to get it checked out and “needs a couple of days off” (at minimum). I replayed the game on the PVR, and it happens with 7:05 remaining in the first period. Visnovsky is following beside Prust as he goes behind the goal line. Vis is super low to the ice to block the pass. Prust cuts in front of Visnovsky, and Vis loses his balance and falls and goes feet first into the boards. The miraculous part is Visnovsky still plays nearly a full 2 minutes on that shift after getting hurt, and was already out there for a minute before getting hurt. To top it off, he even prevent a Calgary goal on the play too. What a warrior.

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  1. LateNightOilFan says:

    Just finished watching the game. I’ve had a few games to catch up on! I’m at the point now, and have been for a while, where I’m just going to take the positives out of the games. JDD kept this game from being a blowout. He’s the only Oiler who deserved a game star. His confidence is increasing with every game. He’s not always consistent but at least this year we’re finding out what he has to offer.

    Hope Lubo’s injury doesn’t translate into more than a few days, but it likely will, given this is the Oilers we are talking about.

    Happy New Year, hope everyone enjoyed their evening last night!

  2. Racki says:

    Yah, JDD was very good in this game. Other than that, I couldn’t see any signs of life in the team last night, really. Not until near the end of the game.

    And yes, Lubo’s injury worries me. Well, on one hand, it makes it all that easier for us to tank for Taylor. But I’m a big fan of Lubo, so I’d rather he were healthy. I’d never be happy about a player being injured. Hopefully he’s back soon.

  3. Horpensky says:

    I was at this game, and was trying to get updates for the WJC game at the same time. I really wish I watched that one instead. They played the shootout in the 2nd intermission, those few minutes Flames and Oilers fans were united. The dome went nuts when Kozun scored.

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