GDT – Edmonton 3, Calgary 4 (SO) – Oct. 8, 2009 – Game 3

By , October 8, 2009 11:15 am
They got lucky last time

They got lucky last time

2009/10 Battle of Alberta 2.0 tonight. Let’s hope that Khabibulin is in better game shape tonight. The Flames got the best of us last game (4-3 Flames).. perhaps the best of Khabibulin, if you want to think of it that way. But I liked seeing our team come out flying early on. It was one they could have won.

I predict a high scoring game again. I’m going with 5-4 Oilers, just because I’m a homer. This one makes it to the shootout, this time. Fire out your predictions in the comments section..

Not much out there in the way of information about the game yet (i.e. lines), but here are the projected rosters for now. Moreau skated in yesterday’s practice, but not sure if we’ll see him tonight though.

Edit: Lines for both teams have been updated.


Oilers Lines

Penner – Horcoff – Hemsky
Stone – Comrie – O’Sullivan
Penner – Brule – Cogliano
Moreau – Gagner – Stortini

Smid – Souray
Grebeshkov – Gilbert
Strudwick – Visnovsky


Flames Projected Line-Up





Pisani – Out Indefinitely, Back
Pouliot – Day to Day, Flaming loins
Staios – Creates too many Calgary Power Plays / “Had his bell rung” (according to Quinn)

Armstrong – IR
McGratton – Day to Day, Shoulder
Sarich – Lower body injury

1st Period Summary

16:27 – EDM – Moreau from Brule, Grebeshkov
Moreau gets out of the penalty box. Gets a nice outlet pass by Moreau, and he is in all alone on Kipper and just threads it through the five hole.

19:46 – EDM (PP) – Visnovsky from Comrie, O’Sullivan.
Comrie and O’Sullivan battle along the boards for the puck. Visnvosky gets the puck at the blue line, dekes out Conroy and blasts it past Kipper.

Other Highlights
– Strudwick lays the body on Boyd, while pinching in at the point.
– Big save by Khabibulin on Langkow. Khabibulin was in the butterfly position out of the net a bit. Langkow got the puck on the other side of the net, and Khabi sprawled across and reached out with the pad/glove and kicked it to the corner.
– Moreau looks good so far tonight. That goal energized him. His next shift leads to the Oilers hemming the Flames in their own zone for a few minutes.

2nd Period Summary

19:31 – CGY – Langkow from Bourque, Giordano
Langkow fires it towards the net, it goes off of Strudwick and in… not Khabibulin’s fault here.

Other Highlights
– Souray goes after the puck in the Oil zone with Iginla chasing after him. Souray loses an edge and gets slammed into the boards With Iggy’s full weight riding into his back. He’s cut up on his face. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was concussed on that, but hopefully he’s ok.
– Stone lays a nice hit on Regehr that draws some attention from Langkow on the way to the bench.
– Khabibulin skates out of the crease to poke a puck away from a Flame who was streaking in… draws some applause from the crowd. I’m sure it was half sarcastic, but it’s good to see him get back on the horse.
– Moreau starts a scrap with Iginla (credit to Chucker for calling it well before). Both toss their lids. In usual Moreau fashion, he can’t stand on his feet. And ends up flopping around. Iginla waits for him to get on his feet again, but the refs jump in and Iginla continues to throw shots anyways.
– Hemsky is doing stuff out there that should lead to a Pat Quinn “there’s no I in team” speech.
– Still no sign of Souray.
– Stone catches Kronwall admiring the pass, drawing some big cheers.

3rd Period Summary

4:11 – CGY – Dawes from Kronwall, Bourque
Bourque passes it to Kronwall on the point who wrists it on net, Dawes tips it in from the side. Tough one for Khabibulin.
13:30 – EDM – Hemsky from Horcoff, Grebeshkov
JFJ dumps it in, and gets in on hte puck. Horcoff eventually gets the puck, fires it on net and Hemsky gets the rebound, swings around Kipper and fires it into the yawning cage.
19:58 – CGY – Bourque from Bouwmeester, Phaneuf
Bouwmeester fires it on net with only 2 seconds left. Bourque tips it up high and through Khabibulin’s five hole. Again not much Khabi can do.

