GDT – Oilers 6, Red Wings 5, Oct 29, 2009 – Game 13

By , October 29, 2009 10:04 am
GDT - Edmonton Oilers vs. Detroit Red Wings

GDT - Edmonton Oilers vs. Detroit Red Wings


The Oilers are looking for a bit of revenge for last year, having lost all 4 of the games the two teams played (including one 8-3 disaster). Both teams are struggling right now. The Oilers haven’t scored a goal in 7 periods now, and have lost 3 in a row. The Red Wings are coming off a 5-4 win over Vancouver on Tuesday, however they lost their last 3 (albeit two of them were after regulation time). The Red Wings are also struggling to keep the puck out of their own net, allowing the 5th most goals against per game at 3.40 GA/Game. The Red Wings are going to be hoping they can turn things around on their favorite team to pick on from last year.


Edmonton Oilers Projected Line-Up (Lines from Oilers Nation)

Penner — Horcoff — Hemsky
Cogliano — Gagner — Nilsson
Jacques — Brule — O’Sullivan
Moreau — Stortini — MacIntyre

Strudwick — Gilbert
Grebeshkov — Chorney
Peckham — Smid


Detroit Red Wings Projected Line-Up (Based on HFBoards)







– Fernando Pisani has been practicing. He could be back tonight, although I’d assume that he won’t be back any earlier than Saturday, unless they really need him back.
– Lubomir Visnovsky did not practice on Wednesday. He has the flu, possibly of the swine variety. The Oilers are treating it as worst-case-scenario and treating him as though he does have H1N1.
– All the usual injured players are still injured. Souray and Staios seem to take a step forward and then two steps back in their recovery. Not good. Actually, word now is that Staios had a pretty good practice with the team today, so he’s getting there. But he won’t be in tonight.


0:42 – EDM – Jacques from Brule, O’Sullivan
The Oil get off to a great jump with the Brule line looking very energetic out there. Brule gets a pass from O’Sully and shoots it on net and Jacques puts in the rebound.
9:09 – EDM – Penner from Horcoff, Hemsky
Horcoff receives the pass from Hemsky and hammers it on net. Penner bats in the rebound while crashing the crease.
12:24 – EDM – PP – Hemsky from Penner, Horcoff
Hemsky fires it top cheese on Howard on the PP.

Other Highlights
– Gagner gets clobbered by Stuart early in the period. Cogliano stands up for him (oh noes) at first, but Peckham jumps in right away and gets a penalty.
– Shortly after that penalty expires, Cogliano jumps on the ice to replace Penner and plays the puck before Penner can get off, giving the Red Wings another powerplay.
– The Oilers successfully kill off both powerplays quite well.
– During the intermission, they have Craig MacTavish on the panel talking about Dustin Penner: “He plays better hockey when he knows I’m on the (TSN) panel”. Too funny. To MacTavish’s credit, he also says that he does take some credit (although not all of the credit) for Penner’s poor play last year. Takes a big man to admit it.


0:58 – EDM – Hemsky from Penner
Penner steals it from Bertuzzi and chips it ahead to Hemsky who goes in alone on the breakaway while Howard shits his pants. Hemsky threads it through the five hole.
6:15 – DET – Helm from Filppula, Stuart
Filppula gets the puck from Stuart just as his penalty expires and passes it ahead to Helm. Helm breaks down the wing and slaps one past Khabibulin, blocker side top corner.
9:05 – EDM – PPG – Horcoff from Penner, Grebeshkov
A goalline stand with Penner, Horcoff, Grebeshkov and four Red Wings battling for a puck. Credit to Penner for continually jamming away. Horcoff comes out the winner on this one as he manages to get it past Howard.
12:50 – DET – Zetterberg from Kronwall, Datsyuk
Zetterberg slaps a wild shot from the boards down near the goalie that Khabibulin saves. However the rebound hits Chorney and ends up in the net.

Other Highlights
– Hemmer steals the puck behind the net from Howard, who is back there playing the puck, and he tries to bank it in. You know Howard’s nervous about every play he makes now.
– Horcoff is playing like a new man on the top line again. He drives to the net on one play fighting off Filppula and draws a penalty.
– Hemsky does his marquee through the legs move, drawing awe from the crowd.
– On one particular shift, the kids are grinding away like they’ve been taking lessons from Stortini. I like what I see.
– Oilers get lucky on one as Leino rips a shot off the bar on a fairly open net.
– Khabibulin has made some good saves tonight but has also looked pretty shakey at times, maybe due to not being truly tested enough.


6:32 – DET – Ericsson from Draper, Eaves
Ericsson slaps one that beats Khabibulin.
7:47 – DET – Bertuzzi from Datsyuk
Holmstrom screens Khabibulin and Bertuzzi fires it in the top shelf.
12:53 – DET – Eaves from Helm, Ericsson
A lazy shot from the dot beats Khabibulin glove side.

