Oilers Injury Update and More – Oct. 21, 2009

By , October 21, 2009 5:27 pm
Cover your mouth, asshole! - Flu hits another Oiler

Cover your mouth, asshole! - Flu hits another Oiler

Oilers Injury Update

Sheldon Souray and Steve Staios still remain out of the line up. Word is, Souray could miss as much as a month. Of course, Fernando Pisani and Marc Pouliot are also out of the line up.

Gilbert Brule recently went down with the flu (before the last game, against Vancouver). He will likely miss tomorrow’s game but could be back Saturday. Ladislav Smid also has now caught the flu. It is expected that if either player miss Thursday’s game, Steve MacIntyre will get the nod. He was at practice today playing on the blueline. MacIntyre has played both defence and forward in his pre-Oiler career.

An update on Ryan Stone – Ryan Stone had his MRI yesterday. According to Jason Gregor of Oilers Nation, it is suspected he has a meniscus tear. An update will follow later as he has or will have a scope done today. He will miss at least 2-4 weeks.

New Line Blending

The Oilers have a new top six, possibly. Today Horcoff and Hemsky were split up at practice. Penner, Gagner and Hemsky skated together while Comrie Horcoff and O’Sullivan made up the second line. Jacques and Nilsson skated together with Buchberger playing center. Looks like he’s coming out of retirement.. just kidding. I’m sure he was a placeholder for Brule, if Brule will be back for Thursday.

Me, I’m a big fan of the new top six. Hemsky just has not played well at all, and perhaps giving him some new linemates will do the trick. As far as Horcoff, we all know he’s reliable defensively, but his offensive game has been non-existant. I think that might pick up a bit if he’s playing with Comrie and O’Sullivan, as they are more of a meat-and-potatoes, no b.s. line. Just go in and fire pucks around. I’m actually looking forward to seeing those three together.

The lone line that stayed intact today was Moreau Cogliano Stortini, so I’d expect that won’t change, unless perhaps Brule calls in sick tomorrow.

13 Responses to “Oilers Injury Update and More – Oct. 21, 2009”

  1. RyanB says:

    Between the injuries and the flu this team is thin right now. Hopefully a couple of off days will help and the team will be ready to go tomorrow, if not they’ve got to be better by saturday night. Can’t drop 3 in a row to the Flames.

  2. zackman35 says:

    As much as I like Mac Attack, I think I would feel more comfortable with Peckham playing D. MacIntyre would be pretty tough to get around he has a big body no doubt about that but his skating may be a factor.

  3. Racki says:

    RyanB: Yah, on a good note, our top fowards haven’t really been hit yet (aside from Hemsky), knock on wood. Defensively, this team has been hit hard though. Which works into my reply to Zack, it’s too bad they can’t call Peckham up right now. Since none of these guys are on IR, we’re at 23 bodies in the NHL. But I completely agree… I’d feel better having Peckham up here instead of MacIntyre on the blue line.

    And RyanB, very true about Calgary.. no need to give them another freebie. Smid should be back by then, you’d have to think. But I’m sure everyone knows how sometimes the effects can linger around.

  4. gr8one says:

    I really like the idea of Gagner on that top line, my only concern is his faceoff prowess(lack thereof) and the top line spending half their ice time just trying to get the puck back, this is why I keep saying Brule could be a potential really good fit on that first line as he seems to be our second best face-off guy, has lots of offensive upside, pretty good two way play AND some physicality.

  5. Steve-O says:

    I don’t understand why Penner-Horcoff-Hemsky hasn’t been tried…its worked before and my guess is that it will work again.

  6. Racki says:

    Its had its share of problems too. I always liked the Horpensky line, but I am guessing Quinn wants to get Hemsky and Horcoff out of their individual funks by separating them. I know he’s put the three together though, but for very brief glimpses.

    Anyways, gr8one, don’t assume that the Penner Gagner Hemsky is the #1 line ๐Ÿ˜› I don’t really think we have a #1 line anymore.. we’ve usually got pretty balanced lines (except it things out a bit near the bottom). I’d bet that Comrie Horcoff O’Sullivan will see big minutes too. It’s almost a 1a, 1b thing for the lines, I figure.

  7. Steve-O says:

    Yeah, and when they were all put together at the end of the blackhawks game they actually played really well

  8. Racki says:

    I think Penner can play with anyone and he’ll do well. Horcoff really can’t. And I’m not really sure Hemsky can either. Hemsky and Horcoff definitely perform best with the Horpsensky line together. They always seem to both struggle when taken away from each other. But I’m pretty optimistic about this new top six. If it doesn’t work, well maybe they do need to re-visit Penner/Horcoff/Hemsky. I am guessing that Quinn is trying to avoid spreading the team too thin though.

  9. Trogdor says:

    Did you say Stone may be back in 2-4 weeks?

    MRI, surgery and back on the ice… I tore my meniscus 6 weeks ago and still haven’t even been called to be told how long I have to wait to get in for an MRI. I love free healthcare!

    Back to the flu bug going around, hopefully the boys take their robitussin and stop sharing sodas so we can get a full line up dressed again. Seems so long ago since the last game, looking forward to tomorrow’s.

  10. Racki says:

    The 2-4 Weeks comes from Oilersnation and I’m pretty sure it assumes the best, not the worst or even the likely case scenario. The extent of Stone’s injury isn’t known yet… torn meniscus is only a possibility. And I know full well that you tore your meniscus 6 weeks ago and are still hobbling, Mr. Perma-shotgun cause Steve-O feels pity for you.

  11. Trogdor says:

    You forgot that I’m also the guy you leave behind when the train whistle’s blowing…

  12. Steve-O says:

    Shotgun rules are shotgun rules Racki. Lady rules, crippled rules then your standard call it on sight rules. Or your lazy “shotgun rules” game.

  13. Racki says:

    Trogdor: Survival of the fittest.. or most able to walk, in this case. Sorry, pal.

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