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By , September 29, 2009 11:37 am
Will lightning strike in NY for Schremp?

Will lightning strike in NY for Schremp?

Schremp’s leaving today…

The NY Islanders have claimed Robbie off of waivers. He finally gets to strut his stuff in the NHL. The Islanders could use some offence so we’ll see if Schremp is up to it. On the other hand if he fails miserably and gets sent down to the minors, the Oilers could pick him up again, although I’m doubtful that will occur (meaning us picking him up again).

Liam Reddox has also been placed on waivers today, so no news about him clearing or being picked up until sometime tomorrow.

This still doesn’t resolve the Oilers salary cap issues or define roster for opening night, but Mr. Schremp is probably a pretty happy guy. NY is a pretty cool place to live and he’s there without the same pressure as would be attributed to playing for that other team in NY.

Best of luck Mr. Schremp.

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  1. Steve-O says:


    now can we stop hearing about him all the time?

  2. chucker says:

    Will he get to play with Tavares? Interesting. Good luck to him. He’s from there, so I’m sure he’ll be very excited.

    It’s nice to finally move on from this one way or another. Now I can just watch and see if he does well or not. I think he’ll do well.

  3. Hockey Noob says:

    Racki, I am now on the New York Times Slapshot blog, lol! Here’s the link: Hockey Night in Blogdom

  4. Racki says:

    I’m glad that he finally will get a decent shot at making a name for himself. Will he be able to? Maybe not, but his fate is in his own hands with the NYI.

  5. Horpensky says:

    He’ll fit the NYI culture better, they seem to like 1 dimensional players that can score goals 😉
    Best of luck Rob!

  6. DropIt says:

    Nice Noob,

    Although I thought just maybe Heatley or Phaneuf would top the ‘checked through the boards’ award before Ears, but still an obvious answer lol.
    Its pretty obvious your more knowledgeable about your team and how other fans feel about the Oilers then the guy answering Calgary’s questions.

  7. OilerTyler says:

    I wish Schremp luck in the big apple. Maybe after a few 60 point seasons he can sign with us as a free agent =P

  8. Hockey Noob says:

    Hey DropIt, thanks lol. To be honest, I didn’t check my email for a few days, and I got the questionnaire the day after it was due, lol–so I had to rush to answer it.

    Phaneuf’s a always a solid choice too, lol. I picked Regehr for his Hemsky abuse. Heatley? Nah, he didn’t want to come here and it doesn’t really bother me as much as maybe some other fans.

    Heatley not wanting to come here doesn’t bother me at all in the way that a Regehr cross-check on Hemmer does.

  9. OilerTyler says:

    Noob, when a Regehr cross-check has you down, just watch this

    Too bad that video doesn’t have the Rod Phillips call

  10. DropIt says:

    :D. I always did like Ears’ physical abuse on Hemmer 😉

    At least you didn’t answer ‘Detroit’ as ‘team to fail’… Like That douche answering for Calgary…

  11. Hockey Noob says:

    Tyler, I forgot about that play. Hemmer turns Regehr into a pylon, I love it! Yeah, DropIt, it is odd that he picked Detroit of all teams with him being a Flames fan. Vancouver would’ve been a more likely pick for a Flames fan–I would expect… Who would you have picked?

  12. Mr.Majestyk says:

    I wish Schremp all the best, hopefully he doesn’t come back to haunt us.

  13. gr8one says:

    i see the ‘yotes are signing Lang, pending him passing a physical, good signing by them.

    I was actually thinking that if we cleared out cap space (ie: Staios, Nilsson) Lang might have been a good fit as our third line centre as he’s big, decent a facoff’s, a beast on the PP, and although old, still put’s up some good numbers, I know Gagner’s a centre, but Cogs Lang Gagner would have some potential to be a scary awesome 3rd line.

  14. Mr.Majestyk says:

    I think its a good thing that this season we’re talking about Gagner being on the third line as opposed to always having him penciled in as our 2nd line center. He just hasn’t been able to bring it consistently enough to be our number 2. If they drop him down the depth chart, he’s got something to strive for to get his old job back.

