GDT: Oilers vs. Canucks – Oct 19, 2009 – Game 8

By , October 19, 2009 10:11 am
GDT - Edmonton Oilers vs. Vancouver Canucks

GDT - Edmonton Oilers vs. Vancouver Canucks


This is the first regular season meeting of the two teams this year, however the teams met twice in the pre-season. The Oilers lost the first one 3-1 while the Oil won the second one 5-4 in OT. The Oilers are coming off of a decisive 5-2 win over the Wild, while the Canucks also came off a win versus the Wild with a final score of 2-1. Tonight’s game will be televised on Sportsnet and is a 7:00 start.

Sorry folks, things are a little slow with the line ups today. If anyone catches wind of them, please post them here and I’ll update this post..

Projected Line-Ups

Edmonton Oilers Projected Line-Up (per Oilers Depth Chart)

JFJ Horcoff Hemsky
Penner Gagner O’Sullivan
Stone Comrie Nilsson
Moreau Cogliano Stortini

Grebeshkov – Gilbert
Smid – Visnovsky
Strudwick – Chorney


Vancouver Canucks Projected Line-Up (per HFBoards)

Burrows – H. Sedin – Samuelsson
Raymond – Kessler – Grabner
Bernier – Wellwood – Bolduc
Hordichuk – Johnson – Rypien

Mitchell – Edlier
Erhoff – Rome
Obrien – Bieksa





– Again, Steve Staios and Sheldon Souray will sit this one out. Souray’s condition just is sounding worse every time we get an update. That’s not good.. we have seen what concussions can do to a player.
– Ales Hemsky will miss tonight’s game as well too, with the flu. UPDATE: Actually that may not be true….
From OilersNation:

After spending the weekend in bed with the flu, Ales Hemsky was on the ice this morning. Hemsky, who is normally the first guy off the ice after practice, stayed out late doing some drills, to see his body would respond. He will be a game time decision; if he plays Robert Nilsson will come out. Right now it seems 50/50 if he’ll play.

Steve Staios did some light skating by himself, but he is still day-to-day, while Sheldon Souray is much farther away. You can’t rush a player back, and considering the style of play these two play, I’d guess the training staff will be very cautious before giving them the green light to return.


6:32 – VAN – Bernier from Wellwood.
The Oil get caught in their own zone chasing the puck around as the Canucks cycle it around. The rebound from the shot from outside the slot ends up in the crease area as Bolduc and Bernier both fight to bang it in.

Other Highlights
– Rypien and Stortini go at it. I’ll give this one to Rypien.. he’s a tough s.o.b. He got off to an early start like their last fight and landed some good shots in. Credit to Storts for coming back midway through the fight, but it wasn’t enough.
– Hemmer line gets “hemmed” in the zone early on. Good cycle by the Canucks. The Oil briefly get it out and change, but this inevitably leads to a goal as the Canucks get back in and keep it in the zone.
– The Oil seem to be getting continually stuck in their zone for the first half of the game so far.
– Samuellson tries to get Khabibulin looking the other way behind the net and quickly pops out front to try and jam it in, but good job to Khabibulin for getting the pad up against the post.
– Stortini drills Rome after a dump in.
– Visnovsky tried to go end-to-end at the end of the period. Manages to skate into 5 Canucks and still get a sloppy shot off, but it blows over the net.


0:26 – EDM – O’Sullivan from Grebeshkov
– On a delayed penalty for a trip on Gagner, Grebs carries the puck down low and fires it cross-crease to O’Sullivan who buries it.

Other Highlights
– Stone’s injury might be a knee injury. Sportsnet shows Stone hitting Glass (or vice versa.. btw, Stone hitting Glass is a funny sentence) and Stone fell awkward, getting his leg caught under him a bit.
– Horcoff gets a breakaway but looks gassed.. I’m not even sure what happened when he got close to Luongo, but it wasn’t pretty. Looked like maybe the puck skipped on him.
– Hemsky gets a breakaway after his penalty ends, but he fires it over the net. Just like Hemmer to make his good friend Horcoff look good as he flubs up his breakaway too.
– Visnovsky took a shot off the foot and that hurt him. Looked like a pretty weak shot, but it doesn’t take much sometimes. Looks like he is fine though.
– Comrie is now known to me as the new Moreau. 2 penalties while we’re on the powerplay and in the offensive zone? Ungh.
– Chorney throws a nice hit in the corner of the Oilers’ defensive zone, dropping a Canuck.


