You’ve just been Coppered!

By , September 17, 2009 3:19 pm
Two prices?  Maybe the beer is cheaper too!

Two prices? Maybe the beer is cheaper too!

So, I’ve been away hob knobbing and travelling the U.K. and Europe over the last 2 hockey seasons but, I’m back, I’m employed, and I’m interested in buying tickets again.  Just picked up a pair for the 23rd as the Flames are in town and so is my dad, so it’s a good opportunity to sneak out on our own for a night.  As I was on the website though I discovered that there is a class distinction among teams now.  I’m not sure how they did their figuring, but it looks like it has something to do with the quality of opponent visiting Rexall.  I’m sure they’ll still charge in the Blue half of the chart when the Leafs get to town, but really, do they deserve it? 

 My dad won’t care if we have to shovel ice to be at the game or spend $500, just so that we can be there, but hopefully tickets won’t sell out so fast that it comes down to that.  Yes, my father is a Leafs fan…  Any season ticket holders out there going away for Christmas?

 Anyways, back to the pricing breakdown, I’ve been gone for 2 years so maybe this isn’t a new thing.  Anyone else know?  And how do the teams feel that get “Coppered” so to speak?  Are they insulted and try harder to earn the ticket holders respect or are they dejected and fearful of what degrading acts may befall them the next time they come to town?

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  1. Racki says:

    Wow.. that’s not too bad. I think they could stand to lower prices even more in the lower area. It is still a bit too rich for my blood to stand or be in the gallery.

  2. Steve-O says:

    Not too bad!? I need to talk to the boss about how much your making

  3. Racki says:

    My boss is a cheap-ass, you know that. 😉

    I mean it’s not too bad that they’d actually give a deal. But as I said, it’s still too much in the cheap seats, if you ask me.

    On a good note, the Flames are having some troubles with the Isles tonight. 😉 Good on Olli for the Gordie Howe hat trick, and he might even get a real one too.

  4. Steve-O says:

    That Quasimodo hit was cheap as fuck, and then he cowers behind his team. Although I would be worried if I was an Islander fan that no one on the ice jumped the dick. Good on the one dude jumping off of the bench though.

    And for whatever reason the site seems stupid slow right now.

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