Other Highlights
– Iginla hits Hemsky, which upsets JFJ. JFJ screams at him on Iggy’s way to the bench.
– Khabibulin almost gets caught out of his net going after a puck which ends up in “no mans land” (outside the trapezoid). The Flames jam at it in the crease… I have no idea how that stayed out though.
– Grebeshkov looks smooth out there on defence.. Boyd tries to give him the Kelly Buchburger inside-outside move, but Grebeshkov cooly stays with him.
– Jacques hits Bouwmeester so hard I’m surpised the boards didn’t cave in. Lots of movement on the boards on that one.
– Comrie doing his best Tiger Woods impersonation trying to bat the puck out of the air but he must’ve batted it three times before it went forward (not to mention Stone batting it over to the front of the net, and Kipper also batting one out of the air). These guys should go on tour as a travelling circus.
– Jacques is still taking no prisoners out there. He hits anyone and everyone, back turned, facing him, on their way to the bench, begging for mercy.. doesn’t matter. A few highlight-reel hits. Stone is another guy out there hitting anyone he can. I like how these guys always finish their checks.
– Khabibulin is on top of his game.
– Visnovsky makes very confident moves in his own zone, stickhandling the shit out of a Flame who spins and falls to the ice
– Cogliano makes a very nice move, dipseedoodling through the Calgary defence just after the Hemsky goal. This boy has skill.
– Horcoff has looked pretty good tonight. In fact, if not for Hemsky just scoring after picking up Horcoff’s junk in the crease, I’d say JFJ and Horcoff are carrying Hemsky tonight… how often do you say that?

Overtime Summary

No Goals.

Other Highlights
– Strudwick, carrying the puck into the Flames zone, Paul Coffey style goes down in a heap after being tripped up.
– All Edmonton in this OT, but Kipper does a good job at shutting the Oil down.
– Horcoff has a great chance breaking in the zone after the penalty, picking up a pass from Hemmer. But Kipper again wins that battle.
– Strudwick is looking not bad out there, and gets some attention from DeBrusk, pointing this out as well. He’s look solid at both ends of the ice.
– Gagner gives the coach a heart attack, stickhandling a defender in his own zone, but it works and he gets a chance at the other end.

Shootout Summary

Gagner – NO GOAL – tries to go low glove side on Kipper, but Kipper makes the save.

Dawes – GOAL – Fires it top shelf, glove side, beating Khabibulin.

O’Sullivan – GOAL – Repeat of the Dawes goal, top cheese, knocking the cookie jar off the net.. fires that puck pretty damn hard.

Jokinen – GOAL – tries to deke out Khabibulin… goes glove side, blocker side… Khabi spreads out, it hits the side of the net, coming back off the back of Khabi’s leg and goes in. They go upstairs to confirm, and it’s counted.

Hemsky – NO GOAL – Looked like he was probably going deke at first, Kipper guessed it, and throws out the poke check… Hemsky fires it up top but rings it off the post.

Special Teams

EDM PP#1 (Bouwmeester 2 mins for Hooking) – GOAL
Unit #1 – Penner/Comrie/O’Sullivan with Visnovsky
Visnvosky gets the puck at the blue line, dekes out Conroy and blasts it past Kipper.

CGY PP #1 (Moreau in the box) – NO GOAL
Horc/Penner with Smid/Souray for the top unit, O’Sully/Brule with Grebeshkov/Gilbert for the second unit. First unit looked good, even got a rush in which Horcoff carried the puck in and Souray.. yes.. Souray.. rushed to the net for the junk (which unfortunately was not there). Second unit didn’t look quite as hot. Calgary got a few shots in that kill. At the end of this kill, Moreau gets out of the box and scores.

EDM PP#2 (Iginla 2 mins for Tripping) – NO GOAL
Unit#1 Penner/Horcoff/Hemsky now with Grebs/Gilbert since Souray is off to the dressing room. Good kill by the Flames… these guys couldn’t even break the zone.
Unit#2 O’Sully/Comrie/JFJ gets a good opportunity on net.
Unit #3 Gagner/Brule/Cogliano – Not much happening here.. lots of overhandling of the puck by Gagner who eventually gives it away to Iginla.

