GDT – Oilers 2, Blue Jackets 3 (SO) – Nov 16, 2009 @ 5:00PM – SNET – Game 21

By , November 16, 2009 9:26 am
That logo is suprisingly difficult to do

That logo is suprisingly difficult to do

Well, coming off a pretty crappy loss against Atlanta. Its Monday. I’m at work. Eskies lost yesterday.


I’ll leave the rest of this open for Racki to add his detailed analysis, however its getting to the point where we have to stop using the flu and injuries as excuses. This team needs to play better in all areas.

I still say we win this one though. 4-3.


Edmonton Oilers Projected Line-Up




Columbus Blue Jackets Projected Line-Up







– UPDATE: Sam Gagner is out due to a “lower body injury”. The Oilers will go with 7 d-men tonight, as Dean Arsene makes his NHL debut.
– The amount of dirty elbows thrown should see a pretty large decline tonight, as The World’s Most Dangerous Mexican – Raffi Torres- is out.


No scoring.

Other Highlights
– Blunden drops them with Stortini… Takes shots early on, lands one shot himself, eats a huge shot, then eats another on the way down and a couple on the ground. Not the best decision by Blunden. Sportsnet judge Hazel Mae scores this one 10-8 for Stortini.
– Strudwick and Sestito go at it. Strudwick drops a series of several rights on Sestito scoring the win.
– Smid roughs up Nash in the corner a bit, finishing a check, drawing a punch to the dome from Nash in retaliation. Powerplay for the Oilers.
– Nash gets out of the box for a breakaway and with his wheels (for a big man), he isn’t going to be caught. He fires it wide, glove side, however.
– Arsene’s first couple shifts have been mostly uneventful, but solid, scoring one decent hit so far.
– Cogliano works the Merry-go-round one shift, Ales Hemsky style, picking up the puck in the offensive zone corner, skating back to the blue line for the give and go, picking it up again and get two great shots on net. Nice effort there.
– Stortini takes a penalty for hooking, however it was a very smart penalty to take. One of the CBJ players was on the doorstep about to tap in an easy goal, and Stortini got the can-opener on them to prevent the goal.
– Very solid period for the Oilers, who scored 2 fight wins and outshot the Jackets 9 to 7.


7:08 – CBJ – PP – Stralman from Huselius, Tyutin
Huselius passes it cross-seam to Stralman who one times it past Khabibulin.
13:13 – EDM – PP – Hemsky from Souray, Visnovsky
The Oilers put on a pretty good powerplay, passing it around well and getting some good shots off. But somehow a sloppy shot by Hemsky is the one that gets in the net.

Other Highlights
– The Jackets get a long minute plus 5-on-3. They capitalize on it.
– Huselius dangled his way into the zone, but Khabibulin came out and slid his pads in tight against Huselius to stop the dangle-fest.
– Liam Reddox blows past the Columbus defence, draws a hook on the way past Russell, protects the puck from a poke check with his skate and gets a quality shot off that Garon saves.
– Right after the Oilers first goal, the Jackets come out very strong, bombarding the net and winning battles, but the Oil bear down and collapse in front of Khabibulin and somehow keep it out, in part due to some good work by Stortini.


5:48 – EDM – PP – Visnovsky from Souray, Horcoff
Souray blasts the point shot, and Garon kicks out a big rebound right to Visnovsky who is pinching in. He blasts it into the 4×6.
12:26 – CBJ – PP – Vermette from Tyutin, Stralman
Point shot is tipped out front and drops down through Khabibulin’s wickets.

Other Highlights
– Nash was parked on the side of the net with a pass coming towards him for the tap in… Hemsky gets there just in time and lifts his stick. Very nice defensive play.
– Moreau blindsides Chimera with a big hit that shakes him up… he stumbled towards the bench.


No scoring.

Other Highlights
– First shift of the overtime, Hemsky, Horcoff, Staios keep the Jackets stuck in their zone for a bit with good puck possession.
– Souray makes a nice poke check at the defensive zone blue line to put a stop to an even-man rush by the Jackets.
– The Jackets get a couple of not-so-clear breakaways, but Khabi and the defense come up big.
– Again the Jackets try another stretch pass, but this time Souray intercepts it.


– Huselius: Deke – NO GOAL
– O’Sullivan: Shot from in close – NO GOAL
– Tyutin: Shot beats Khabibulin down low, five hole – GOAL
– Penner: Tries to bring it back to the backhand but loses the puck and doesn’t get a shot – NO GOAL
– Nash: Shot hits Khabibulin in the shoulder – NO GOAL
– Hemsky: Shot beats Garon low, blocker side – GOAL
– Voracek: Shot beats Khabibulin, high glove side – GOAL
– Brule: Deke – NO GOAL


Another heart breaking loss. But at least the Oilers extended it to the shootout. You know what? They played a really good game. No finger pointing tonight. It was a very honest effort out of everyone, from what I saw.

Arsene played 6:24 of hockey, and he was relatively invisible… which is what you want from a defensive defenceman. Generally the more you see them, the worse they’re playing. Souray also played a good game tonight, playing very physical and generating some chances. The powerplay looked really nice too. Credit where it is due, Hemsky was looking a lot better tonight on the powerplay, and I think that was because the puck was being moved around a lot. It got stale a few times though when Columbus pressured him and Souray. But there were a couple of really well played powerplays by the Oil (which they scored on).

It was a tough loss, but the Oilers make off with another point on the road trip. Four points out of a possible 10. Not good. But this wasn’t a bad game, and was a good note to end off the road trip. They’ll be coming back home to face the Avalanche, again, and will be playing them with a much better team.