Other Highlights
– Oilers are on their heels early on. Detroit playing hard and crashing the crease. A shot hits the post and the Oil get lucky again as the Red Wings are fighting back.
– Oilers penalty kill has been fairly good, although the first one of the 3rd period they looked a bit sloppy at times. Thankfully some luck got them through that one.
– Quinn screams at the entire bench about their bad breakout that lead to the 3rd goal, according to Ferraro.
– Stuart and Gagner tussle a bit. For whatever reason, Stuart looks like he attempts to knee Gagner in the groin..? Not sure what he was trying there, but he stuck his leg between Gagner’s.
– This period has been nearly all Detroit.
– Nilsson and Cogliano go in on Howard on a 2 on 2 with Nilsson carrying the puck. Nilsson elects to make a difficult pass for some reason and Ferraro calls him on it.
– Wow, no respect for Howard as he gets run in the crease again.
– Commentators note that the kid line is a combined -9 tonight, yet they are out there with 2:30 left in a tie game.. and again he goes to it with just over a minute left.
– Wow, Khabibulin saves a goal on a shot I have no idea how he saw. He kicked out the pad at the last second on the point shot.


No scoring.

Other Highlights
– I officially hate Pepsi and their Canada chant idea. Worst marketing idea ever. Those chants are horrible.
– Gilbert gets a glorious chance in OT as Hemsky carries it into the Red Wings zone and drops it for him. He tries to deke Howard, but somehow he saves it.
– First half of that OT was all Detroit, but Edmonton poured it on in the last minute and a half and almost won it.


Gagner – deke – NO GOAL
Williams – deke – NO GOAL
Hemsky – deke – NO GOAL
Datsyuk – shot – NO GOAL
O’Sullivan – shot – GOAL – O’Sullivan rips the shot from the slot and beats Howard middle blocker side off the post, off the middle bar and out.
Zetterberg – shot – NO GOAL


How not to hold a lead. Quinn must have been livid on the bench. Credit to the top line for having a spectacular night. Credit to the kid line for being a combined -9 (they were on the ice for 3 of the 4 final Detroit goals). Khabibulin had a fairly bad night at points as well too. Some of the goals weren’t his fault, but others were easily saveable. He did make some big saves though, to his credit. Really though, this meltdown can be 100% blamed on the injuries/flu to Souray, Staios and Visnovsky. A rookie defense, and we’re asking for problems.

Plus, the kid line got victimized for a few goals. It’s a win, and I’m sure the Oilers will take that. Especially considering they managed to muster up some goals… but I think Howard can take some credit on that too.

The Oilers were outshot 20 to 6 in the 3rd period. I think that pretty much tells the story of the comeback. They got lucky. Real lucky.

As far as positives, Horcoff looked great tonight and had a goal and an assist. Penner had a 4 point night. Hemsky looked pretty good as well. Beyond that, I thought Brule had a pretty good game, as did O’Sullivan (hmm, apparently Quinn didn’t like his play though, as he commented about being mad at him for some reason before he scored the winner – looks like O’Sully was on the ice for 2 goals, so that could be why). The bottom line of Moreau, Stortini and MacIntyre was pretty non-existant tonight. MacIntyre saw about a minute and a half of ice time tonight. It’s pretty obvious Quinn doesn’t need him in the line up and he’s only here until players get healthy.

Well, I will say this was an entertaining one, but not the way I wanted to see it won. Would have liked to have seen the Oilers play 60 minutes tonight.

194 Responses to “GDT – Oilers 6, Red Wings 5, Oct 29, 2009 – Game 13”

  1. Racki says:

    With Visnovsky, Souray and Staios all being out, I think this spells trouble for the Oil. The homer in me says 3-2 Oilers, but the realist in me will say 3-1 Red Wings. Khabibulin is going to get a workout tonight, either way.

  2. Horpensky says:

    Jimmy Howard gets the start tonight. Detroit’s goaltending is horrendous, and after the first line they don’t really have too much. Their defense looks pretty solid though, so we gotta penetrate that and get lots of shots through.

  3. Horpensky says:

    According to Jason Gregor, Horpensky line is back and so is the kid line

  4. Racki says:

    thanks, Horpensky! I was just going by the lines they practiced with yesterday. Huh… do I like that idea? Well, it’s had success before.. but it’s straying farther and farther from Quinn’s comfort zone and game plan. So I can’t say I’m a big fan. Hoping for some healthy players to be back soon!

    I’ll leave the lines intact though until I hear what the whole line combos will be(unless you happen to have that too.. if so, post here)

  5. Racki says:

    Actually, I see you’ve got your best guess up in the GDT on the Oil site. So I’ll just go ahead and steal them as though I came up with the idea, myself.. 😛 Kidding.. credit to you for the guesstimated lines.

  6. David Staples says:

    Racki, the Oil need a win, but I’m like you, I can’t see it happening, not unless they get some hellacious excellent bounces. . . .

  7. Racki says:

    Hey David, thanks for stopping by… yah, they are going to have to get a miracle performance out of Khabibulin. And if recent history tells us enough, they’re also going to have the Red Wings shoot it on their own net once or twice tonight too. 😛

  8. Hockey Noob says:

    I am never excited when I see Stortini centering MacIntyre–though I am sure that we all love Stortini. On a positive note, I am actually excited to see the rumored return of both Horpensky as well as the Kid line. On the back end (defensemen), there are no words to describe how our lineup looks. At least, Howard might help to end our scoring slump even if Bulin can’t pull off a win.