CGY PP#2 (Stortini 2 mins for Interference) – leads to another penalty – NO GOAL
Bogus penalty call.
1st PK unit Penner/Horcoff with Gilbert/Grebeshkov. Leads to another penalty as Grebeshkov gets called for hooking

CGY PP#3 (Grebeshkov 2 mins for hooking) – 5 on 3 – NO GOAL
1st PK Unit Horcoff with Smid/Strudwick. Great job battling off the first wave and dumping the puck. Smid makes a nice shot block which hurt, but fired him up as he skated off. Replaced by Gilbert. Khabibulin absolutely stones Dawes on the backdoor one-timer play. This is a lonnnng 2-man advantage. Finally it is killed off. And now we have Stortini/O’Sullivan out there. They kill it off, which leads to a delayed penalty against Calgary.

EDM PP#3 (Bourque 2 mins for tripping) – NO GOAL
Unit #1 – Penner/Horcoff/Hemsky with Visnovsky and Smid. Nothing really generated here. In fact, the Flames (Nystrom) probably had a better chance. O’Sullivan, Comrie and Jacques on now with Gilbert/Grebeshkov. Again, nothing generated by the Oilers.. good kill here by the Flame.

CGY PP#4 (O’Sullivan 2 mins for tripping) – NO GOAL
Unit #1 Horcoff and Penner with Gilber and Smid on D. Nice work by Penner out there. Very nice work. Phaneuf goes end-to-end and runs into the Wall.. he ain’t movin’. Khabibulin fires the blocker after 😉
Unit #2 Cogliano Moreau with Strudwick and Grebeshkov. Very short lived… puck goes out of play, giving time for a line change and Unit #1 is back out, and finishes the job. Oilers PK is looking solid tonight.

EDM PP#4 (Giordano tripping) – NO GOAL
Unit #1 Comrie, Gagner, O’Sullivan with Visnovsky – gets one good chance and Kipper covers it up.
Unit#2 – Penner/Horcoff/Hemsky with Grebeshkov – Hemmer gets the best chance on a blast from past the faceoff circle that Kipper gloves up.
Unit#1 back out with Gilbert on the point – Great chance by Gagner who bangs at a rebound on a Comrie shot, but Kipper eats it up. Another good chance on the next play, but Kipper is doing well at sucking up anything in front of him.
Unit #2 out now with Visser on the point. Hemsky and Horcoff both fan on their shots and the penalty ends.

210 Responses to “GDT – Edmonton 3, Calgary 4 (SO) – Oct. 8, 2009 – Game 3”

  1. Racki says:

    Hmm.. penalty #1 to Moreau.

  2. DropIt says:

    And the 71% powerplay hits the ice

  3. Hockey Noob says:

    Moreau in the box! Didn’t take too long…

  4. Racki says:

    SCOOORRESSSSS! I guess that makes up for the stupid penalty 😉

  5. DropIt says:

    Nice pass Moreau out of the box…

  6. LateNightOilFan says:

    Woo! Good thing Moreau was in the box I guess!

  7. Racki says:

    Aww, I can’t stay mad at ya, big guy (until your next bad penalty)!

  8. DropIt says:

    Calgary penalty

  9. LateNightOilFan says:

    Nic job by Vis getting position there!

  10. Hockey Noob says:

    Holy smokes! We kill the PK, Moreau scores, a crazy energy 4th line, and then Visnovsky on the PP!

  11. DropIt says:

    Euck… Can someone please fight Iggy.

  12. Racki says:

    I nominate JFJ for that. That would make for a pretty exciting tilt. Or Souray/Iggy.

  13. chucker says:

    So Jo asked me “Who’s are captain.” To which I replied “That piece of shit Moreau.” .5 seconds later he scores…

  14. DropIt says:

    Souray may be good, IMO JFJ get demolished. Souray would be good though

  15. Racki says:

    Chucker: don’t feel bad… I was just getting through berating him for taking the penalty as well too when he came out of the box and scored.

