GDT – Edmonton Oilers 3, Tampa Bay Lightning 2 – Dec 9, 2009 @ 5:30 PM – CENTER ICE FREE PREVIEW – Game 31

By , December 9, 2009 12:00 am
GDT Edmonton Oilers at Tampa Bay Lightning

GDT Edmonton Oilers at Tampa Bay Lightning


The Oilers are on game 4 now of a 5-game road trip, and so far things have gone almost as well as they possibly could, earning 6 of a possible 6 points. A win vs. Tampa will make it their longest streak of the season so far. Tampa are on a bit of a streak of their own, but are not so lucky. They have dropped 5 of their last 6 contests.

Still yet, the Oilers need to take these guys seriously, much like they did against the Panthers. Prediction time for me: Heart says – 5-2 Oilers. Brain says – 4-3 Oilers in SO. You have to wonder if the Oilers can keep the streak going… but I’m pretty sure they can.

Btw, if I’m home in time, I’ll try to put up the game stream here.


Edmonton Oilers Projected Line-Up (subject to change)




Tampa Bay Lightning Projected Line-Up (subject to change/taken from HFBoards)

Malone-Lecavalier-St. Louis




– Grebeshkov is back practicing with the team but is unlikely to play in Tampa. There is a good chance he’ll play on Friday against St. Louis, however.
– Khabibulin’s recovery process has been very slow. Tambellini guesstimates that he is “25% better”. They will re-evaluate things in a week or so, but don’t expect him back soon.
– Continuing the injury update trend, Ales Hemsky underwent successful shoulder surgery. He’ll be out a while, but should the Oilers make the playoffs, we may see Hesmky in another game yet, this season.
– Fernando Pisani skated on Monday. He’s not likely to be back until later in January.
– Marc Pouliot is about 10 days away and has been skating with the team for a few weeks, according to Jason Gregor of Team 1260. Gregor also believes he’ll get a conditioning stint in Springfield upon his return.


1:08 – TBL – St. Louis from Lecavalier, Malone
Lecavalier and Souray come in on a two on one on Souray. Souray cheats to Lecavalier, who gets it to St. Louis who puts it past Deslauriers.
11:21 – EDM – Gilbert from Nilsson, Stortini
Stortini goes in hard on the forecheck and gets the puck behind the net and puts it around to Nilsson who catches Gilbert sneaking in from the point.

Other Highlights
– Potulny gets hammered onto his butt by Fedoruk in front of the Lightning net.
– Penner gets behind Meszaros on a 2-on-1 with Brule, but can’t quite get to the pass. However he draws a penalty on the play.
– Gagner cuts the powerplay very short by taking a holding call.
– Deslauriers makes a great save on St. Louis then Fedoruk on the rebound.
– Stortini and Konopka go at it. Not very many punches landed. One was a big uppercut from Stortini though. Neither could really get an arm free though.
– Penner stick handles in a phone booth in the Oil zone to get the rush going up ice. It winds up behind the Lightning net eventually where Gagner tries to bank it in off the back of Smith, but no such luck.
– Good set of saves by Deslauriers on the Stamkos line with under a half minute left in the period.


6:31 – EDM – Penner from Gagner, Brule
Brule brings it into the zone and drops to Gagner who shoots it from the boards on a bad angle. Smith kicks the rebound out front to Penner who simply bangs it into the wide open net.
7:34 – TBL – Hedman from St. Louis
St. Louis winds up for the slap but finds Hedman streaking in from the point. He hits him with the slap pass and Hedman puts it up under the bar.
11:07 – EDM – Stortini from Stone
Stone nails foster on a dump in, Stortini steals the puck away and comes out front of the net and just throws it in… Gordie Howe hat trick.

Other Highlights
– Stone and Downie drop the gloves. Stone lands several good shots on Downie. Downie lands a couple of his own, but Stone definitely gets the win.
– Fedoruk throws a big hit on Visnovsky in the corner. Visnovsky looks a bit uneasy going in the corner the next play.
– Stone runs over Downie just after the whistle and a pile-on ensues. Stortini drops them with Konopka on the shift, but loses his balance. Credit to Konopka for not throwing punches with him on the ice.
– Brule gets a BAD call against him for goaltender interference as he was knocked into Smith from behind.