10:33 – EDM – Gagner from Jacques, O’Sullivan
On the dump in, Gagner chases behind the net and the puck comes out front to O’Sullivan. O’Sullivan flicks it on net trying to get it to JFJ, but JFJ can’t get it.. it bounces out front and Luongo is flopping around like a fish. Gagner puts it upstairs.

Other Highlights
– I’ve always been impressed with Dustin Penner’s hands (damn that came out wrong), even when he was the goat around here. He made a very nice deke on one of the Canucks’ defencemen, cradling the puck and then going around them. Got a shot on goal, but not too dangerous of a shot. Good shift overall, and he gets applause from the crowd.
– WOW did Smid ever steal a goal. Wide open net after a big rebound from Khabibulin, and he luckily was there to play goal. The puck comes back out and this time Khabi was ready for the save. But wow, Smid was in the right place at the right time with a very nice kick save.
– Khabibulin does a nice job stopping a point blank tip from Henrik, who was standing in the crease.
– Mitchell gets away with a stiff arm to O’Sullivan’s face.
– Penner again doing it all as he bowls his way and dangles into the Canucks zone. He loses the puck, but Visnovsky picks it up and wires it, but it doesn’t make it through.
– Cogliano makes a nice shot block at the blueline and then carries it into the Canucks zone.. no real chance generated though, unfortunately, but he’s got a few more tools than just the offensive ones.
– For a guy wiith the flu, Hemsky looks pretty good in the 3rd period. Working a bit of his magic.
– Looks like Horpensky might be back together, and JFJ is taking Penner’s place with Gagner and O’Sullivan.
– Chorney is actually impressing me… he’s battled since he’s been called up, and he just saved a goal as he fought for a puck to the side of the net and got body positioning on a Canuck’s forward to prevent a scoring chance. Good thing because Khabi looked a bit lost on that one.
– Hemsky dumped while going in alone on an empty netter.. could’ve been credited a goal there.
– OH WOW, Kyle Wellwood would like to have an extra second… He dangles through the Oilers’ defence and beats Khabibulin, but it was about 1 second too late as the game ended.


EDM PP1 (Burrows 2 mins, Elbowing) – NO GOAL
Unit 1 – Hemsky Horcoff Comrie with Grebs/O’Sullivan
Unit 2 – Penner Gagner Nilsson with Gilbert/Visnovsky
Pretty ineffective until line 2 comes out and Penner tries to drive it through Luongo.
VAN PP1 (Comrie 2 mins, Holding) – NO GOAL
Unit 1 – Penner Horcoff with Strudwick/Chorney – Clear it out after the draw. Van brings it back inside and the Oil do a good job of preventing them for getting in. They cough it up to Strudwick and he dumps it out.
Unit 2 – Cogliano and Moreau with Grebs/Gilbert. Do a good job of preventing any chances. Forwards change up to Unit 1 again. The Canucks pass it around too much and end up passing it through the point man. Good penalty kill overall.
VAN PP2 (Hemsky 2 mins, Tripping) – NO GOAL
Unit 1 – Penner/Horcoff with Grebeshkov/Gilbert
Unit 2 – Moreau/Cogliano with Chorney/Strudwick
– Both units kill the first minute easily. Canucks didn’t even break the zone, and even got caugh icing it.
Unit 3 – Jacques/O’Sullivan with Gilbert/Strudwick. Finally the Canucks gain the zone. Really can’t do anything with it at all.
Hemsky gets it coming out of the box for the breakaway.. no goal.
EDM PP2 (Grabner 2 mins, Interference) – NO GOAL
Unit 1 – Hemsky/Horcoff/Comrie with Gilbert/Visnovsky
This penalty lasts all of 14 seconds, as Comrie takes a penalty for slashing. Nice one, dipshit.
VAN PP3 (Comrie 2 mins for a dumb o-zone slash) – NO GOAL
This lasts barely any time because the penalty came while the Oilers were a few seconds into the PP, so not worth mentioning.
VAN PP4 (Khabibulin, 2 mins for Tripping) – NO GOAL
Unit 1 – good job clearing the puck out of the zone. Canucks don’t get any chance to set up.
Unit 2 – get caught in their zone a bit, but the canucks have a tough time getting any shots on goal. Wellwood gets one good shot off, but Khabibulin robs him. And then eats up the rebound as Grabner flips it on net.
Unit 1- the Oil do a good job keeping the Canucks out of good scoring areas.
Great kill overall.
EDM PP3 (Kesler 2 mins, Interference) – NO GOAL
Unit 1 – Moving the puck around like the globetrotters. Great work getting the Canucks running around. The powerplay won’t last long though as Comrie takes yet another penalty while on the powerplay. Oh man.
VAN PP5 (Comrie, 2 mins for Tripping, while Kesler is in box) – NO GOAL
– I missed the notes for this one, but the Oil obviously successfully killed this one off.