110 Responses to “GDT – Oilers 2, Blue Jackets 3 (SO) – Nov 16, 2009 @ 5:00PM – SNET – Game 21”

  1. Haboiler says:

    I am in agreeance with you Racki. I just don’t see an NHL level talent in him. I would rather see Cogliano or Brule get the ice time and in particular the linemates that Nilsson has seen over the past while.

  2. Racki says:

    It’s not so much that I don’t think he can be a decent player.. it’s that I don’t think he brings any more than Cogliano, Gagner, O’Sullivan, Comrie, Horcoff, Hemsky, Brule, etc…. where does he fit in? Why hang on to him.. he’s $2M too… not cheap. Sionara.

  3. Steve-O says:

    well thats not good

  4. Trogdor says:

    That was big faceoff win

  5. Trogdor says:

    Moreau in the dog house again now?

  6. Racki says:

    *cue BostonOiler*

  7. Racki says:

    LOL at the guy giving the blowjob sign in the crowd.

  8. zackman35 says:

    In all fairness Moreau seems to be playing a pretty hard. That call was a little iffy although I could see why the ref called it if he was on ice. The BJ player seem to fall pretty easy and great stop Khabi!

  9. Trogdor says:

    Nice rush by Reddox. Powerplay coming up, but a goal would have been sweeter.

  10. Trogdor says:

    I want a Guinness now.

  11. Steve-O says:

    that hejda guy is a pretty good d-man…we should have someone like that

  12. OilerTyler says:

    I am starting to turn on Moreau, he is really hurting this team. That was his eigth minor penalty on the year, and his seventh offensive zone penalty this year

  13. Steve-O says:

    all hemsky there

  14. Trogdor says:

    Woohoo, I’ll take it!

  15. Racki says:

    Wow, sometimes the simplest plays are the best ones πŸ˜›

  16. Steve-O says:

    OilerTyler: I am starting to turn on Moreau, he is really hurting this team.That was his eigth minor penalty on the year, and his seventh offensive zone penalty this year

    thats just hard forechecking

  17. Racki says:

    Steve-O: that hejda guy is a pretty good d-man…we should have someone like that

    Now now.. (and we do, he goes by Ladislav)

  18. Racki says:

    Get it out, bitches

  19. Trogdor says:

    Thank you Bulin! That was way too much action.

  20. Trogdor says:

    Souray looked like he checked the rearview there going to the boards. I probably would too if I didn’t remember what happened the last time.

  21. Trogdor says:

    Did that big monster jump at Brule? Good thing it didn’t connect.

  22. zackman35 says:

    Haha, I’m lovin Zack’s handlebars. And I like those random Oilers fans that you see when we’re in our zone. And Moreau made another decent play there and good centering pass.

  23. Trogdor says:

    Well, I’m off to drink beer now with some friends, so I’ll be vanishing. Solid game so far. Soft goal by the Oil but the powerplay has looked good. Enjoy the game everyone.

  24. Racki says:

    Trogdor: Well, I’m off to drink beer now with some friends, so I’ll be vanishing.Solid game so far.Soft goal by the Oil but the powerplay has looked good.Enjoy the game everyone.

    Beer tastes better with Hockey.. but have fun. πŸ˜›

  25. Racki says:

    Nice stick-lift on Nash by Hemmer.

  26. Steve-O says:

    Beer tastes better with Hockey.. but have fun. :P

    thats why i like these early games…lots of time to sleep off the beer before work tomorrow

    never know when i’ll need to give people rides and all

  27. Haboiler says:

    great pressure and net presence… way to shoot!

  28. Racki says:

    The powerplay has legitimately looked good tonight.. not just because we scored twice. Lots of movement. Good shots on net.

  29. Haboiler says:

    here we go again…. big PK here boys…

  30. Haboiler says:


  31. Racki says:

    Damn it.Hopefully Huselius drew an assist.. πŸ˜›

  32. Racki says:

    Torres-esque hit by Moreau there

  33. Racki says:

    I didn’t see yesterday’s game, but I would say this was a much better played game by the Oilers than what I hear they played yesterday.

  34. Steve-O says:

    and now my pvr wants to record two shows…crap

  35. Pennzoil27 says:

    Hopefully we win it before a in the 5 mins because we all know how Garon is at the shootout.

    very good game so far!!!

  36. Racki says:

    Yah ditto.. forgot to hit the option to record extra 30 mins.

  37. Haboiler says:

    The extra point will be huge here…

  38. Steve-O says:

    luckily time shift saves my ass on this one

  39. Racki says:

    Ooh, player jumped Staios’ stick or that could have been a call…

  40. Haboiler says:

    big save Khabby!

  41. Racki says:

    Wow, how does that happen in OT? (Huselius gets a chance like that)

  42. Steve-O says:

    Racki: Wow, how does that happen in OT? (Huselius gets a chance like that)

    well, what happened was that huselius got behind our defense, and then their player noticed and passed it to him…

  43. Racki says:

    Oh hey, they’re trying the stretch pass, Oilers D…..

  44. Pennzoil27 says:

    I think we are in trouble now :(

  45. Haboiler says:


  46. Racki says:

    well, what happened was that huselius got behind our defense, and then their player noticed and passed it to him…

    Thanks, Cap’n obvious πŸ˜‰ I mean, why are our defense playing that far up that Huselius or another player is getting behind them… 3 times in one OT period.

  47. Pennzoil27 says:

    Come on Hemmer!!!

  48. Racki says:

    Thank you Ales..

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