No scoring.

Other Highlights
– O’Sullivan gets knocked down on his butt at the Lightning blue line but manages to stick handle around a player, and go behind his back to Horcoff to keep the play going.
– Potulny is robbed on a backhand shot by Smith, from in close.
– The whistle blows and Stortini comes flying in for a check on Downie and topples onto him. Stortini gets a penalty for roughing.
– On the PK, Penner carries the puck out of the zone, bowling past a d-man and in on Smith, but he runs out of room to do much.
– Deslauriers does a good job of shutting the door on Downie from in close.
– Jacques has his stick break, but does a good job pouncing on a pass and gloving it out of the zone.
– On an Oilers powerplay with Konopka in the box, the Lightning pressure the Oilers in their zone, with St. Louis bumping Nilsson off a puck and winning battles, killing some good time on the clock.
– Deslauriers makes a great save on a cross seam one timer from Downie with 20 seconds left.


Pretty decent game played by the Oilers. They had a tough time in their own zone, as always, but Jeff Deslauriers did a great job of keeping it close. Penner and Brule also had a very good game together. Penner in particular was showcasing his abilities. It’s hard not to think of him as having a shot at Team Canada now.

The Oilers are now 4 for 4 on this roadtrip (this is the longest win streak of the season now), which I doubt anyone would have guessed to happen, even as soft as this road trip has been. This game was probably the toughest one yet, as the Lightning’s top line looked pretty hard to handle.

Next up, St. Louis, on Friday, in St. Louis. Game time is 6:00 and the game will be televised on Sportsnet.

122 Responses to “GDT – Edmonton Oilers 3, Tampa Bay Lightning 2 – Dec 9, 2009 @ 5:30 PM – CENTER ICE FREE PREVIEW – Game 31”

  1. zackman35 says:

    A little confused about the title, aside from that though I’ll probably catch this game from a highlight reel. JDD will have to stand strong, he’s been noticeably ‘floppy’ and he’s scrambled here and there but he’s doing pretty darn good for this being his actual ‘rookie’ season.

  2. Bostonoiler says:

    I’m pumped about the stat time. I love these 7pm est starts!

  3. Racki says:

    hah, woops… copy pasted from last game and forgot to fix it! btw, it’s a 5:30 start, BO.. (7:30 your time). will fix my typo.

  4. Mr.Majestyk says:

    Haha, me to BO. I think we’re the only ones who enjoy the ‘normal’ start time.

  5. NorwegianOiler says:

    Hehe, I quite like the noon games on the east coast, as they’re at 8PM here, otherwise it’s 01 30AM (like today) or the usual 3AM home game 😀

  6. LateNightOilFan says:

    Game time is 8:30 for me – Being in NS, I should like these east games but find my life is still busy that time of night so I usually miss more games when the Oilers are in the East. When they’re in the west the start times are 10 or later and I’m usually home by then to kick my feet up and watch the game!

    Tonight my son plays at 8, Oilers at 8:30, so I’ll miss the first period of the Oilers game. But, I do enjoy watching my son and his team more than anything – so it’s all good! That’s what DVR’s are for…

  7. Racki says:

    LNOF: It’s a web game.. unless you east coasters are lucky enough to have it televised there….

  8. LateNightOilFan says:

    Racki: LNOF: It’s a web game.. unless you east coasters are lucky enough to have it televised there….

    I’m scheduled to get the Tampa feed on Centre Ice. I find with CI I rarely miss tv coverage of any games but often for the Oilers it will be the opposing team’s feed.

  9. Bostonoiler says:

    LateNightOilFan: I’m scheduled to get the Tampa feed on Centre Ice. I find with CI I rarely miss tv coverage of any games but often for the Oilers it will be the opposing team’s feed.

    Yeah, same here. NHL Center Ice is a god send lol.