  15. DropIt says:

    Noob, I would have picked Vancouver easily. Calgary’s biggest rival as of the past 5 years or so (sorry).. And just the blatant disregard of any hockey knowledge by their fans. They all sound like a broken record.. Its as if lack of common sense comes with the territory.

  16. Racki says:

    Mr.Majestyk: I wish Schremp all the best, hopefully he doesn’t come back to haunt us.

    Rest assured, if he lights it up in NY, we will hear about this for years to come from the “I told you so’s”. Personally I’m vowing not to be one of those guys. I just want him to succeed for his own sake. He changed his game around and reinvented himself specifically for MacTavish and the organization and that ended up going nowhere. With any luck, that change in his game will be what earns him a regular place in NY or somewhere else. I hope he does well. But I won’t consider that as a loss for us if he does. Realistically, we have too many players of his ilk. As Quinn says, you can’t win with 22 Robbie Schremps.

  17. DropIt says:

    I’m not sure how people can justify the ‘I told you so’ regardless of the success of Schremp has in NY.

    Ge has now been cut by both Mctavish and Quinn. Schremp obviously has not impressed anyone with his below average skating and awful defensive play. As I see it, Schremp is a 4th liner at best who will make his wages in the shootout. This is the same player who couldn’t command a 5th round pick in the draft this year when NY showed interest.

    Good ridance if I’m an Oiler honk.

  18. Racki says:

    Robin Brownlee has a post up on Oilers Nation about the roster size/cap issue. He sums up the changes:
    – Reddox cut, Peckham cut, Schremp waived…
    – Pouliot and Pisani will be placed on IR (Pisani possibly will go on the LTIR which means his cap hit is removed for the period he’s on the LTIR)

    That leaves us with a 23 man roster. According to Capgeek, our cap hit, if Pisani is on the regular IR, we are $0.696M over cap. If he is put on LTIR, we have $1.8M in cap space. These numbers consider the $1M bonus cushion we supposedly have…

    On the note of the bonus cushion, there were some concerns raised on other forums that we are over the cap because the bonus cushion isn’t in effect for the final year of the CBA. I mentioned this in one of the other posts. However, after talking to the admin of, he mentioned that this removal of the bonus cushion was only in effect for last season. So the Oilers do have a $1M cushion. I haven’t quite understood why we have this bonus. Anyone? I’m guessing that because of bonuses not reached by players, they were credited to us this year. But honestly that’s only speculation. At any rate, it sounds like if Pisani hits the LTIR, we’re ok. Judging by the fact that Reddox was waived, I’ll have to assume that Pisani will be placed on the LTIR before the deadline tomorrow.

  19. Racki says:

    Dan Tencer just confirmed that Pisani will be placed on the LTIR. So that means no more roster moves for now. As Dan put it, “Pisani can’t even get in/out of his own car right now”… his back is that bad. Yikes.

  20. Steve-O says:

    Racki: He changed his game around and reinvented himself specifically for MacTavish and the organization and that ended up going nowhere.

    Bullshit. If he changed his game he might be playing now.

    He even said in an interview he just keeps on playing “Rob Schremp” hockey and hopes he makes it.

  21. Racki says:

    He is playing now.. for the New York Islanders, where Rob Schremp hockey is still an exciting idea (see my new post) 😛

  22. Trogdor says:

    Update on Reddox. He has cleared waivers.

  23. Racki says:

    Sounds like they’re happy in Springfield he cleared. Their top six is currently weak, although apparently they’re trying to sign or re-sign some players there.

    According to Rob Daum, the Falcons top six will consist of:
    Ryan Potulny, Chris Minard, Liam Reddox, Charles Linglet (that’s a serial killer name if I’ve heard one) and Viacheslav Trukhno. He mentioned that they’re still looking for a guy to fill that sixth role.

    The top 4 defence (presumably until Peckham is healthy) are:
    Dean Arsene, Taylor Chorney, Jake Taylor and Alex Plante.

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