  9. Trogdor says:

    Watching the Sens Lightning game right now and they mentioned that Quinn and Renney are sick now as well. Can we call up coaches too? Won’t be around tonight to post or watch so hopefully I come home to read all about a solid effort and a big win for the Oilers. Enjoy the game everyone.

  10. Racki says:

    Quinn’s like 95.. isn’t he high risk to keel over from H1N1? They better plug him into an IV on the bench.

  11. LateNightOilFan says:

    Quinn’s 66…Per the CDC, those over 65 are at less risk of infection, but since he is now sick (whether it is H1N1 or seasonal flu), he is now at higher risk of complications.

  12. Steve-O says:

    Its hockey time!

  13. Racki says:

    Hey that guy looks like our old coach.

  14. Racki says:

    My bbq ran out of propane mid-bbq. How awesome is that? I have another cylinder here, but don’t feel like swapping it out. Luckily the oven can take care of the rest.

  15. Steve-O says:

    and no mcguire!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Steve-O says:

    with all this flu stuff, is between the bench the best spot for him?

  17. Racki says:

    Steve-O: with all this flu stuff, is between the bench the best spot for him?

    Yah, there’s a big difference between how our work handles it and how the Oilers handle it. Our work hear’s “flu” and you get 7 days off to quarantine you. The Oilers? Well, you can probably play through it.

    Damn, Peckham penalty…

  18. Steve-O says:

    toughest bunch of the lollipop guild

  19. Racki says:

    Yah I think Stuart was happy rumbling with Cogliano.. but not Theo Wreck ‘Em Peckham – which would be a great prison name, btw.

  20. Racki says:

    damn it. Another penalty – for too many men.

  21. Steve-O says:

    oh for fuck sake

  22. Haboiler says:

    Two big PKs there… they need lots of shots as Howard looks like he is fighting it pretty good.

  23. Racki says:

    Nothing like a struggling goalie (in regards to tonight only) to help a team bounce back. Not that Osgood was any better.

  24. LateNightOilFan says:

    The picture looks very grainy for me – is it like that for anyone else?

    And that was a very bouncy goal but we’ll take it!

  25. Haboiler says:

    Get up early boys before we lose the energy! Atta boy Penner!

  26. Haboiler says:

    LateNightOilFan: The picture looks very grainy for me – is it like that for anyone else?And that was a very bouncy goal but we’ll take it!

    Looks good on mine…

  27. Steve-O says:

    picture looks fine to me

  28. Racki says:

    Gah, Gagner.. nice play though. And powerplay time.

  29. Haboiler says:

    Ah Gagner ya gotta put that in! BUt nice drive to draw the penalty. Does anyone else think those cheer commercials are stupid?

  30. Racki says:

    Hemmmsky… ok, I didn’t see a 3-0 lead coming at all. I had the Oil losing this one. woooo

  31. Haboiler says:

    Great looking powerplay!

  32. LateNightOilFan says:

    Punting the puck, ha ha.

    Wow Howard looks very bad…nervous feet.


  33. Steve-O says:

    yeah the cheer is stupid

    whats wrong with ca-na-da

  34. Racki says:

    Horpensky clicking

  35. LateNightOilFan says:

    Quinn doesn’t look sick…

  36. Haboiler says:

    Its not like we aren’t a hockey country… i saw one thats c-eh-n-eh-d-eh…. unreal…. we are better than that.

  37. LateNightOilFan says:

    Haboiler: Its not like we aren’t a hockey country… i saw one thats c-eh-n-eh-d-eh…. unreal…. we are better than that.

    Yeah, I don’t like that one at all. Funny, we’ve always managed to cheer quite well for our country on the international stage, don’t see why that would change now and why we need something scripted.

  38. Racki says:

    Steve-O: yeah the cheer is stupidwhats wrong with ca-na-da

    Marketing. Do Canadians want another cheer? I seriously doubt it. Ca-na-da.. Ca-na-da. Gets the job done.

  39. Haboiler says:

    Hard to believe Detroit misses Conklin!

  40. Steve-O says:

    if they want to be original then start singing o’canada, or the good ol’ hockey game, or bryan adams

  41. LateNightOilFan says:

    Wow that’s so sad, these 2 assists double Horc’s season total. Hopefully this gets him going.

  42. Racki says:

    Yah that would be awesome hearing the crowd sing the good ol’ hockey game in unison

  43. Racki says:

    Helluva period, boys. Keep the foot on the gas. I wonder if Osgood starts period 2.

  44. Steve-O says:

    oh yeah, and apparently at the oilers halloween party cogliano dressed up as heatley

  45. LateNightOilFan says:

    MacT coming up to discuss Penner. Should be interesting but I’m sure he will be very honest and happy for Pens.

  46. Haboiler says:

    that would be very cool… the Americans wouldn’t know what him them. Wasn’t Ray Ferraro our colour guy for a year? He seems awful down on the Oil all the time. Should be interesting MacT on Penner lol.

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