Hemsky done for the season…

By , November 27, 2009 10:52 pm
Hemsky - Injured on a Handzus hit from behind - will require season-ending surgery

Hemsky - Injured on a Handzus hit from behind - will require season-ending surgery

So, with Hemsky out, the Oilers faced the number 1 San Jose Sharks and came out ok, losing 5-4 in the shootout. All things considered, that’s pretty damn good. They got there on great games by Potulny, Brule, Cogliano, Penner and a few others.

So that said, do the Oilers have it in them to be competitive? They will need some guys to step up to do so… will it be Potulny and Brule? Or will it be someone else? Should Tambellini go out and sign some help? He has stated already that he’s going to wait and see for now how these guys can handle things (how many times have we heard that line?). Gotta give him one thing.. he’s a patient GM.

Weigh in, in the comments.

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  1. chucker says:

    Time to tank and get one of Seguin or Hall.

  2. Bostonoiler says:

    After that great effort tonight, you give these guys a few games to see what they can do. Honestly one mistake lost them this game. No one though they would even come within 2 goals and they got a point. I think you stay the course until Christmas, then see where we are at and make the changes needed then. We also need to pray for no more injuries, and hope Stone gets back soon. (With Hemsky on the IR we get more cap space now remember)

  3. Horpensky says:

    Like I said before (and Tambo), this is a great OPPORTUNITY for someone to step up. This is what we need when rebuilding, the opportunity is there, someone just needs to step up and grab it. Brule took to that well, and we’ll see how he does the next few games.

  4. Racki says:

    I’m 50/50… my only fear is that if we ride these guys out and go for it, then again we’re aiming for that 8-12 spot in the conference, which doesn’t bode so well for the future of the team. But I do have a bit more faith after tonight that some guys can help lift this team up a bit (funny how veterans don’t come to mind here). Also Stone is due back somewhat soon. And I’m a big believer in Comrie. He’s an NHL player unlike some of the scrubs we have on this team. So who knows. But yah.. I think Tambellini will have to re-evaluate this team in a few weeks or so and decide where to go with it.

  5. OilerTyler says:

    At least people can’t say that Hemsky has never had a point per game season anymore

  6. DropIt says:

    I think the performance tonight is just backlash after Hemskys injury. You knew they were going to come out big, and SJ did not look remotely ready for it. Once you get another week or 2 further,the loss of Hemsky is going to be big to the Oilers.

  7. zackman35 says:

    This season is almost reminding me of the season we lost Smyth. At least I think it was that one, where we had so many call-ups, even one or two from the WHL or something (Kelowna Rockets). Not a hundred percent sure but all I remember is that we were dropping like flies with our players and in the standings as well. Horrible record for the last twenty games.

    Anyways here are my predictions:

    Scenario A:
    Our team finds out what amazing depth we have and we look to guys like early stated, Brule and Potulny and see if they can really play at an NHL level. We get the younger core of our team to produce some mad chemistry (Gags, Cogs, Penner and hopefully Sully). Grinders & vets step it up, similar to how Moreau is currently playing, Staios isn’t doing that bad either. I like the fire he had in his game last night, from what I saw. Really all in all we’re really going to need the whole team to step it up like last nights game and if they do that we should be scratching the bottom 7 of the conference to say the least. Oh yeah and Penner will become the new poster boy of the team if he continues his play. We take a run at the playoffs with Hemsky’s return and things go from there… Then the fans will have ridiculous expectations because we’ve been playing really good without Hemsky, who is suppose to be our posterboy/top player and then he comes back and fans will think we’ll be on an instant cup run.

    Scenario B: Last night becomes a flash in a pan. I can’t remember who it was but I remember a poster very early on in the season saying that is was going to be this kind of year. “When it’s good, it’s really good and when it’s bad, it’s really bad.” That pretty much will sum it up for this scenario. The team plays an inconsistent brand of hockey gradually failing to reach expectations. Hoping to claw the bottom five or six of the conference. If this happens expect an early Christmas present or two from Tambi. Well, either just before Christmas or just after (Boxing Day).

    Those are my two scenarios.

    Now with the goaltending situation… I would like to see Doobie get at least one game while he’s up here. JDD is playing pretty good but watching his game closely he’s not NHL caliber just quite yet, although he is playing quiet good I’ll still be happy to see Khabi back in net.

    On a closing note, with Hemsky out for the remainder of the season I got a mental picture of the Oilers stock when my mom texted me the news.

  8. Puritania says:

    DropIt: I think the performance tonight is just backlash after Hemskys injury. You knew they were going to come out big, and SJ did not look remotely ready for it. Once you get another week or 2 further,the loss of Hemsky is going to be big to the Oilers.

    I agree 100%
    I think its time to get a top 5 pick. I think it is what we need to get this franchise going in the right direction. Along with some additional moves that I have no confidence in management to make.

  9. gr8one says:

    ok, ok…sorry for two reasons.

    sorry for going off topic, and extra sorry for bringing up Douchebag Nostradamus BUT this “rumour” is just too juicy to pass up.

    so, Douchebag Nostradamus(Eklund Twatwaffle) is reporting “rampant rumours” of Eric Staal to the Oilers for Cogs and Grebs.

    I’d post a link but Racki would kill me, and if anyone cares, you know how to find it.

    anyways, I know it’s stupid to even speculate on this considering where it’s coming from, but from a pure “one can dream” perspective, wouldn’t that be fucking awesome?

    not sure how his huge salary would fit with us, other moves would have to be made as well, but boy would he be a perfect western conference first line center that would be absolutely perfect for us and can’t Imagine a better fit for Quinn’s style of play. Can you imagine Penner and Stall cycling in the offensive zone? good luck trying to get the puck from them…

    anyways, that is all, and sorry again.

  10. OilerTyler says:

    The same Staal that has an 8 million dollar cap hit until 2017? No thank you!

  11. chucker says:

    Why do I see a Nedved type player getting singed? Who’s out there that’s washed up without a contract?

    And the winner is……………………Miro Satan!!

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