    Racki: I like the 7:30 time better. Gives me another 30 minutes to my english essay done lol

  10. Haboiler says:

    Hi All

    Team 1260 said there is a free week of Centre Ice on Shaw and Bell this week and that the TB feed should be on there with no black out…

  11. Racki says:

    Awesome! I confirm that this is true…

    Complete fail for the web cast, I guess. lol

  12. Racki says:

    well that’s a poor start.

  13. Steve-O says:

    high definition isn’t making them look any better

  14. pharsyde says:

    I hope we don’t miss 2 minutes of gameplay after each and every goal to stare at the pretty faces of the goal scorers.

  15. Steve-O says:

    dude has something of a thing for height and weights eh?

  16. Steve-O says:

    hey racki…you see that

  17. Racki says:

    Woot… it’s that 77 guy.

  18. Racki says:

    Let me guess, Steve-O.. because Nilsson and Gilbert get a point on one goal, they’re awesome now, right? In 10 games they should be awesome again. 😛

  19. gr8one says:

    I’m normally kind of a traditionalist when it comes to hockey, but I gotta say, ice girls are fantastic, and we should have some.

  20. Racki says:

    In all hoesty though, when he can prevent goals in our end, I’ll get off his case. I have absolutely no issues with his offensive play.

  21. gr8one says:

    haha, nice move storts!

  22. Racki says:

    Not a fan of the behind the net cam.

  23. Racki says:

    Its good that we’ve got Strudwick and Staios out against Malone Lecavalier and St. Louis.. that out to shut them down. /sarcasm.

  24. Steve-O says:

    yet you man-crush staios

  25. Racki says:

    Staios is good with certain pairings. Strudwick and Smid definitely don’t qualify.

  26. Racki says:

    Great idea to tap into Konopka’s mic… *rumble rumble… thump thump.. grunt.. thump..wrustle*

  27. Racki says:

    Szczechura beef on rice. That guy has probably the hardest name to spell in all of sports.

  28. gr8one says:

    lol, I think they used MS paint to do the graphics for the online feed…

  29. Steve-O says:

    holy christ, heart attack for only 4 dollars

  30. Steve-O says:

    and $11 tickets

    meal and a game for 15 bucks

  31. gr8one says:

    wow, this dressing room tour with kevin smith is awesome.

  32. Steve-O says:

    gr8one: wow, this dressing room tour with kevin smith is awesome.

    ? on the internerd feed?

  33. Racki says:

    Yah, if you look above he mentions watching the net feed.
    or here:

    gr8one: lol, I think they used MS paint to do the graphics for the online feed…

  34. gr8one says:

    ? on the internerd feed?


    Kevin Lowe took him on a tour of the whole dressing room, one of the coolest parts was they stumbled upon coach Renney with his laptop going over game film and Renney was showing off the software that they use to break down the film and the games, it was pretty damned awesome.

  35. Racki says:

    Hopefully they show it on their site later. I mean… in the archived video section. 😛

    Oh Stone fight…

  36. gr8one says:

    good scrap, stone ftw!

  37. Steve-O says:

    that was stone’s first scrap this year, right?

    he beat downie hard

  38. Racki says:

    2nd, he also fought Steve Ott at the start of the year.

  39. gr8one says:

    Racki: Hopefully they show it on their site later. I mean… in the archived video section.

    yeah, well worth watching if they do.

  40. Racki says:

    Wooooo Penner!

  41. Steve-O says:

    awesome…dirt goal but they all count

  42. gr8one says:

    damn I`m glad Heatley is not an Oiler.

  43. Racki says:

    Yah really… Penner and Smid have been GREAT this year. Cogliano should have been too… but I still insist he’s having his development stunted a bit.

  44. Steve-O says:

    hmmm, the web feed is way ahead of the tv

    FYI, don’t try to look for the kevin smith thing now

  45. gr8one says:

    bah, nice goal by Hedman.

  46. Steve-O says:

    cheerleaders on the webfeed!

  47. Racki says:

    No brainer.. drop the puck at center ice, and quick effing around, dipshits in the booth.

  48. gr8one says:

    Steve-O: cheerleaders on the webfeed!

    I know, aren’t they magnificint?

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