Nail biter. That’s all I have to say. The game was a fairly slow one at points. The Oil also got caught running around at points, but overall it wasn’t too badly played. The Canucks were pretty good in the first and third periods, whereas the Oilers played pretty strong in the second.

Penner had yet another fantastic game, as did Patrick O’Sullivan. I have to say, I absolutely love the Penner, Gagner and O’Sullivan line. Khabibulin gets the first star.. he wasn’t fantastic, but he was good. He struggled at points with his rebound control, but he was good enough for the win and made some key saves. Luckily so did Smid at one point, saving a goal. As did Chorney, possibly, as he gained body positioning on a Canucks forward near the end of the 3rd to prevent a scoring chance on a fairly open cage.

The Oilers’ PK was very good tonight. The Canucks couldn’t really get set up anywhere or get any good shots on net. The Oilers’ powerplay was characteristically average (maybe bad) except for one chance where the Oil had some great cross ice passes going and had the Canucks struggling to get the puck, until Comrie took his second moronic offensive zone penalty while on the powerplay.

So that puts the Oil at 5-2-1. This is a very good start for the team. Great job by both goaltenders. Not the best game by the Oilers, but they did well enough to deserve a win.

And now the bad news, Ryan Stone left the game with a knee injury and will undergo an MRI tomorrow, according to Pat Quinn.

124 Responses to “GDT: Oilers vs. Canucks – Oct 19, 2009 – Game 8”

  1. DropIt says:

    Haha, Racki. I was waiting for something along those lines…

    Have the Oil not won the div. In so long you forgot that the div. Winners get 3rd place? 😉

  2. Racki says:

    Np, and thanks for comin out, LNOF, et. al

  3. Racki says:

    haha, no, I of course meant that I think that’s as close to a compliment for our team that we’ll get from a Flames fan, and because of that, I’m going to pretend that you said we’ll win the divison. 😛

  4. Racki says:

    According to Pat Quinn, Ryan Stone will undergo an MRI tomorrow. Boo-urns. Knee injuries are never fun. Right, Trogdor?

  5. DropIt says:

    Ya… I was just pushing buttons 😉

    … Also, bad news about Stone. Even as an Oiler, I like the guys play… Hopefully we can Glenncross him

  6. Racki says:

    Are actual Calgarians allowed to play in Calgary?? 😛

  7. DropIt says:

    LOL. Well from the sounds of it, they tend to be taken/persued by Edmonton.

    But there is definately not the same number of players coming from Calgary as do Edmonton. And our best is a bit of a prick

  8. Racki says:

    hah, yah, I would have to presume you mean Heatley 😉

    Yah, I think Edmonton seems to attract Calgarians and Calgary seems to attract Edmontonians. Odd. 😛

  9. Trogdor says:

    Damn beer sampling got in the way of watching studiously tonight. From what I did see though, it looked like the goals(and non goal) were most of the action tonight. A lot of quiet play or I just caught the wrong moments perhaps.

    Anyone else notice Khabibulin’s paint job was lacking the Fuhr masks tonight or has this been discussed already? News to me.

    Where’s my MRI damn it!!!