  16. LateNightOilFan says:

    chucker: So Jo asked me “Who’s are captain.” To which I replied “That piece of shit Moreau.” .5 seconds later he scores…

    Keep calling him that, maybe he’ll score more often…

  17. chucker says:

    We should say stuff about him more. Not sure if that’s possible on my part. 😛

  18. chucker says:

    LateNightOilFan: Keep calling him that, maybe he’ll score more often…

    Okay. I’ll go Turets on his ass. Somebody pass me some Rye.

  19. Racki says:

    DropIt: Souray may be good, IMO JFJ get demolished. Souray would be good though

    I know I’m being a bit of a homer, but JFJ has fought some pretty big guys (ex. Parros), so I would disagree. It would probably be a pretty even fight. Iggy is a helluva scrapper, in his own right.

  20. DropIt says:

    I know JFJ can throw. And his fight skill may even be pretty close to JFJ. But you also have to take into account that when Iggy fights, he does with pure anger. That’s the only time you see him throw is when he is PISSED. And that overpowers imo

  21. Racki says:

    Ya Iggy can be a pretty mean s.o.b.. I would be angry too if I were an Edmontonian living in Calgary! 😛

    OHHH man, Iginla just wiped out Souray in the corner.. notttt good.

  22. DropIt says:

    Guess Souray won’t be fighting …

  23. DropIt says:

    Every other Edmontonian in Calgary seems to be quite content with it 😉

  24. chucker says:

    I hope he’s okay.

  25. chucker says:

    I’d send Moreau after Iginla.

  26. DropIt says:

    Why? There was no intent there from Iggy. That’s a play that normally turns into a pin on the boards 9/10 times

  27. Racki says:

    DropIt: Every other Edmontonian in Calgary seems to be quite content with it ;)

    I’m teasing of course.

  28. chucker says:

    DropIt: Why? There was no intent there from Iggy. That’s a play that normally turns into a pin on the boards 9/10 times


  29. DropIt says:

    Principles an alright reason… I’m fine with Moreau getting beat and an extra 2 😉

    And I know your kidding Racki and you know I am too :)

  30. chucker says:

    DropIt: Principles an alright reason… I’m fine with Moreau getting beat and an extra 2 And I know your kidding Racki and you know I am too


  31. chucker says:

    Called it.

  32. Racki says:

    You called it.

  33. DropIt says:

    Wow. Good call Chucker…

  34. chucker says:

    Quinn doesn’t put up with that shit even if it was a kind of accident. Iginla should have let up.

  35. chucker says:

    There will be an attempted rematch me thinks.

  36. Racki says:

    Can Moreau ever stay on his feet in a fight?? (btw, I know I rag on him a lot, but I just have high expectations for him.. good for him for fighting, but he really does fall in almost every fight).

  37. DropIt says:

    Moreau may have well just woke the giant

  38. chucker says:

    DropIt: Moreau may have well just woke the giant

    This could be the case for sure. I’d like to wait until the third later on if we still have the lead to get into that kind of game.

  39. DropIt says:

    No he shouldn’t have let up. That’s bullshit. There was no way of knowing Souray was going down. Even Iggy smacked his face into the boards. It was a harmless play the went bad

  40. LateNightOilFan says:

    Jeez, I had to run out for a few minutes and it sounds like I missed alot. Is Souray ok?

  41. chucker says:

    Uh oh.

  42. DropIt says:

    5-3 cgy… This is a must

  43. chucker says:

    DropIt: No he shouldn’t have let up. That’s bullshit. There was no way of knowing Souray was going down. Even Iggy smacked his face into the boards. It was a harmless play the went bad

    You could be right. I’ll have to see it again. Unfortunate anyways.

  44. DropIt says:

    Phaneuf needs to keep his ego in check.. 5-4. Point shots are alright. 5-3. Cylce down low in the slot

  45. Racki says:

    Great another d-man down, but he should be back, I think.

  46. chucker says:

    Wow!! That was exciting.

  47. DropIt says:

    PP turned into coincidentals?

  48. LateNightOilFan says:

    I would like to see Khabi skate to the bench a bit faster on delayed penalties.

  49. Hockey Noob says:

    Fucking Bulin’s playing much better tonight!!! what a save on 3v5 pk!

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