  10. Racki says:

    No, didn’t notice his mask was missing that.. but maybe he’s got one for the retro jersey, and one for the regular jerseys?

    And SNet is doing their game in an hour thing right now, so you can watch the highlights again.

  11. Trogdor says:

    I’ll check out a bit of it, but beer sampling plus work night equals close to bedtime.

  12. Steve-O says:

    The people around me were actually pretty good last night so I enjoyed the game. Yay.

    My thoughts:
    I’m serious about the bungee cord tied to Khabibulin’s ass

    Smid is not getting enough love on the internets…dude is playing well

    Might as well paint Strudwick orange and use him for practice

    How was the trip to Hemsky not a penalty shot/automatic goal or even a penalty?

    Can’t we stop the other team from scoring in the final minute…please.

    We seem to be caught between a puck possession and dump and chase team as the play died on a lot of forwards sticks all night.

    No one single forward looked horrible I thought, but I’ll echo Racki in saying that Penner looked really good, as did O’Sullivan and Hemsky. Say what you want about Hemsky but the puck seems to find his stick and while he fanned on a couple passes he also set up some gems. And if this is from a player who looked like shit this morning, well we just might be seeing something special from him soon. I remember he didn’t really start out so hot last year either until that Philly game. He also doesn’t trust JFJ worth a damn…had a few open passes to him and passed on all of them.

  13. DropIt says:

    Actually the Hemsky break away was the right call. The puck was knocked away before Hemsky went down. Which results in no penalty.

  14. Trogdor says:

    I still don’t agree with the non call, although it happens a lot. Regardless of the fact that he got puck first, he then proceeded to take Hemksky down with a trip eliminating him from the play while the net was open then the Canucks got the puck for a counter attack. A nearly fatal counter…

  15. Horpensky says:

    I gotta say.. Khabibulin is playing a lot better than I thought lately, especially last night. He was shaky the first couple games, but last night he was great and I wasn’t afraid whenever a point shot went through. Looks like he’s back in form!

  16. LateNightOilFan says:

    Re the Hemsky empty net play, I’d have to look at it again, and I’m too lazy to do so, but my initial reaction was no harm no foul b/c the Nuck knocked the puck away first. Otherwise it would have been ruled a goal. What I didn’t like was Hemsky just lying on the ice looking at the ref and the rest of the Nucks as the play went up ice.

    I love Hemmer but that part of his game (slow out of the zone, slow on line changes, giving up on plays, not backchecking) annoys the hell out of me and goes against everything you tell players to do in minor hockey. However, with Hemmer he usually then does something brilliant to make up for it. I am surprised he was even playing so kudos to him for that.

    Khabbi is playing well but the amount of good luck he has had the last few games equals the amount of bad luck he had the first few games. He’s going to get burned one of these days poking a rebound right up the middle of the ice. But I’m glad he was given the chance to work out his struggles early on and he has been solid for us. I don’t know how many were watching the Oilers feed last night but Gene did a segment on the equivalent of water he has to drink on game day and it’s insane.

  17. Trogdor says:

    Yeah, I saw the water bottles Gene pulled out. That’s a fair bit of time spent during your day drinking water.

    Who were the announcing team? I didn’t recognize too many people on the panel last night so thought maybe it was a Pacific feed.

  18. Steve-O says:

    I was at the game live so it looked as though Hemsky was tripped, and I’m sticking to that

  19. Racki says:

    I agree with LNOF. I’m not worried about the trip. Moreso worried about Hemsky’s insistence on selling it as a trip and lying on the ice. Get your ass up and haul back into the play.

    But credit to him for even playing yesterday. Considering he has the flu, I thought he played a decent game, besides that one play.

  20. LateNightOilFan says:

    Trogdor – it was the Oilers feed, I think Kevin Quinn and Louis Debrusk were the announcers.

  21. Racki says:

    I think he’s talking about John Garrett and the other knucklehead. I think they do the Pacific feed. I noticed them on SNET after the game was over, in particular.

  22. Trogdor says:

    During intermission there were 2 guys and a girl talking about the game I saw. Maybe I just wasn’t close enough to pick out who they were.

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